Monday, September 10, 2012

Alex II: continuing saga.

Well I finally have some updated photos of this guy to share.

Since the last time I posted about him he's had his neck shortened more and a new faceup. I also damaged the body some...the dremel slipped while I was taking neck off, and he's got some nice gouges on his neck. An shook got caught on his upper torso and made an awful hole. *shakes head*
He's a disaster.

BUT I think the new faceup turned out better than the last one, so I'm pretty happy with is. I remembered to try and match him this time so he's not so glaringly off, and his eyebrows and eyelashes are much better.


Not the greatest shot but it shows up ok He looks much better with the neck shortening. I had a few comments that I could still take more neck off, but mostly from people who don't go for the giraffe look like I do (it's still long, just not as much as it was), and I'm ok with it.

newALEXII 10 newALEXII 3

His head fits better too, since I sanded down to the thicker part of the neck... He doesn't look bobble-headed at all which is great (til his wig goes on lol it always makes his head look so much bigger than it is). He's still on the tall side, but with one less cm it's better.

 newALEXII 8 newALEXII 9

Honestly, I love him like this. He's been my current flavor-of-the-month...I haven't messed with any of my other dolls lately XD Bleh, look at that cat hair D:

I love the hoodie too, I've been meaning to buy one for the Alex Collective as I've always imagined him wearing a blue hoodie with a nondescript design. This is perfect. He'll never take it off!

I had put Dollmore Adam hands on him as well...I tried the large ones first because they're my favorite and I have extras for some reason...they were too big. I tried, I left them on for days, it just didn't work. Then I tried the small ones on him. At first I thought they were the same size as his DC hands, but they're not, they're bigger by just enough. I love them. They're even the same color!! Probably because they've never been out of my parts box.

So other than having tiny feets, Alex is looking pretty good. Two people who have nothing to do with bjds saw him last weekend and thought he was sick or dead XD so the faceup was a success! I wired his legs and he's MUCH less kicky now...he's got a good outfit...all he needs is a blushing/tattoo/scar day and he'll be finished! :D


I have no idea how I'm going to get his tatts on such little surface-area D: D: D:

In other awesome news, I finally got my hands on a Lati Blue boy body! It should be shipped at the earliest today, so I could have it before the weekend even. I'm so excited....this means Mini-David will be here! Mini-Alex will no longer be alone in his world.

I can hear him cursing from here....

Alexes seem to prefer to be alone. But too bad. I'm excited to work on him. I may use him as a template for Big David who needs a new faceup. I just hope he's taller than Mini-Alex. And that his tiny head doesn't freak me out. At least I'll have the body. That's the big thing...I can always find a different head!

Sadly this means I don't have a down-payment for a Volks head for Pilot, or an LM head if I went that way, so he's on hold again....sitting around with no head. I wish he was NS or that Aishe was WS...then Aishe could borrow the body for Halloween.


  1. yay for new face ups! He loooks awesome and I can definitely see why he's the flavor of the month!

    That body is so skinny! Wow! I knew it was but I guess I needed to see it in the correct context.

    1. It is super-skinny. It's also great for drawing...I've used it twice already! :D The funny thing is as skinny as he looks, he's not smaller than the Dollmore body...he just looks it. DM still wins in the smallest-doll-EVER category...

      Thank you! I let this faceup sit for a day before putting gloss on it...I'm hoping it "set" and won't do crazy things like flake or chip off. Though I'm keeping an eye on him... O.-