Thursday, September 20, 2012

Look Who It Is.


smDavid 12 2 smDavid 12 4


My long-lost doll!

Oh David. How can you make me so happy and so pissed off at the same freaking time?? It's been like this since day one. A mold who is practically a physical Mini-me of my character who I can NEVER get right.

I'm almost there. Almost. Wow...I even like his faceup in these photos D: And look how white he is!! He's so yellow in person XD but he photographs white every time. I love it.

I do have a thing against putting him in fur wigs...for reasons only known to a small small handful of people...but as long as I keep telling myself it's only temporary until I get his other wigs together, it's okay. That and I thinks it's unfair that Alex gets so many hairstyles and David, who is older, gets one. This is one of his "back-in-the-day" hairs. When Alex would have been blond.

This is the coat I waited a month for, then when I got it (yesterday) the sleeves were too short...they got modded a tad and now they work. It's perfect :D The shirt is new too (I was afraid to go yellow, since it's kind of the same as his skin XD). And since he's not been photographed all year, so are the jeans and...y'know. The Body. THE BODY. I LOVE DOLLSTOWN. David is SEXY. He's NEVER been sexy. NEVER. He is now. Look at that slouch. <3 How did we let them discontinue this body??'s seriously worth every one of the way too many pennies I paid for it.

He's four btw. Sept 11. I usually ignore his birthday...for obvious reasons. He still gets stuff though. Hopefully his new eyes get here soon. I'm excited for him to have glass eyes. Plus Mini and Chibi David are getting the same ones! :D


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