Monday, September 15, 2014

The Road to Dollism and other things.

I leave Friday for Buffalo. I'm hitting panic mode now as I don't really feel like anything is ready.

Over the weekend my roommate and I went through all our things and pulled out everything we're selling. Holy Mother of God. It's so much we need to bring both our allotted two suitcases. one for things like clothes, and one for sales! D:

I feel like I'm literally cleaning out half of what I own. It's a good feeling. It'll be even better if some of it sells.

My Resin sales list has doubled. I really looked at my dolls over the weekend and added some to the pile that I never thought I'd get rid of. After Dollism I'll be putting even more up for sale. It's time. I need to cut my collection down, and even if I regret it (I adore my Afi, but he's just not right) I need to try and sell them. Most are going with me (a lot are just tinies and anthros) but the three big guys might now. Well, I'll take the head from one.

Everything is listed in my sales page if you're curious. I may be adding my Doll Chateau Youth Boy body to that list. I haven't 100% decided yet. I just really like Skullface's body and Alex II is just too tall like that. He will of course get his old body back - leaving 2.5 just a head again XD That's it goes guys!! You start out a head and end up one in the end...or something like that. In the future I might try for another DC Y-03, without the joints for II. I still want one. But there's the price to think of *dies*

Metatron is another one I may regret - but I can't have the bigger dolls laying around anymore. They take up too much space. Ryuji is getting a chance at survival and I have no desire to get rid of Israfel (who knew I'd like that stupid Hound so much?!) as he's the only one of the big guys I like. I'll have to take a huge loss on the Ripley Days and Kamau. No one wants them and they were both LE's and really expensive when I bought them. But I have to get them out. Someday I may buy another Ripley Days (a basic, with no frills) but I probably won't. I do NOTHING with him, and I can't find him clothes I like. And I would much rather concentrate on other dolls.

So I have a lot of dolls, clothes, shoes, eyes, wigs - the works - to sell at room sales! If it all goes it will fund my whole trip lol. Would be nice.

Alex III
He's finally a doll again. Mostly. I put him back together last night, sans head. I have to say, he looks amazing...but he chipped a few times already and I actually broke his wrist part while stringing him. He has 3 pairs of hands (plus the jointed ones) so this wasn't a huge deal, but I was still a little down. I want to spray him a million more times before he gets his head back and packed, so he's not totally done. Though it's supposed to rain he may not get sprayed! Dammit.

Migidoll River
Got shipped just in freaking time. I asked them last week what was up (at least one River arrived already) and they said they'd ship the next day...but my order didn't update, and I didn't get a notice. BUT I got the email today, and when I tracked it it said it was in customs already! So it'll be here. Unless customs eats it. Lets hope not. I really wanted to see him with Jean and the Heath head before Dollism because heath is going along in the sales bin (I'm feeling optimistic) and I'll feel better if I'm sure River will be a good replacement. He was also intended to be my faceup workshop head. So now I won't have to worry about a replacement.

DikaDoll Aqua
The head I bought to enter the contest with. I probably would have had him done, but his ear chipped (again. What the fuck,) and I had to fix it. So now I'm not finished and have to work on him some more. Arg. At least I'll have an entry of some kind.

Chibi Skullface
His status was elevated from my not owning him (I mean I've only had him a week lol) to going to Dollism with the other two YO sized dolls I'm bringing. Lol he moves up in the world fast!! I bought him a skelly suit like Baby Alex's...and then I grabbed one for Chibs too because I was buying off Amazon and I could. So all three of them can be twinzes!! Or something. He's too fat and tall for it lol but my friend fixed it so it fits better. He can sit in it now! XD


Is that the most perfect thing ever for him, or what?? XD He's wearing it now, but might go back to the other outfit for traveling.

So these are the dolls I'm planning on brining to Dollism for sure.
Alex I
Alex III (assuming I finish him enough *prays*)
Chibi Alex
Baby Alex
Chibi Skullface

DK Aqua (head)
MD River (head)

The problem is I also want to bring
Baby Wyn

That's a lot of dolls. The first 7 aren't too bad....but the next three just seem like too many.
Uriel is one I always want to bring places and never do. I really want to shop for him and that F60 body is awesome.

Baby Wyn also needs clothes. I am selling most of his. Plus I dressed him. Now I feel guilt.

