Thursday, October 23, 2014

Another Free Repeater

Soooooooo I sold my Pukifee this year, and a couple other dolls of that size, thinking I would only keep Ebils, and then have YO size forever. Then I ordered that AngelBattle Cream who is Pukifee sized. Oops.

Worse, I went to Dollism and saw Latidoll. I've never been attracted to their tinies, I mean, not at all, but I saw this guy and just fell in love with that little face.


 I honestly thought about buying him, but didn't, because I didn't want that size anymore. I went back and saw him a couple times, and took this picture, which was a mistake, because weeks later I'm still wishing I would have grabbed him.

Then Withdoll went and released those Werewolf Babies. Omg. For real, just look at them! I have thought about it since the release, and I just can't pass it up, on the chance I might seriously regret it, like the Lati Yellow Monster House Lashes. I'll be ordering tomorrow btw, I may be winging it as I am not 100% which one in which color I want most (I want all the werewolves!! I don't even care about werewolves!), but chances are it'll be Coco in Rosy Brown with all the animal parts and wolf skins. He has a name already - Sterek. lol
I'll call him Wolfy.

I figure he'll be friends with Mcoy "Bones" (the someday-will-get-here AB Cream)....and since I prefer things in threes, I've decided to try and get the LDY Vampy Lashes. My first attempt is Lati. He's long sold out, but they had him at Dollism, so I sent them a note asking if he might be there somewhere, hiding in a corner waiting for me. We'll see if that works out - I don't have a ton of hope, but it's a start.

If you're me, or you happen to know me very well, you can see why I love him. It's not just the fangs (they help) or the stripped suit (also helps), but the face. Those giant eyes and that shape of slightly open mouth is like my kryptonite. Every time I see a tiny that looks at me like that I melt. The Withdoll Coco has the same look - I didn't realize it though his faceup until I saw one blank. Same face. I don't know if it's because of Baby Alex (Leekeworld D Bebe) or if I bought him for the same reason and didn't realize it at the time, but he was the first. Then it was Ai/Afi from Soom, to this day the only Soom face that got me until the released Ashes/Hawa who are not only bunnies but look like Ai and Afi! I tried and couldn't even put my Afi up for sale....he's just too adorable. And I keep going for the exact same dolls over and over. Even my other tinies match up a little. Chibi Alex, North and Baby Wyn kind of have a similar look as well. I repeat a lot in this hobby. Especially if count the 7 Kara Klums.

So if Lati shoots me down I'll put up a WTB so I can bring "Fang" home to his new BFs, the newest residents (even though I don't own any of them yet) of Halloween Town. Mayored I'm sure, by Skullface. Ebils will become, not a demon but a devil, I have plans to make him a tail (and since the doll was supposed to be a dragon, he has a tail magnet already!) and all will be fabulous. Chibi Alex has moved in with the Alexcorn because I maintain the fact that Alex has Halloween all those weird dolls I don't know what to do with have a place, which means I'm less likely to turn around and sell them on a whim. My friend moved her DC Jodie into my collection as well - he's going to get a new look and be named Crow. Someday my poor Moon will have a body and she'll fit in nicely with all of them.

And if you can guess where my title comes from, you can have cookies.

Now for pictures! I wanted to get some shots of Ghost, but I failed, so it's just Gambit and Adrien.


Changing him to the River head was the best idea I ever had...



I can't wait to actually use the LED light far I haven't done it. I am stupid happy with him right now. If I was going to have a doll of Gambit, this would be it!! Which sounds so dumb, but since I didn't buy the Heath or the River with that in it makes sense to me. lol

And Adrien!
Whose real name is Adriel, as like the rest of the band Fallen, he's an angel. He's also their second guitarist, back-up vocals and manager. And sometimes he's Uriel's friend with benefits. Because Uri can't keep his hands off my Delfs.


I want different eyes for him eventually....but I haven't found any I'm partial too. He wears VK you would think I'd go cray, but no. I just can't decide.


I got really lucky at the Dollmeet. That dress is exactly what I wanted for him! Also got lucky with the guitar and wig. This is pretty much what I wanted him to look like! Adrien was, if you can't tell, very inspired by Visual Kei bands XD as were my two Volks boys also in the band (they're not even as extreme as he is). Though Trevor really should get a better faceup. I really like the one he has though D:
He has some normal hairs too, but I've never put them on him XD

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Text Wall of DOOM

EDIT: Woo! Since last night Kamau has sold on layaway!! Good news, now he can go off to someone who actually likes him and will hopefully do more than just lay him on a shelf and let him actually collect dust!!

