Monday, August 17, 2015

Bodies, bodies everywhere.

So one of the main reasons I put a crap-ton of my dolls\parts up for sale was to make some room and thin out the herd, so to speak. But I also seem to need a bunch of bodies for heads and dolls that just needed an upgrade.

EDIT: Ooh I'm so excited - Wyn's body shipped, Kirks head just shipped!! I hope Kirk works. I have an outfit planned for him already so I need to get him a body. *crosses fingers*

A quick rundown of who needs a body:

Spock (Minimee)
Kirk (ok, he needs a head too. Still.)
Anna (FL F60 Sionna)
Gabriel (Supia Ariel)
Final Alex head (used to be 2.5)

Sage - I'd like to get her a new body, then give her F60 Moe back to Anna
Wyn - Sold his body, he needs a new one
Mini David - Bought him one already since Granado had a two day sale and I had no choice.

I think that's it. Seriously I need so many bodies D:

Mini David - Migidoll Mir - has been on a Lati Blue body, but I've decided I hate it. I spent a lot of time looking for something as tall...and i've decided it just doesn't exist. Something that is close was the Granado body however, and it looks really nice. They opened up for a very short time to sell parts, so I had to buy it then. So Mini David actually has his body on the way.

I sold Wyn's body last week and thanks to all the sales I've had, I have enough to get to get him a new one. I've been set on Dollstown, but I was unsure of which one. My choices were the DT 15yr boy, 13yr girl and 15yr girl, since all three are up for sale on the MP right now. After freaking out about it all day, I decided the 15yr is the way to go and pmed that person - sadly I'll have to get the whole doll and I don't need the head....but it's not like the 15yr girl is readily available, so I don't have much choice. I'm really hoping this works out. Wyn has been due some fixing up for years. It would be nice to have him perfect for a change.

Sage or Gabriel will probably be next on the list. I'd really like to have Sage taller and slimmer, and Gabriel has never had a body, so it would be nice to get her moving. Kirk needs to ship so I can see if he will work out before I think about bodies for him and Spock.

I probably won't be selling Mini David's Lati body. I have....tentative plans for it, even though I hate it. We'll see if they pan out.

Which brings me too


Carter probably has not been recast...but just in case.

Also, I really would like to buy a few Iplehouse JID heads: all in NS - Owen for sure
others I'm interested in are Daniel, colin, edwin or Asa, I, Amy, Cecile, Sierra

If you know anyone who is selling any of these, please direct them toward me! Or the other way around! Especially Carter-1. I'm dying to have another head for Joker.

Also also, what do you guys think about back drops? I've been looking at them on Ebay but I'm unsure about actually pulling the trigger...which is silly, I should just do it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Meme-ity meme!

I was tagged AlasseCarnesir over at the Inn of the Wayward Misfits so I figured I'd give it a go!

1. Do you collect anything other than dolls? 
Comics. I used to be more into it than I am now...I spent so much money over the years that when I quit I could easily afford BJDs using all the extra money I had from not buying comics I've been getting back into it lately though. It's one of those things, I just can't stay away! 

I'm mostly a Marvel girl, but I also like Batman, so I do delve into DC some. Back in the day Image was also a favorite but these days not so much. I have a few independent artists I buy from, and what ever else is good that I want to check out. And sometimes covers that are fabulous and this is why I need to stop.

2. Why did you start a doll blog?

I'll be honest. I like to talk, use lots of words and go on and on about things I like (like BJDs!) and I wanted somewhere I could do so without forcing BJDs down the throat of someone who didn't want to read about them or see pictures. DOA doesn't really encourage discussion - especially about characters (and I love those!!), and I tried not to do much doll stuff on my DA page.

Also, I really wanted some record somewhere - for me mostly - of what I've done to my dolls and when I I've done it. It really helps to see progress, mistakes, and successes all in one place. And dates. Dates are good.

3. Do you have one particular doll that is the favourite in your collection? 
I have no problem playing favorites. Alex is my favorite...Even though I got through phases where I obsess over other dolls, I always go back to him <3

And of all my Alexes my favorites are I and III. And Baby. And Chibs and Mini. And the others.

4. Your favourite doll accessory? 
Hats and scarves. My dolls must live in perpetual fall and winter because they're always wearing hats and scarves...