Ashes I don't care too much about bringing, but he's my only Soom doll and I plan on going to their panel. More guilt. But I could leave him out. Maybe I will. I'll cross him off now. (He should be lucky he's not getting sold. All the bunnies but Boo, North and Ashes are going up. And Latte. But I don't count her since she's not in that universe. And I really like her now. )

Somehow that seems more manageable. I should bring Wyn. Baby Wyn usually gets to go to meets but hasn't for a while and I've never brought him anywhere else. Uriel is kind of big, but he'll pack easily and I can take off his hands for travel. I'll see what happens when I start putting them all in my bag and carryon.

So that's it. I have to do laundry and buy a couple things (hair stuff) that I need for traveling, and maybe I'll actually be ready to go ^^;;;;;;; I'm excited, but I'll be more excited when I get to the hotel with my million bags lol with nothing to look forward too but doll fun!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tiny Death

Work has been sucking the life out of me these days. For the last two months one person or another has been gone, either due to vacation or personal emergencies. In a four person dept, this is kind of like hell. I've had a lot of stuff of my own to do, and then I have to cover most if not all of a coworkers work as well. So I've had a lot of days like yesterday, where I went home and sat and stared, instead of doing things I should be doing, like getting ready for Dollism or finishing up Alex III's tattoos of doom. I have had no time for fun things at work, like photos or blogs. I kind of caught up today however, so a quick update.

Alex III
He's actually almost finished. I have to do the rose on his arm, and blush him and that's it. Oh, and one of his three pairs of hands and his feets, because for some reason I save those for last.
Then he shall be sat on my shelf for the next week until I carefully wrap him up in scarves and shirts and put him in my travel bag with Alex I (who's been naked for a while now XD). I don't intend to put clothes on either of them until I'm in the hotel. Hopefully they'll make it without too much damage. I'm really not hopeful. Sitting naked on my shelf Alex I chipped his arm. >:O

Now for my most unexpected bit of BJD news.

By some stroke of uber-luck, I won the Paper Doll of Your Doll contest on DOA! I'm still surprised tbh. I put mine up early and there were quite a few posted after that I thought would win over mine. I really loved the other two winners as well, so yay for them!!

So I'm super-excited to say I won the Doll Chateau Faust generously donated by Denver Doll Emporium! I really can't believe it, I've never won anything as amazing as a doll before! And really, he's blank, WS and Doll Chateau with a little pouty face. He couldn't have been more me if he tried! lol

DDE (as fabulous as they are) shipped him out to me on Thursday, and he must have sprouted wings to get here so fast, because I had him Saturday morning, just in time to go to a Doll Meet!

Here's my little Faust, all nekkid and blank!

DC Faust 

This crappy photo is the only one I have of him from his box opening day. He didn't stay like that for long...I stripped Baby Alex out of his striped jumpsuit (he was in Jail. Don't ask.) and put it on him because it's massively huge and literally the only thing that will fit his fat butt. I tried a couple wigs on him, and went with the second one -- the mohair wig from FL that came with Latte (full set Rose) that I hated on her. On him it's perfect. I also pulled out a hat for him that I happened to have, luckily, because I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with him -- Chibi Skullface!!

When I had found out I'd won, I had sort of been thinking of what to do with him, and it seemed appropriate. I had wanted to wait until I had him to really make up my mind, but he was doomed the second I saw him. Skullface won him, so I figure it was meant to be anyway.

Sunday I was playing with him, and mentioned to my Roommate that he would go to Dollism, even if he was blank...and she twisted my arm and made me give him a faceup.

It took me a few minutes to come up with a definite plan, but once I had it, I couldn't not.


JACK!! I was trying to think of a way to simplify and cute up Skullface, and who's a better simplified skull than Jack?! Of course I had to watch Nightmare while working on him (and Alex. I swear he's taking me the rest of my life).

I freaking love him. Unlike big Skullface, his hand is actually finished, but it's the only part of him that is XD I had drug down my Jack Skellington action figure and the way they did the hands was so easy I went on and did it quickly. Yeah. It wasn't easy. Chibi Skullface has tiny little hands, and fused-together fingers.


He's so chubby!! X33 and he poses really well. He stands like a rock in several positions and is really well balanced, sits great, slouches like a pro. His arm joints work really well. I seriously adore him. And how crazy is it that I had that hat?! lol

He only has this one thing to wear. My Roommate made it, copying the other one I have. Since it's Baby Alex's, I had sewn bunny ears and a tail too it, so it wasn't really skullface appropriate. The new one has no bun parts so it works better.