I figured I need to update, or this will be one of those things that I've avoided for so long I can't do it (I haven't been on DA in like, 6 months. I'm shamed.). Nothing has really happened, but for some reason I had nothing to update and then no time and then....yeah.

So this might get long.

The week after Dollism I went through a fantastic stroke of horrible luck on DOA's MP. I mean it was bad. It started when I pmed a user about buying their CP Delf El. It was a good price, and I was still riding high from not spending my money at Dollism (only the money made at roomsales), and I had been thinking about getting an El for a while - plus I had some freelancing money to play with. Well that person still has not messaged me back lol. So that was a bust.

Then the worst thing happened:
I have had a WTB up for the Luts Kid Delf Jamong Pegasus head since the first one arrived at home. I adore that little head to death - it's the first head I've seen that really screams Mini or Little Wyn. I got contacted by someone who said they would sell me the head - they'd just gotten it and didn't care for it. I immediately agreed to their price and said if they sent me a total I'd pay right then - which I did. I didn't hear back from them depsite asking to let me know when they got the money. I had been told they'd ship next day...but that night I still hadn't heard from them and so I sent a pm with a friendly "wondering if you'd had time to ship!" inquiry. Still nothing. The next day I logged onto my work email and found they'd refunded my money with no reason given. I pmed again this time asking wtf (not really but I was thinking it), and finally got a one line response claiming she couldn't go through with the sale.

First time I've ever left Flakey Feedback for anyone. I was totally heartbroken by this. I've been dying to make a Little Wyn ever since I got my Pado in 2009...I've just never found the right mold. Now the right mold exists, and it was just yanked out of my hands - after I paid!! WHO DOES THAT?! I'm still pissed and it was weeks ago. To make it worse I've had no more responses on my WTB, so I'll probably never end up with this head (I've since expanded it to include the Yul Satreese head - which people keep selling the romantic version of, but not the floppy-eared head. Rawrg.).

That same day I found the exact DC body I wanted for my DZ Moon head for sale at a fabulous price, and still dying to spend money I pmed that person only to find I'd been beaten out by someone else (not that sellers fault - just crappy timing on my part).

Well, my week of crap luck finally ended when I was looking one last time for an El - I grabbed one that had been put up like, 5 minutes before I contacted the seller (the lovely Baakay) XD
So I got an El again after several years of being El-less (the old Ryuji was a Dreaming El)!

Our Halloween meet - one of the biggest meets all year - happened the next weekend and I took him hoping to get him some clothes and luckily a good friend was selling some of her Dollheart. Adrien (one of his names) now has a fabulous DH Lolita outfit, an amazing guitar I found on DOA, and the wigs I ordered him from Licht - which are perfect. I've had him for a couple weeks and he's so spoiled XD
The real reason I bought him is kind of pathetic....I'd been wanting to make a VK inspired doll so freaking bad - the other guitarist in Fallen (which has my Hound and PW Goldie as singers, VLKS Michele and DWC02 as drummer and keyboardist) - and I have had a faceup in mind for almost two years I wanted to try out. SO he's mostly put together - other than eyes. I'm having a hard time deciding or even finding some I want. :\

Last week I found on the MP a Luts Kid Delf elf eared event head for a super-barginy price that I decided would make an adequate mini Wyn until I get the damn Jamong head (if) arrived friday but I don't have a body for him. And I think I need to mod the eyes some.

 I got Ghost's (DZ Carter) faceup finished - just no pictures.

The New Boo (DZ Reiko) was sadly put on hold - I found a spot on the face when I removed the default faceup. It woudn't come off with any chemical or magic eraser, so I resorted to sanding. I sanded so much off he's now modded and I have to continue to mod him to fix him now. And the fucking spot is still there. It must be a stain going all the way through the head. I'm hoping I can fix him....I can't get a new Reiko head....I don't even know what head I could try next, I really loved the Reiko...

