Monday, September 17, 2012

Mini-David Preview

:D Finally! I've been working on this for a freaking year almost!! I had been planning on mini versions of Alex and David from the moment I first saw Doll Chateaus new dolls, and I put Mini-Alex on layaway at the end of September last year...I didn't actively start looking for a David till after I had Alex, but I'd kind of been looking. It was hard because David should be taller than Alex, by several inches...which for me and the resin incarnations translates to just "taller". Turns out DC dolls are TALL and Alex was taller than all other minis I thought might work XD


I'd been set on Latidoll for a while but it's a bitch finding one! Lati rarely opens up for orders at all, and hardly ever for the Blues (then they discontinued the Red line and I really panicked) so buying new wasn't even an option, and it's not easy finding them second-hand.

BUT I did! Sort of. The head was a bit of a debacle, but I was happy to get it home...and though I almost broke down and bought an AOD body hoping it would work, I held out and got my Lati!!

Only to find the head was WS and the body was NS XDDDD WHEEEE I AM DUMB!

Whatever. I fixed it.

Here's Mini-David!


 I was hoping to have some shots of him with Mini-Alex (whom I can no longer refer to as just "Mini" anymore!!) but I left my good lens at home and none of my photos turned out :PPP
Maybe tomorrow I'll try again.

The more I look at him the more I like him, which is usually good XD
And holy crap is he big. I mean, he barely fits into what he's wearing, and Dollmore clothes are too small on him -- which says it ALL.

These are not his eyes, I ordered glass eyes for him, Big-David and Chibi-David, so now, like most of my Alexes and all of my Wyns, all the Davids will have the same eyes :D

Despite having an almost immoveable torso (like my dreaded SD13 body), I actually love the way this body looks -- so manly next to the wussiness that is Alex. Hand are very nice looking too.

My only complaint/worry is how young he looks...I'm a little concerned that I won't be able to get past that...I guess it will depend on how he looks with Alex. If he's too young-looking I'll have I don't know what. Old him up somehow. Bleh.

Yay Mini-David!! Now to find him good clothes and lots of mini-props! Which is the only reason to have minis! Other than the whole I-had-no-choice-cause-Colin-is-so-awesome thing.

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