He could not channel Tim Burton more, I think.
I'm hoping she'll make him a shirt and shorts. He needs this shirt, for obvious reasons. I figured he'd hang out with the rest of my "dead" dolls, but chances are he's just going to lurk after Chibi Alex, and be the creeper that his big self is. Only cuter.

I'd like to give one more giant THANK YOU to the Den of Angels Mods and to Denver Doll Emporium. I loves my creepy bebeh.

He needs a better, more in character photoshoot now. Dark and creepy. But not. And someday I need to take a pic of the other side of his face XD

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Paper BJDs?

I have been massively busy since Thursday.

First, Thursday, Ghost finally showed up!!


Ghost is the Dollzone Carter my best friend ordered in February for my Birthday in April. Lol. Happy Birthday to meeeee! Late! But still awesome!

I love him. He's adorable and weird, which is how I like my dolls. He's keeping the grey hair, and will wear mostly black, white, grey and natural colors (cause he's a ghost). I want to order him a couple more wigs - and then for now that's it. I have 4 dolls that I need to faceup at the same time, him, the two Boo's and my DZ Star. None of that will happen until after Dollism.


 Speaking of Star, I bought the 5Star Tong Tong from DDE. It came Monday and now my little "dragon" has a body again! Only this time he's a demon. The horns that came with Tong Tong are perfect for him. I'm going to glue them to his head. I'm not kidding.
He looks fantastic right now. All the clothes that are too big for Chibs are going to him.

I worked on Alex III like a fiend all weekend, but he's not close to finished and the weather has been HORRIBLE. Hot and so humid you can't breath. I'm not taking the chance....he can wait. Not for long, but at least until this weekend. I have to finish him, he can't go out in the public half-done!!

I also cleaned my room. This doesn't sound impressive, but if you'd seen it, you'd know....I can walk in there now. I'm doing another wardrobe purge, along with some hats, shoes and other crap I don't need. Then a rearrange of everything so hopefully everything will actually have a place for a change.

Now for the fun part.

I woke up Friday morning to this. I'm not really sure why, but I became obsessed. I must have looked at all those examples for hours, no joke. I decided I wanted to enter, if only to make one, not really to win (though I'd take the prizes lol)...I was thinking of how I'd do Alex when I remembered I couldn't mess with him - III is apart, I is modeling, and the others aren't in a state to even look at atm.

Then it hit me. Skullface!!! I dragged him to work and took a million pictures of him Friday. Of the shots, these are the ones that turned out.


Which I thought were decent photos, but don't help when trying to make paper dolls :\

Because I was busy with a million other things over the weekend I didn't touch it again until yesterday (I was also busy Monday) when I took a million more photos.

Then it got hard. I went through all my pictures and pulled out the best ones of each part. For real, most all his parts are from separate pictures. I cut out the parts, sized and resized, and placed them all together in Photoshop. Some parts, like his head and bottom torso, are made of several photos.

This is the shot I used of his head

skullface portrait2 

Part of his hair, and the hat are cropped out. I took both of them from another photo and merged. I also had to do that with his pants a lot. He's pieced together like a patchwork doll lol more than a paper one.

This is what I ended up with
 paperskullface stage1 

 Each part is in it's own PS layer. This file is massive. You can tell he's made up of all different photos because each part is a different color XDDDD *fail*

Then I had to take him apart for the "layout"

paperskullface stage2

Not too bad. But again, massive. I had this one merged to two layers, which was a good thing, because I couldn't print this on a regular printer. My intention was to split it onto two 11x17 sheets, but it was too big for that, and laid out wrong. SO I had to make yet another layout, or, 3 layouts, all 11x17 so I could place and print.

 I think it worked!!

Here he is, all assembled, and giantly huge! PaperSkullface!






I almost wish I had done crazier poses to show how jointy he is. I used 19 brad-things to fasten him, and he's so tall the hat goes nearly to my hip when I hold him up. He's like, twice the size of the real Skullface. He's taped to the wall (you can see the tape on his foot. I'm pissed. I wish I'd seen it before I took the pictures). I put packing tape on him on the backside so I could stick masking tape to him and not damage him. I printed 4 out total, one on regular paper by accident, then three on card-stock. This one is just the card-stock version. The other two I laminated! When I get home tonight I'll start cutting and assembling. I didn't want to laminate the one I entered because I thought he'd be too shiny to photograph.