5. Do you know exactly how many dolls you have in your collection (you don't have to tell the number of course)? 
Um. A lot. About 65 but as I was going through my profiles I realized they're all wrong and need to be updated. I'm selling a lot right now, and some of the dolls I have listed are just heads which I don't ever count. Plus I have a project doll or two I'm also not counting. And possibly one on the way in a trade. 

6. Do you play any instruments and if so, what? 
Nope.  I'm not musically inclined, all I can do is listen!

7. Where is your most favourite place you've ever been? 
I haven't really been to too many places, a lot of my traveling is for doll things. I love Chicago (I'm a city girl), and I love to visit Texas cause of my friends there but I really had a great time in Disney World and Harry Potter world this spring...I didn't want to leave! I'd love to go back. 

8. What is your most favourite thing about yourself? 
Bleeeehhhhhhhh I hate these questions. I guess my imagination. It keeps me endlessly entertained. I do think I have a decent sense of humor, so maybe that too.

9. Favourite book or movie? 
I can't choose!! I like them all! I read a lot, and I read the same books over and over, no way can I choose. I do love Pet Sematary tho - it was the first Stephen King book I ever read and it's the only book that really scared me. 

I also love movies. All kinds though I'm not one for certain kinds of comedies or chick flicks :P
Right now I really like the new Star Treks and all the Marvels, because comics. I'm looking forward to DC's impending doom....I mean movies. I'm keeping an open mind. Mostly.

10. If you could design your own doll, what would it look like? 
I actually started doing this before Doll Chateau showed up. The doll I started working on had a body almost identical to the DC K-02 (boy) body - including the jointing, only it was a smaller SD - around 50-55cm. The head was the Alex I tend to draw, with a slightly fuller face and an open mouth. I never did anything other than a couple sketches because I discovered DC and didn't need too XD

I'm not gonna tag, just request that if you do this, let me know!! I'd love to read them.

And, so I don't have to post this in a whole separate post - Joker got his new eyes the other day. I am a fan.

joker new eyes

He's got a more psychotic look to him, which is what I wanted! These are "realistic" eyes I bought from eBay - I'd never seen them in a stylized doll before so I was a little worried, but I love them! 

Hope everyone has a great week! What's left of it! :D

Monday, August 10, 2015

All the Villains

Remember how I said I was working on Harley Quinn?

Harley Quinn

 She's a WIP still - I need to work on or redo her faceup - it was done on a day I should not have been doing faceups and is messier than I'd like (some of the mess was done deliberately, some was not. XD). The wig she's wearing is a Monique Jojo in white blond (Alex's) in a 6/7 and I swear it's too small for her. I always thought Unoa's wore a 6/7, but thinking about it, both Macchi and Clover have on 7/8s. So maybe not. She needs new eyes (those are gappy) and lots and lots of clothes. Lots of clothes. I have a list of props I want for her too. they all need props!!

 She works great with Joker.


She's on my Dollmore Judith body (Isis is not gone forever - I'm definitely keeping her head...but while I'm on this DC kick she won't be making anymore appearances), which is a PERFECT comic book girl body. I mean perfect. I actually had said that the first night I had Isis, after taking her out of her elaborate full set and playing with her a little. Her head is the Unoa Sist Bully plate. I have a Lusis Yawn plate I borrowed from a friend she's going to use as well.

She's very camera shy. The first day I had her together I posed her and Joker all over the place...and they were great. When I got out my camera she refused to even stand next to him. That pic took forever and it sucks lol

Joker got an Arkham uniform (version 1) so he can do things like sit around incarcerated.


 Also the cards. Might be a tad small, but they're better than the alternative which are giant. Sad thing is, I don't believe this deck has an actual Joker in it :(


 And my photoshopping!


 I freaking love him. He's so much more fun than a super-expenvie action figure! 

 And he's spawning more.

 I've put up pretty much all the resins I intend to sell in the last couple of weeks - and it's a lot. I have a huge list of trades on each thread I'm trying very hard to stick too, and the very first thing I sold was a partial trade that included a Unoa FP and a Fairyland Minifee Mir head. Mir was the down payment and shipped last week. After he shipped, but before he arrived, I realized for sure that he wouldn't work for what I'd intended.... At the same time I was offered and turned down a trade for a doll not on my list, for another item I was selling.