Gambit's new head - MD River - arrived in time for me to take it to Dollism (because Migi rocks) and I gave him his crappy faceup there lol. Then took it off and gave him a real one at home. OMG. He's fabulous. I mean amazing. I could not have asked for a better head. So he's back on the Granado body (sorry Marcus - you just can't win!!) and probably keeping it unless I find a better one. I spent a shit-ton of time restringing him and fixing him....he poses so much better now I actually hate him less.....

I listed most of my dolls I'm selling back on DOA and so far no sales but I had a nice trade of some MSD things for the Wolverine/Cosmo head, an offer of the FL F60 Nanuri A (Elf Chloe) head for my Volks Midori, which I accepted. I need to pack her up and ready her to go - I'm excited about this - I'm making him into Sage's twin. Which cracks me up since she's the "boy" version and he'll be the "girl" version. I'll be giving him Sage's wig since I bought her a different one at Dollism and she's wearing it now. He's even coming with a custom faceup I might keep.

I also got an offer for a trade for Gambit's old head - the Volks Heath - for the Elf Soony event head from the recent event. I'm all about that too - I love some elves!! - Still working on it, but I really hope it goes through. Not sure what I'll do with an Elf Soony, but I've been thinking of trying to get Sage an F60 body - so Soony could have the Delf body and be a girl. I'd rather make it a boy though....Sage's brother will share with Adrien (El) until I figure out what body I want.

I'm going through a dissatisfied phase with Isis (DM Fine) right now and I think she's getting a mold change - which makes me feel so guilty since I love the Fine mold. But I've been thinking of doing this for a while and with Nano coming up I've been giving Isis's character more thought (which really needs to be done) and I want to try reshelling her. If I am truthful, I've been not quite happy with her for a while, since Dollmore released Biwol at least. The second I saw that head I thought that if she'd come out before Fine she would have been Isis. The more I work on her character, the more I think she should be. I have a WTB up for the head, but not too many people ever owned her, so I'll probably be buying one new when I make my massive order of Kid parts for all my "kids" who need extra hands and feet. I'm pretty sure I'll keep Fine, try to make her into Theresa, and just body share them, since Isis and Theresa were never alive at the same time and I would rather not have Theresa around all the time. And I don't want to sell Fine. I still love the mold.

I want to know what FL is doing for their latest event (IKR? Why?!), I don't really want any dolls, just some bodies - but if they're doing F60's I might cave and order a whole doll just to get a body.....if I don't do that, I'll hopefully be able to order from DM soon to get Isis sorted out.

I think that's where I am right now. I feel bad selling Metatron, but don't miss him on my shelf. I doubt he'll sell anyway.

Sorry for the long wall of text. I have photos....but I don't feel like posting them.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Dollism (part 1)

I got back from Dollism Monday, but mentally I'm still in limbo lol
I have yet to even unpack!! I've been useless at work, and I really just want to play dolls, but have to get back to real life, as it were.

I was putting this post off until I had pictures to post, but I still don't have them all edited!! There's so many D: I didn't think I took a lot, but apparently I did, I'm not half through yet. A lot of them are horrible, my point and shoot does a good job, but nothing could function well in the horrid lighting EVERYWHERE in that awful hotel. So some turned out, others did not.

I will try and do a more detailed post, but for now, a few highlights.

Room Sales
This was the first thing we did Friday. We literally checked into the hotel, checked into Dollism,  tossed our sales on the bed and opened the door. XD People were shopping as we organized. The good thing was we had everything but the resin priced, and I had price tags pre-printed for the dolls, and a sign, so I did that kind of leisurely as people looked.

Room sales was honestly one of my favorite things all weekend because I am a very social person, and having people come in my room all hours of the night was a lot of fun, especially since they were all doll people, and a lot of them friends I've known for years and never met! It was like a giant party! With doll stuff! And money! XD I do regret not being able to shop more, I would have loved to visit everyone's room, and talk to those I missed, but I was selling most of the time, and unable to leave :( Plus the hotel's crap with shutting us down early, then before we even started....well, I'll leave most of my opinion on the Hyatt out, at least for now, other than to say I am NOT disappointed that they're looking at other venues for the next Dollism already.

