Friday, December 19, 2014

Into the Holidays

Because they're here.

A few things first:
My cat brought me socks last night. It was a clean pair, lol that I had folded up in the other room that had fallen to the floor and I was too lazy to pick them my cat brought them to my room and left them by the bed. I wore them today. They're Christmas socks.
Dog is worthless, Cat brings me clothes.

I was very disappointed by Maleficent and Anchorman 2. They should have been better and really really weren't. Maleficent was worse....Jolie's acting was horrible, the story was ridiculous and it wasn't even worth watching for the sets and costumes. That was my movie review for the year.

I'm totally obsessed with Drag Queens right now. Sharon Needles, Adore Delano and Alaska should come live with me so I can be fabulous just by being in the same room as them.

Marilyn Manson shipped me something yesterday. No idea what it is since I only ordered his album - not due out until January 2015. Like, the end of January. Mystery Marilyn Manson package!! Yay? XD

Now onto dolls!

My Miracle Doll Lestat head showed up, the same day that the Kid Delf Yul head got here. BECAUSE I NEED MORE HEADS!! Both of them were beyond what I'd hoped for. Lestat is amazing, that mouth omg. I haven't had any time to do anything with him, but maybe I'll manage a photo before I'm done typing this.

The Yul head....I can't even. It's so perfect I want to cry. It's Wyn!! I have him borrowing Vanilla's Dollmore Kid body right now and it's the one I want for him. Which is awesome, because that other head I bought to be him didn't fit on it at all - Yul is perfect. PERFECT. I even love the faceup which is good because it was fucking expensive. He's so cute. I could die. No photos yet....I'm kind of afraid to move him. And it's not his body and he has no clothes. :\

Maybe I'll dress him up in Isis's holiday skirt and see about getting a Christmas photo....

No Withdoll yet, though other people keep getting shipping notices so I am hoping for one any day now.

And I'm not sure I mentioned this...but I have an 8th Kara head on the way. He was shipped, but on the slow god knows when I'll get him.

I know. I just got Seven. But this is one of the Thinking ones - Dollmore put the rest of what they had on sale after discontinuing him and I couldn't not. It cost me $70 including shipping!! Now I have a spare for when I ruin the one I'm modding.

So with the holidays I'm honestly not sure I have time for anything - really I don't think I have a spare minute until long after Christmas is over :(( Plus I started drawing again....after my holiday art I immediately started on something else...and since I've done nothing almost all year I'm going with it.

However I do have photos! To continue this post, the annual "embarrass Alex" Christmas photo.


 I heard from several people that it's my best yet. And I thought I couldn't top Dick-in-a-box!! In case you're wondering about his comment, there was a Festivus table where dolls were "airing their grievances". That was Alex's. I don't know what his problem is...he has whiskey. My favorite thing here is that I can actually see his eyes. And those fur boots. The puffball "Rudolf" nose is glued on. Luckily his blushing was already chipped or this wouldn't have happened....

Horrible shot, but this is what I have of the new Isis - Dollmore Eve Biwol.


And a group shot of my roommate's dolls and a couple of mine - she made all their XMAS sweaters. Out of socks from the Dollar Store. They are awesome.

I have a few more from the Holiday meet, but haven't edited them yet....and might not ever lol

The theme was ugly xmas sweater. Our dolls rocked that theme. I dressed like Alex III - we matched pretty damn well. I only dress like Alex during Christmas and Halloween, and only for meets. I don't think we've gone out in public matching....


sm2014HOLIDAY alex 

 Inspired, of course, by the doll's outfit XD
I'm all about naked reindeer this year.
I'm quite proud of this as I haven't drawn anything all year......

That's it! I have a photo story I made on a whim that I want to post, but I'll do that later......

Have a good weekend and don't get too stressed with Holiday crazies!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Unoa Butt-tabs are my Nemesis.

I'm not kidding. I think they exist in the world simply to annoy the shit out of me. Other than that they serve no function at all!! URG! They have to go.

Saturday the package containing a Unoa body and Fairyland MNF Juri 14 head arrived at my door!

It was in the exact condition that was specified - perfect other than one thing.

The previous owner lost one of it's arms XD
She was able to buy a new set of arms, but they're in a different color than the body (I'm guessing it's Fairy skin - I'm almost positive the body is the same old normal Macchi is.), so right now it has one WS arm and one NS arm. Honestly I barely notice it...though I've kept the thing clothed the whole time lol

I ended up with it in a trade - several faceups, and a few future faceups for the body, three arms, the Juri head and the Unoa head back (which for me was a happy surprise, I didn't realize that was part of the equation).