I was looking at Dollzone's Benjamin, a very unique sculpt, and trying to decide if I needed one to possible be the Scarecrow....but I figured it would be a shame to cover that face with a mask....and he'd do better on a DC body. And omg realized what I'd done in turning down that trade only about an hour before.

So for the first time in my life I pmed someone and was all "I'm so sorry for changing my mind but would they still want to do the trade?" Yes I'm a flake. But seriously. This will be the prefect Scarecrow. PERFECT. And I didn't think about it at all until it was almost too late. *fail*

 While I was waiting to hear back from them I realized who Mir could be.

Anyone watch Gotham??


My camera hates him. Obviously he's even more a WIP than Harley. I am 100% sure he'll work out though - with the right faceup and wardrobe. And again, props (these villains need so many props!!! WHY?!). He's on a temporary body, but it might end up being permanent - it's an odd shape for him and he fits it weird. Mir has a very long chin and the head just eats all necks - even with the FL neck key (which I'm using). It works for this character however - he's a little on the awkward side. The body is also SHORT.


Joker towers over him, which is how it should be. Joker is also wearing his "at home" wig and looking like he crawled out of bed for this picture D:
EDIT: he also got his new eyes today!! I have to take some pictures....they're definitely different.

So with another hairs cut, better clothes, a faceup, (he's barefoot)...pretty much everything, I think Oswald Cobblepot will be a thing. I have glasses at home I need to look at - cause he needs some version of those too.

Since I'll have four of them I thought it would be fun for them to all have prison uniforms together....except I remembered Penguin has probably never been in Arkham...being sane and all. He'll have to settle for Blackgate greys. I'm sure Jonathan Crane will look good in orange.

Since I'm obsessed with these guys right now I haven't done much with my other dolls (other than disassemble some to sell - poor Wyn. He's a head in a box!!), but due to horrible weather it's not like I can. I have a few things on order: another possible Captain Kirk head, chattering teeth and eyes for Joker, eyes for another doll, an umbrella and a purple zombie lamb hat...but that's it. I am hoping to scrape up the money for bodies for Wyn and either Sage (yeah, another new body for her) or Spock or Kirk or Gabriel. Assuming Kirk works out when he gets here. Fingers crossed. I don't have a back up this time. D:

Friday, July 31, 2015

You can call me... Joker.

This is gonna be fast, I'm on my lunch (which is over now!!! OMG)

You may have seen my photos on Flickr, but if not, I mentioned I had redone my Dollzone Carter and given him a completely new look.

He was blank for months, then he was a ghost for months - with a very nice asymmetrical faceup out of black and grey that had splatter paint all over one side of his face.

Now he's The Joker.

You can call me... Joker.

Why So Serious?

Needless to say, I'm utterly entranced. I should have done this a year ago when I got this doll. It was totally a whim, and also a very long time coming.

I've loved Batman and The Joker since the Tim Burton Batman was released, when all my friends did the "which celebrity" are you going to marry game, I said Jack Napier (I was like, 6. And apparently insane...give me a break). When Batman the Animated Series came out Mark Hamill's Joker is so phenomenally awesome how could you not love that? Then of course there's Heath Ledger's version.

Sometime between BTAS and TDK came Alex. Who's color palate is the same as Joker's in what might have been a fan tribute induced by many drawing when I was in college.

Like my X-Men, it seemed right to do a BJD.

Of course I blame an upcoming SuperHero-themed Dollmeet and a weekend of watching all 6 Star Wars movies followed by searching for Hot Toys action figures and clothes on eBay before deciding they were way too expensive to justfy buying. Which is when I thought "What mold would make a good Joker...DZ Carter would be awesome! I own Carter! OMGINEEDTODOITNOW!" I stripped my Carter that night, covered his wig in green pastel and dressed him in this colorful outfit that's kinda Jokeresque. I regret nothing.

I'm working on Harley Quinn this weekend. She is going to be the extra Unoa head I have (Sist Bully) on Isis's DM Judith body. It'll be a while before she's camera ready....I have nothing at all that is even remotely Harley-like. Not even a blond wig. :\

In other news, I'm thinking seriously (which means it'll happen this weekend) of putting several more dolls up for sale. I need room. I also need new bodies for some that I'm totally fed up with, and I really think it's time to let others go. I might need moral support! lol Some of them I have attachment too...

One more of Joe Kerr. Meh heh.

Let's put a smile on that face!