Room sales were also fabulous for the most unexpected and wonder reason of all: they paid for my whole trip minus the Hotel and plane ticket. I am not kidding. I used my card for one small purchase, and my initial spending cash, and that's it. Room sales covered everything else. Including the doll I bought, most of the clothes and all the many pairs of eyes. Among all the other stuff, I sold two dolls (both bunnies), a body and a head. I consider that to be a major success.

If you know me at all, you know that one of the biggest reasons I was so incredibly excited to go to Dollism was to see Dollmore in person. They did not disappoint.

Friday night I escaped room sales for 5 minutes and took the elevator to their room. While in the 'vator, I chatted with another con-goer (who's name I didn't get and I regret that so much!!!), who it turned out, had a Judith on her. She stripped the poor girl lol to show me the body - because I'd mentioned I was interested in one (which is true, I'd been considering a Judith to replace the Souldoll as Mini Isis). I was so impressed I decided that that was definitely the way to go, but still wasn't thinking about immediate gratification so much as "OMGI'MRIGHTOUTSIDEDOLLMORE'SROOM!!!!!!!" In I went.

It was moderate chaos, dolls were set up on all the cabinets, all fullsets, looking amazing, and people were everywhere. Running around, talking, buying things, going through piles of stuff. It was sensory over-load. Being the total dork I am I teared up from just being in the room with all the dolls and the Dollmore ladies (who I was too afraid to talk too), and I didn't want to get involved in the mess (someone knocked over a doll and there was much noise) so I just looked at the dolls set up on display. I noticed two dolls right away. One, they had a Kara Klum sitting on their bed amongst all the sales stuff holding a sword and looking (as they do) disgruntled. He had brown hair, which might have accounted for his mood...they do like to be blond. XD
The other doll I saw right away was a blue-skinned Dollpire Shiloh, which I wanted SO FREAKING BAD!!! But I was "smart" and didn't bring my wallet. So no way could I buy not one thing. I was waiting to see how the sales turned out first.

While I was there, the Shiloh sold, which made me leave before I could start begging them to let me buy it XD
I didn't talk to them at room sales. It was a madhouse and I didn't have my identification with me (meaning I had left Alex in my room) so there was no point IMO. My roommate went after me, and confirmed that someone bought the blue vampire. Boo. One of the friends I went with ran down and actually bought one of the Judiths they I got a good look at her too and was double-sure I wanted one at that point, but since I knew one had sold for sure and thought maybe another had sold, I didn't really think about buying one....

Saturday we stood in line waiting to be let in to the vendor room. When the line finally moved we split up, my roommate and I went to Oscar (pausing by DM - more chaos. They were really busy the whole time) so we could buy eyes and our other friends got in the long Switch line.

Four pairs (Four!!) of Oscar Eyes later, we went back to Dollmore. I sneaked in to their booth, and was caught by Abby...She saw Alex and recognized him as a Kara Klum right away (I'd always wondered if they would). She pointed him out to the other two (one of which is the DM CEO!! MRS DOLLMORE!) and they fawned all over him! I of course had to mention how much I loved his mold and all their dolls, and that I had one on order, so they fished him out for me and handed him over - wrapped in bubble-wrap and a blanket (he has his own blanket!! lol) and in a Dollmore Shopping bag (yay!!). I didn't want to leave, so I kind of stuck around and with help from my BF convinced myself I did need a new doll (even though I was not supposed to get one) since room sales had been so successful, and bought the last Judith Zinna. My CC didn't go through ( a whole other story - ugh) so I paid with cash. They let me have her for $20 less than price, which was less than actual price on their site. Yay! I was to come back in an hour to get her (her fullset is insane. I'm not kidding.) so they could pack her up.

20 minutes later Abby came running after me down the hall to tell me she was ready for pick-up XD so I followed her back to their booth. She asked me a little more about Alex and if I wrote about I told her about the comic. I had brought them with me, both intending to sell them and to give some to Dollmore as a thank you for, well for Alex. He did get me into the hobby, and I love it, so they deserve something IMO. Unfortunately me being me I'd forgotten to bring them I would have to grab them later.....

Fast forward through a bunch of other con stuff, and I went up to my room, grabbed the comics and brought them down...I only had one set with me, because in all honesty I wasn't sure they'd even care. I handed them to Abby, and she saw what they were and gave them to the CEO (I wish I'd gotten their names!!! I am so fail) who got really excited and handed me a box with their amazing solid metal headphones as a gift!! I'm still shocked. I must have thanked her a million times while I stood there like an idiot - those things are expensive and they weren't marked down for the con. Abby asked if she could have some too (again, didn't think they'd care so much *fail again*) so I went up and brought two more sets down for them.

