Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Interupting this blog to say

Dollshe shipped my Hound head!! *flail*

I am shocked...yes I know it's just a head and that should naturally come faster than a full doll, but after my last wait for their stuff (14 months, least I need to remind anyone) I really didn't expect it this soon. Or any time soon. Or at all. I'd pretty much tried to forget him completely.

Then today, shipping notice. Shipping. Notice. No "before shipping" for two weeks like last time, I have a tracking number!! God knows if it works or not....I could try it....but if they're like Dollmore it won't work till tomorrow anyway. But I could potentially have him here by Saturday!! SATURDAY!!

I'm excited...way more excited than I was for Saint....

Blame it on the wait (yep. 14 months.), but by month 6 I was over him already. Too broody. Hound looks like a complete ass-jerk, which is good for Israfel who's famous, therefore an ass-jerk himself.
Probably why he and Alex don't really get along well, they're too similar in personality. Though Alex is an angry ass, Iz is kind of a wry one.

Whatever. Hound. YAY!

EDITING TO ADD: Plus my Alice in Collections stuff is arriving today after a month of waiting (WTF?) so David will get his coat and boots.....AND the most adorable thing ever for Baby Alex is finished and will be on the way soon. I am so excited, CUTEST THING EVER!! I can't wait to get pics. 

It is a good doll day.

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