It's kind of dumb how much fun this thing is. I want to make more. I want to make even better ones! I have a list of things I'd have done better:

Make the black outline better, more consistent and on everything.
Make sure I know how all the joints will work, not just the last half (I got better as I went)
Add dots where the brads will go.
Cleaner pieces.
Better hair. And jointed.
Removable and jointed hat.
Better photos to start with.

It was always my intention to joint the hair, but my photos didn't match up in color or resolution, so I gave up. I think he's fine without. If he was even bigger I could joint the fingers and toes!! *dies*

I am really happy with how he turned out, regardless of what I'd do better. I'd love to make some of my drawings that I could sell at craftshows and stuff. That would be really awesome (guessing it wouldn't be quite legal to sell the ones of the dolls? Since I didn't make the dolls..?).

Anyway, I will call my first paper doll a wild success, whether I win anything or not, I'm thrilled.
Which is one of the reasons I used Skullface, since he was "born" for a DOA contest last year...and even though I didn't win he's been so awesome I'm thrilled. I never would have done that if not for the contest, and I love him! He still needs his one hand finished >.< but I think he looks good <3

Last one


Hee hee

Well now that that's done, I may have some time to sued and glue tonight, and maybe I'll get some pics of Star on his new body tomorrow. Or more of Ghost. He pretty cutes right now. I've got faceups and tatts to be doing...and can't do any of it due to might as well work on non-weather dependent things.

Have a great week!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Stars are aligned.

Cheesetastic title is cheesy.

SO I picked up a few things on Etsy I'm excited about. An outfit that will probably be for Macchi (I sort of bought it without thinking of who I own who would actually wear it XD), and a shirt hopefully for Chibs (it's a slim mini shirt....yeah.), and two hats that were sort of impulse buys. I've been wanting to shop for clothes lately, but I really can't find what I want it's been hard. I want to give people money!! No one wants it!!

I was thinking of my "wish list" the other day. Doll's like death. Every other doll they release is something I think I want...but the latest -- Matthew and Isabella(?) got me thinking. I first thought it would be cool to get a Matthew head (I'm in love with his face) to either replace my Colin (Mini-Alex) or to be an extra head...but I'm really attached to Colin. I might get Matthew's head anyway...but I won't sell the Colin head. He's got to stay Alex.

I then thought about putting the whole doll on layaway next year, and he could be mini-Azrael.

Somehow that got me thinking about my poor Moon, who, along with her vine arms, has been in a box since last year when I gave Boo her body.

And I got an idea.

Yeah. Never good.

I have a definite plan now.

Part of the reason I never bought her a new body was because DC keeps coming out with newer, better ones. The other reason, they keep getting more and more expensive. And really I have no need for that Moon. She's gorgeous, but not a character, or even a personality, and I have a hard time spending the $$ on a doll I'm not emotionally involved in.

Well, as of yesterday when I was wandering around campus listing to my iPod, she's got a place in my collection. As does Star, the other head I sold the body out from under. I will wiping and completely redoing my Moon in a different color palate and getting her the new body with the bone wings (yay!). Star is going to be her "master" of sorts, and will be getting a 5star 1\6 child body...hopefully as soon as next week. I wasn't going to buy anything else for a while but this poor head has been hanging around for a few years now, and I have the $$. I've pulled him out already and I'm working on his look which I can hopefully iron out soon. I never knew what to do with him I do and I'm so excited.

In other news, Carter is...not here yet. Omg seriously. The shipping part is taking forever! He may be here tomorrow, he was out of customs early this morning....

And, some of the new Boo!


 He's so cute!! He's killing me!


I can't even express how happy I am with him. Still with the default and everything. I want to wait for Carter to get here and do his face, Carter (who will be named Ghost) and Star (who may be Damien) all at once with Little Boo. they're all kind of...creepy, so they'll work at the same time.

LOL for whatever reason I just looked up the over-a-year-ago graveyarded sales thread on DOA of Chibi Alex. From his previous owner...when he was a girl XDDD 
Fun times. 

Chibs! He blond now.


 Hope everyone is having a good night (or day, if that's when you are now <3)