I will forever be so touched by how happy they were to see my art, and to realize that the doll they made plays such a huge part in my artistic life. And by how wonderful they were to me. They smiled and talked to me every time I walked by, and really loved Alex. I had been worried tbh. I had III with me most of the time - and I've always been a little afraid that they wouldn't appreciate how I took a very limited fullset doll and.....well, turned him into something else. But they loved his faceup and that I'd made his wig (they asked). It really made me happy. And when I had Alex I they liked him too, especially when I mentioned he was my first doll ever. He's not quite as flashy as III (who is?), but he's my baby lol (he got spoiled rotten too - a super-expensive outfit just for him. Though the new one is wearing the pants right now...).

I really can't thank them enough for being so friendly to me, and going out of their way to do it (I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I have like, nine-thousand DM dolls lol and just bought one while I was there, but still!!). They made what was already a fabulous weekend that much more memorable. Something I'll never forget.

And now I have a new Alex!!

Look, there he is now
Three Alexes 

I probably don't have to point out that he's the middle one XD
Their all wearing their new loot (III has on the headphones) but the new one is wearing the underwear he came in (which for some reason, I really like. He's still got the shirt on), one of the many "Alex-wigs", a shirt I bought at room sales, and Enchanted Doll eyes I got in the vendor room. Yep. I finally caved and bought super-expensive urethane eyes that aren't Oscar. And they really are worth it. Just look how much they show up in my crappy photo!! Of course, they may not when he the Alex "eyelashes of doom" they all get. But for now they look amazing. III got Oscar eyes like I's, so all three of them have special eyes now.

I am....way more enamored by the new one (I'm already referring too as Seven) than I thought I would be. I thought it would be like the others...but I had forgotten how long it's been since I've gotten a full one and not parts. And I've never gotten a blank one. Even the heads have had faceups. He looks different too. The first thing I said when I had a chance to inspect him in my hotel room was that something was different about his body. It's more detailed than the others - making me resolve to change my order around. I don't want to mod this one - he's special. My friends, as usual, think I'm crazy and that he's the same, but I will swear on my life he's not, and yesterday I suddenly realized why. He's the only one I own who isn't sanded.

I didn't know what seams were when I bought I(one) so I had them sanded. III came sanded as part of his Fullset, as did IV. II's body I got sanded because the others were. Dollmore sands their dolls completely, head included, so it's an all-over perfection and there's no marks. Seven isn't sanded at all his detail is just a tiny bit sharper. It's not really that noticeable except in his torso...he has more abs than the others XDD

Ok, this has gone on too long as it is and I only posted one photo!! I'll get into more stuff in the next post. I don't have all the photos finished, but what I have is on my flickr in a Dollism album.

I have to go do actual work now....hope everyone has a great weekend!!

I wish I knew how to do a cut D:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

Just a quick (heh) update on the old collection.

Alex III
Needs his claws glossed again, and he'll be as finished as he's going to get. I really wish I could get a couple pictures of him before I pack him away, but there's no time and I don't want clothes on him at all because I'm paranoid he'll get chipped, so just envision how cool he is. Awesome, right? XD

He's happy to have his head back on, and his hair (giant mega-Godzilla has been holding it for a month while he's been worked on. I think he's sad to let it go.) back. Though I put a net over his head to tame it. I used some leave-in conditioner on it and it's super-soft now XD

The Kara Klums as a unit
Well, things are changing for them. I beheaded II last night and gave him his old body back, leaving 2.5 a head again. I'm putting the DC body up for sale. If it doesn't sell I have an idea for it already, but I would really just like to sell it and replace it with another Y-03 body, sans extra joints. If that happens I'll decide what to do with the other one.

So I'm down to 6 again, since 2.5 has no body. Lol. Or I will be once I grab the new guy....who may not end up with the mods I planned - I might do it to 2.5. I'm not as attached to him as I am the others, and if I can get a junk body for him I'll feel better testing out things I've never done before. The new one will still get an open mouth mod, since I want two of them, but a lesser one...hopefully better than the first one I did. I'm not happy with it. So basically I'll just be switching them around again. Heh heh.