I had very little free time over the weekend, but I managed to string it up, and wrestle the Soony head onto the body so it had one whilst I decide what to do with it. Because I really have no idea. None. I tried on all the fur wigs I have that even kind of fit, I've dressed it in several outfits, tried a bunch of eyes in it....I got nuthin. I don't even know if I want it to be a boy or a girl. Boys fit in with my group better, but up until now it looked like a girl to me, even dressed as a boy....and the body is a girl body. So everything is up in the air still, and for once, I am really stumped.

What I've got so far:
This was the first look - at the Holiday meet over the weekend. It sat at the Festivus (Sp??) table and aired a grievance. Which is what I'm told one does!

holiday meet-soony 

Next was this - I was still trying to make black hair work - but this wig just doesn't fit no matter what I do. This did nothing for me...But, Elf ears!!


Currently we're here, which is the look that inspired me the most so far...



Crooked glasses are crooked. I dunno. Still a work in progress....maybe a faceup will help (but it's really cold and I have no time). Lol the poor thing. No part of it matches any other part of it XD But I kind of love it for it's patheticness. And the proportions.

I have several options to play with here, when it comes to this thing's identity.
1. Soony stays on this body and becomes a boy (it has no chest, so it can work).

2. Soony stays on this body and becomes a girl...since it is a girl

3. Soony goes to a new, undetermined body and the headback that came with it goes to this one, and I have a second Unoa to do whatever with, and will be....either a boy or a girl and any mold. Omg. The options D:

4. Unoa headback becomes a hybrid, something I've wanted to do many times, for many years. I'm thinking either Dollmore Kid or Doll Chateau. And i have no idea what faceplate, other than it won't be L-Bi.

Then I have to decide what storyline it gets worked into. Forgotten Children (or Alex's world), or Mocha's world (tentatively called Star of Fate...because that's the song I was listening too when I thought of it) - as those are the two Mature Mini "worlds" I have split my minis into (which don't count the three that exist in the 1/3 FC universe).

Since I have given the poor thing several looks in the barely 4 days I've had it, and nothing is coming to mind, I decided today to start with a name. Since I don't know if it's a boy or girl or what universe it exists in yet, I have two separate name groups.

The FC storyline - Gender ambiguous names (like Sage and Rowan lol) since who knows what it is:
Winter (my favorite)

The SOF storyline - already gender ambiguous:
Cinnamon Dulce (back for round two! Ha ha!)
Hazelnut Toffee (or just Hazelnut or just Toffee)
Chestnut Praline
Frappe (or a combo of Frappe and Cappuccino)
Or, seriously a combo of any/all of these. Pumpkin Hazelnut Praline would be awesome XD

I figure if I can get it a name I'll eventually come up with a character and be able to figure out look and everything else eventually. Chances are it'll end up with Mocha and the rest - I can't think of anyone in FC who needs to be a doll and isn't atm. And I really don't need to be adding more characters.

In other crazy news, regardless of what body this Soony head ends up on, I want the MNF neck piece for it, for the easy. Right now the poor thing is filled with hot glue, and held on by a metal bar that used to hold a Zaoll head back on. It's a mess (but works!). I went to go put a WTB up for the part, and the very first post in the MP was for a neck key!! Of all the things. Fastest transaction ever, later, I have one on the way already. Amazing luck!! Which I need more of....the seller I bought the KDF Yul head from has I am worried. It's only been a couple days, but her communication was really good until I paid. Now she's not answering me and I never got a tracking # like she promised.

The eyes I got in the trade for the Volks body came in yesterday however, and they're just gorgeous! So that's one more good thing to outweigh the (potential) bad?.

And random fist-bumps from total strangers are awesome. Just sayin.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Stuff what's happening.

Whelp, as usual, I have fallen behind.

Last week was Thanksgiving holiday here in the states, and I spent the day at my Mom's, with her and my Uncle. We referred to it as her "First" Thanksgiving, as she's been retired since early this year, and she used to work every single holiday for years and years. It's been forever since I celebrated a Thanksgiving with her on the actual day. I dragged some dolls over, so there are pics. Sorta. lol Her lighting is worse than mine!

Anyway, what's going on:
I've put a lot up for sale recently, in an attempt to "clean house". Sadly not a lot is moving out :\ but I think we've lamented on the status of the second-hand market enough (it will never be enough! NEVER!!) so I won't whine anymore. Maybe.

