Friday, September 14, 2012

The Adherents of the Repeated Meme

I can't resist doing these stupid things!!

1. What sculpt is/was your first doll?
Dollmore Kara Klum - the basic version, which was the only one in existence at the time...

2. Do you still own this doll?
Oh yes.

3. Was your first doll your grail?
Yes and no. The sculpt is my grail I guess, since no other doll out there compares in my opinion (and who else's matters? XD) but I really wanted him in WS, which didn't exist. The WS one was released less than a year later, so I got him too. Twice.

4. How long did you have to wait from the moment you decided on the doll to actually buying?
Sadly because I printed out his specs off the internets, and still come across it every once in a while, I know exactly when I saw 6 months. First I had to convince myself I NEEDED a $600 doll, then I had to scrape up the money, plus money for important things like clothes. So $800. I spent a lot time looking at him to make sure that was the one I really wanted, since I wasn't going to get anymore. Yep. Just the one.

5. Did you buy it or was it a gift?
Bought him myself, as a gift for me, for my birthday XD

6. Why did you choose the doll you did as your first?
Of course! Like I'd let anyone else pick out an $600 doll for me to buy myself XD

7. Did you have a character in mind as soon as you saw the doll or did it develop after arrival?
Alex was "alive" for probably 7 years before I ever heard of I was looking for him, not a pretty doll I liked.

8. Do any of your friends own the same sculpt?
None in my area...But I've enabled a few people I met through bjds and do consider irl friends to get one! *evillaugh*

9. If you could go back and change your decision to buy the doll you did as your first, would you?
NEVER!!!! I am pretty much thankful on a regular basis that my first was my first. I wouldn't change anything.

10. How did you learn about BJDs?
I saw someone carrying one at the Japanese Festival a million years ago...Since I dabbled in customizing action figures to fit my characters (but got srsly stuck on Alex) I thought that doll would be perfect! I told her I really liked it and asked where she got it and she snapped "The interenet" and walked away.
I searched art dolls and jointed dolls and never really found much (maybe some Dollfie Dreams).
A year later I bought an Anime magazine (I think Deathnote was on the cover lol - I never buy anime magazines so it's funny...) and found an add for the Junkyspot. I went there, and used it as a start for my searches. Then slowly became obsessed....

So for those of you who may not know *cough* this be my first doll


He didn't look like this when I first got him >.<
Took me a while to get everything right, but I knew he'd make a perfect Alex, just from the thumbnail on Dollmore's front page! :D


  1. I think it's so awesome that Alex was your first doll and you're still so attached! I sometimes wish I'd managed to maintain that level of attachment with my first doll, but I think I was a bit more impulsive and didn't know what I wanted.

    Alex is super awesome and I'm glad you never decided to change him to another mold or something because that would be sad!

    1. LOL it would also be expensive! So many Alexes to replace! D:
      In all honesty, I've never even found another doll that would work anyway...maybe because in my the "real" Alex looked pretty much like this anyway, and now it's all confused with the doll XD
      They've become one...

      Yeah, I think it really helped that I was looking for specific features with my first doll, and couldn't wrap my brain around anything else. What doll was your first, if you don't mind my asking? Or, you could do the the meme....