Thursday, September 6, 2012

I can't decide.

So Pilot (Remmiel) first came home as an Alice in Labyrinth Elijah....Not my first choice for his character, but a doll I've always wanted. While I really liked him as a doll he didn't fit Pilot in my head exactly...and I think he's just too real? for my collection.

Oddly, I never had an issue with how he looked with James...but his "Pilotness" was off somehow...

smPilot and James1

Now I have the head up for sale (if anyone is interested lol). I had toyed with the idea of replacing the head with a Volks head since it's a Volks body (you know, the one I can't get rid of to save my life. The Albatross.), and decided that Chris would be perfect...Chris or F16 or F28 or any of the other heads in WS that look similar. I think his/their look is perfect for fitting in with my crew, the slight smile will fit Pilot, and he'll look good with James (who won't be replaced).

Only problem is, they're not easy to get a hold of. I have a WTB up, but no one has shown any interest...there's one or two for sale but I've been told they're way overpriced (and I agree) and most of the others are full dolls that I don't want as I have the body already.

Sooooo I gots a headless body laying around. Which always makes me impatient.

Over the weekend I was at a friends house for a dollmeet and I noticed her one and only SD sized boy was really nice-looking...I honestly thought he was Volks and then found out he was Little Monica...which is a company I already own two dolls from and love. They sell heads separately, and they're only about 120. I have more than enough in my pp which I've been saving for a down payment on a Chris head if I ever get offered one.

I'm not sure what to do now. I'd be happy with a LM head, it would work for Pilot and I LOVE Ryuji (even though he's never had one proper photoshoot - no tatts still and he looks naked without them) and Baby Wyn is the cutest thing ever (other than Baby Alex)...But I have had so many different heads on that stupid SD13 body it would be nice to give it a Volks head and call it a full doll and be done with it.

Blurg. I guess I just sit and wait and see what happens. Maybe I'll get one in a trade, or someone will offer me the Chris/F16 I want.

Or maybe I'll never get either of them and be stuck with a headless SD13 body forever!!!!


  1. I know how you feel! I have a headless DT body that was going to be my character Hunter...until I saw a Luts Wintery 08 mod on an Ariadoll body that I liked ten times better and put a down payment on it xD Now I have this really nice, albeit headless man body sitting around and no plans to get him a head. I would try to sell him if I could figure out whether he's the 18 or 15 yrs body. Oh well, good luck on your head hunt! You could always get the LM head and keep the WTB thread up incase you can get the Chris head later.

    1. Thanks, as of now I'm no closer to deciding XD I actually almost just bought the LM head (but I'm trying to decide on one of four XO ) but held off. I don't know...why is it so hard??! The thing that will get me is the wait...I hate having a headless body around, it's so tempting to start buying heads!!

      The 18 is over 70cm I think. The 15 is only around 60+. I think my Ryu is about 63cm tall with head. If it's the 15 it'll sell fast...they're discontinued and people like them. I love them lol which is why I spent a million dollars to get it for David!