What's left of what I'm selling is
Dollzone Mo3B head with COA blank $100
Dollzone Fei head with COA and custom faceup $100
Dollzone Ro head with COA and custom faceup $100
5Star Tong Tong head (no horns) with COA $50
Doll Chateau Youth Boy body, NSP, Modded and light damage/Dollmore hands $400
Popodoll 68cm boy body WS $400

Full Dolls
Angel Region SOLD OUT Cien w/ custom faceup and fl eyes $275
Dollmore Catcher Ripley Days LE10 Fullset (minus eyes) small damage on face up $800
ElfiNdoll Pet Bunny WS Default faceup $170
Fairyland Pukipuki Madeleine NS custom faceup $160
Youth in the Dark Warriors Bory Fullest $450

Newly added today (so no DOA thread yet) is Ryuji's Popodoll 68cm body. I have decided it's going. Someday I'll find him a shorter one to live on - 65cm should be adequate enough. Hopefully something without a hip joint as I have decided they are the devil. NO MORE. Unless they either don't move, like FL, or move well, like Dollstown.

As usual, I will consider offers on all, and I will always consider trades. Especially for bodies. Holy crap please. I have somehow ended up with about a million floating heads this year D:

Which brings me too....

On the way newest floating head XD
I will soon be in possession of a Minifee Juri 14 - or the Elf Soony. Which is way yay! As I was not interested in that sculpt at all until it had elf ears. Elf ears make everything fun. I want all the elf ears. No idea who he or she will be or what freaking body it will reside on (probably not MNF).

I got it with a Unoa body in need of a little TLC (more to come on that) in a trade for faceup work (cause, TRADES!!! :D ) and I am crossing my fingers for a Saturday delivery. I have a dollmeet Sunday, I'd like to tote it along to check out bodies if at all possible. 

Also nearly on the way (lots of yays here) the Luts Yul Satyresse head!! 

Someone finally contacted me with the head, unfortunately it was off for a very expensive faceup. I was going to decline the sale -- it was just way more than I wanted to pay -- but when she sent photos of the faceup....I couldn't do it >.<
It's on layaway now, I'll be paying it off tomorrow and hopefully the real Little Wynners will be on the way soon! To find that he has no body waiting for him. Boo. 

To make things worse, I'm not sure I want to sell the "temporary wyn" head I bought. It's cute, and I modded it may stick around. Maybe it can be Soony's friend. XD

Add to that all the other bodies I need and I'm overwhelmed by floating heads D:

Still waiting on my Withdoll Werewolf and Miracle doll Lestat head (OMG MORE HEADS).
Withdoll is selling the Macaron dolls again. Which is killing me. I really wish they'd waited until next year. I would love a Sweet Green one (Teeny Frankenstein!) but I just can't order from them again until I see my first one....and he's not even close to shipping I'm afraid. Plus I don't want to spend even more money on dolls this close to the holidays. 

As of today my Volks MSD body is on the way out the door. I will be receiving 3 pairs of urethane eyes I'm excited about (Gumdrops and Makoeyes) in her place.

Speaking of urethanes, I ordered two pairs of eyes from Candy Kitten on Etsy for my El. Two pairs came this week....but one was not the pair I ordered. I contacted her but didn't hear back for a couple I did it again yesterday honestly thinking that maybe the first message didn't work -- I can't find where I sent it. So hopefully she'll respond to the next message. I guess I'll have to contact Etsy if I continue to hear nothing. In the meantime I'm not using either pair of eyes in case I have to send them back.....which sucks. They're nice-looking eyes too....I would order from her again, but after this mess I'm thinking not. 

Other than that, most of my crew (ok not most, but several) are dressed for the Holiday meet this weekend in their Christmas themed attire - Alex is of course wearing a robe. Since he'll be nearly naked as usual XD 

This years "outfit" is so funny I laugh thinking about it. I just wish I had better shoes for him. He may have to borrow Azrael's feet this weekend....which will be really funny if he has to take his shoes off.

Alex III is wearing this. I am so fucking happy. He looks like that!!! Even the wtf string around his neck! It's awesome.

Because everyone is in Christmas garb I have had Macchi and Ren (ha ha!! Laches has a name now!!) to keep me company. Ren has found a hat and boots so he's even cuter than ever, but I forgot I was going to photograph him at lunch so no pictures. 

Except for these! Taken at my moms on Thanksgiving!


The whole Teeny Crew (as I've been calling them). They got a shopping cart. There goes the neighborhood. 


 They accosted my moms centerpiece....I have no idea.


I also don't know why Ebils is in a boot. O.O


The newly-named Ren on the Lati Yellow body he stole from Lea (the grey-haired one now on the SP body. She's not staying - I'm gifting her away for Christmas...). The color is way off, and I was a little afeard I wouldn't care for him on the smaller body but aoiehfawehro;ytiohweryweiryoiheg I love it!!! LOVE IT!! He's so freaking cute he kills me. His cute rivals baby Alex (not quite, but a little) in my eyes.