I'm dying to work on Azrael right now (of course, when I can't.) so I might clean him off after Dollism and start him. I don't have a concrete plan, I just want to draw on him a lot. >.<
He may also be naked for the rest of his life....

Skullface just needs his one hand finished (one of these days it will happen) and he's done. So that's nice. Maybe before Halloween...

I and III are as done as they're going to get, more done than they've ever been. It's a little scary...I'm terrified for them now D:

I think II is happy to be on his old body again XD

Speaking of Halloween
I have four dolls to faceup and blush before the Halloween meet.
Ghost, Damien(Still not sure about his name) and two Boo's. Ugh.
I'd love Skullface and Chibi Skullface to be finished. So that's the plan....yeah.

Even better if Angelbattle Cream would get here by then!! But I doubt that'll happen.

Is now a Migidoll River.
Seriously, I couldn't have picked a better head if I'd totally done it on purpose. It looks like him! I'm not kidding. I just got him yesterday and I can't wait to have him together. But he's going to Dollism to be my Faceup Workshop head, and then I'll probably have to wipe that faceup and give him a real one someday next it might be a while.

But he looks amazing on the body (not a resin match sadly), the wigs look great on him and I love him with Jean. So a big huge and excited yay!!

I'd still like to attempt Wolverine 2.0 with different mold, but for right now I just want the two of them. I'd like to finish them completely. Either get Remy his own body, or one for Marcus, so there's no more sharing (though I am not in a hurry - I need to work on Marcus first. I think I just decided the Granado body is now Gambits....), and find both him and Jean some really good clothes, get them both blushed and complete before tackling any more projects....I don't want to get overwhelmed again. Ha.

Moving on...
My sales list is gianty.

CP Fairyland Luts Delf Dark Elf Soo Art Delf (Anarchy in Heaven) with default $250
Dollzone Mo3B with COA blank $100
Dollzone Fei with COA and custom faceup $100
Dollzone Ro with COA and custom faceup $100
Leekeworld LE SP Honey head $100
Volks Heath head $400
5Star Tong Tong (no horns) with COA $50
Dollzone Cosmo $100

Full Dolls (OBO)
Volks Midori In Preschool version - custom faceup $400
Angel Region SOLD OUT Cien $275
Mushroom Peddler Fluff $230
Mushroom Peddler Floppy the lop $230
Luts Mini-me Delf cat on Dikadoll body $175 (with extra parts)
Luts Mini-me Delf cat on Dearmine body $175

Doll Chateau Youth Boy body NSP/Dollmore hands $375
Mirodoll 60cm boy body ns $125
Dikadoll 1/6 body with extra hands TAN  $175

COMING SOON (feel free to ask me about them if you're interested)
Iplehouse Kamau Sword Dancer (modded)
Dollmore Catcher Ripley Days LE10 Fullset (minus eyes)

I can't sell my Afi head. I can't. I tried, I really did....but I would rather he sit in a box forever and never get used than sell him and regret it. I am planning currently to attempt to join the next Soom Teeny Gem free choice or whatever they call it, and try to get another one, with maybe the bunny parts if that's an option, in tan to replace Hopscotch. If that happens I'll sell my head, but maybe I won't...I love the modded eyes on mine.  I just don't like him on the DK body. Of all my YO sized dolls it was my least favorite.

And I feel SUPER guilty selling my Ripley days. I mean really. Other than one DMK I don't sell Dollmore resin. But I can't deal with all the big guys anymore. Ryuji stays, Israfel stays, they can sit on the top shelf together and I will hopefully be ok with that. I just keep thinking "if" with Metatron...and I can't think about "if" anymore. He just needs to go. I'm glad I never wiped his LE faceup now XD

I hope I can sell this stuff. I think the key is going to be to just put it up and keep it up...and lower the price if I have too. It has to go, I feel better just having the bulk of them off my shelf.
The funny thing is, I don't even know what I'll use the money for!! Maybe a body for my last floating head? A body for the newly bodiless Kara Klum?? Who knows. I am thinking of shelling Sage's brother, I have a list of heads that might work as that could be fun. We'll see.

Anyway, that's what I've got! I hope everyone has a good week! :D