And Seven, because Alex.

There's a few more on my Flickr, but I won't overspam. None of them are great anyway. I will say I am highly enjoying my second try at this Lati Yellow size. It's actually depressing - give me monsters and I'm happy XD
Something more creative and cute I get bored....oh wells. I hope WD ships out the werewolves soon. I need a Sterek to play with my other boys! And wear some of the clothes! I have clothes!! The others aren't changing D:

Oh crap Sterek won't wear clothes at all....he has fur. D:

Anyway I hope everyone has been having a good week, and a good Holiday for those who have and are having one!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Wait, wait, wait, wait

Which is what we do in this hobby.

If all goes well, today should be the last day of my Lati Yellow Laches being on his huge SP body. I bought off the MP a Lati Yellow Bloody Moon Lea (I think that's what it was). It's not the fullset, but comes with a few extra "glove" hands and a skull cane, and a little coffin X3 so if the resin is even a close match, we'll be good to go. My Laches will be a fullset if I have to hunt down every little piece of him separately lol
Some day.

Also due to arrive this week is my Dollmore order (I was really hoping for today - but no). In it is Big Isis's new head - Dollmore Biwol. Over the weekend I pulled Isis out - I hadn't touched her since she had been dressed for the Western meet in September as a brothel whore. Yeah. That's how we roll here. I redressed her in some clothes and put her actual wig on her so she could wait to be beheaded.

Before I did all that, I tried two other wigs on her. Theresa's black wig (which oddly, is the same style as Isis's hair, just black), and then Gabriel's red wig. I had kind of thought of making her Gabriel a few days ago - I just can't find a sculpt I like these days. Girls are so hard >.<
I already know I like Fine, and even better I own her lol
I have to say she looks great as a red-head. I mean really great. The downside is that Gabriel is like 6 foot 5, so I'll need a taller body....she can't share with Isis like Theresa.

Also coming in my DM order are flat feet and normal hands for Mini Isis - who I have yet to photograph because of her whole shoe thing. Once she can wear shoes (her white heels don't count) you may actually be able to see her. She's also getting a pair of those pleather leggings I keep on Mini Alex all the time. Since I always give him everything, I figured I could use two pairs.

Macchi will be getting a new shirt, Vanilla is getting flippy-flop feet, high-heeled feet and the ballet hands (though I'll miss his claws), he's also getting new cat ears. I've given his to Des since they're NS and I want Vanilla to have WS to match his hair. Des looks so much better with real ears instead of the fur ones. I need to get a pic of him, I love his outfit! He's completely what I wanted Soshi to be, so my take-2 on a MNF Shiwoo is perfect.

I ordered some clothes off Etsy, mostly to see how they are....they were really inexpensive but looked so cute. So hopefully they're nicely made. Or at least worth the price. I really need better clothes for certain dolls. Right now Big Isis is #1 on this list (somehow Mini Isis has plenty of clothes. I didn't have to buy her anything! O.o) as I hate most of her clothes. Sometime next year I will be giving her a wardrobe re-vamp. Nine9Style has a lot of clothes right now that I think she needs.
Java is #2 since I have nothing for him at all. I really wish he was on the single-jointed body. It's so much easier to deal with. But I guess that makes him different from it's fine. Until someone sells a Dark Chocolate single-jointed RS boy and I buy him just for his body. lol

I'm really nervous about Isis's new head. I hope she works out. I'm already set on Fine moving on to a new character.

And, I don't think many people noticed, but Dollmore discontinued a lot of their sculpts recently (again). Among them was Thinking Kara Klum D: D: D:
I'm a little freaked since I moved 2.5 to my "Mod Pile" to be modded even more. True, I'll still have two others lol but if I mess up 2.5 I won't be able to replace him!!  D:
Oh well. I can't mod the others, so he's it. I'm still a little freaked.

So now that they've done this twice with no warning, I have learned. If I even kind of want a head I'm going to get it. You never know when it'll be gone.

So anyway, because I'm waiting on so much I'm lame today and don't have pictures of anything. It rained all weekend so all I did was dress dolls - so I don't have much excuse for that....but whatever XD

Hopefully when Laches new body arrives I can get a shot or two of him with the rest of the group. He really needs a name.

In completely non-doll related news, I'm going to see Marilyn Manson when he's here in Feb. I'm so excited!!! NEW SHIRT!! My old one is about to fall right off me it's so decrepit. I have to dust off my frankensteins so I can see over the crowd....