Thursday, May 21, 2015

7 Years! Plus one week!

I am going to go from no posting to over-posting, meh heh.

Anyway I took these pics of Alex, and even if they aren't interesting, he's pretty and I bothered, so I shall post.


not my favorite but it's a good "this is what he looks like now" photo.


 This one I love - he's actually standing all bent over like that - it was a straight photo, no weird angle like I like to do and those blobs are dried roses in the corner.


 I also really like this one - It's a view I don't take of my dolls often (or at all) and that's Paper Skullface in the background XD
Does that mean there's two Kara Klums in this picture??

Yay Alex! He's 7 now (ooooooollllldddddddd - ok not compared to people who've had their dolls for a decade or more, but still pretty crusty) which means I've officially been doing this doll thing for 7 years too! One good thing I will say about him - he has looked better every year. <3

Maybe that's a good thing to say about me XD I did something right! One thing. lol

Oh and that's a new wig. Cause I need more blond wigs.

I do kind of think he needs a new faceup - if nothing else this one needs some help - his nose is getting kinda shiny. More MSC!! I've never liked his eyelashes either so those could be redone. Meh. I have a lot of blank dolls right now, redoing this one is low priority! 

I wish I could take the kind of photos that would show off how well he stands. He stood for this shoot, all contorted at times, with no help at all, on one leg for some of it, with not one moment of OMG where he threatened to fall. I feel like I could have left him standing all day. People never want to give Dollmore a chance because the knees aren't double-jointed and there's no 3-part torso. Having owned plenty of double-jointed dolls with 3-part torsos that can't sit up or stand, I can safely say I'd much rather have this one (Which is good since I have five of them! So I might be biased, since he's my favorite. *whispers* other than III. Not sure that counts.). He does everything I want him to anyway. 

Which is be AWESOME.

(when I type 7 I can't spell it out since I named Seven Seven and it's confusing. To me. XD)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Still trying

So it's been over a month since I last posted. That's insane. Remember when I used to do this all the time?? I barely do.

If anyone is still reading this, I'm going to try to get back into the groove (the grrooooooooooveeeee) by posting anything at all. My job has been overwhelmingly busy since March, like, I don't get breaks and have zero time to do anything "extra" at all. And since 95% of my internetting happens at work *cough* this means my net-life has just died a sad death. Add that to the weather and my general lack of time and energy to do anything at all, and I've done nothing with my dolls (or art for that matter) since coming back from Florida.

I haven't even posted things for sale, and I have a lot of stuff piling up in the sales dept.

Stuff has happened, I just haven't done much with it other than a few sad photos of a comparison and Sionna's arrival.

There have been some. In fact, all of them. I'm waiting on nothing. Nothing at all. Not even a book from Amazon!

F60 Sionna
She got here, was gorgeous for all of 5 minutes, and I pulled her apart and split her up as was planned. Her outfit fit Isis (she's still wearing it), Sage has her body, and her head is on the old Delf body, with Anna's clothes and wig. That's pretty much all I did with her.

Granado Uranus
Got him this week. Nice head, but looks nothing like the pictures so I'll eventually be selling him.

Supia Ariel
Grabbed a head second-hand. Perfect for Gabriel, I'm pleased with my to get her a body....

Blue fairy Robin
I was set on making my AR Cien work for Raphael in my last entry....and two days later I bought a body on DOA for cheaps and a week or so after that grabbed a head. They don't match, but I've been working on redoing Raphs character completely so I'm pretty happy with my decision.

Dollmore Dollpire Grammy
Ok, this was a total impulse buy. When I contacted the seller of the Supia head she somehow talked me into buying her Dollpire. XD She didn't have to try too hard....Grammy is WS, and A Dollpire kid, something I've been wanting since DM came out with their DPs. She has a gorgeous faceup and I was pretty set on buying her before I even saw photos. I was a little concerned about her sculpt since I have never been interested in Grammy or even really looked at it, but I should not have been - she's perfect for me. She's got that vague Dollstown-esque look to her I love and is exactly what I wanted when I owned my DMK Vian years ago. So she is a huge win.

The bad thing about all these arrivals is that (story of my life) they all showed up within days of one I have been a little overwhelmed by all of them. I'm taking it slow -- the new Raphael stayed in a box for awhile and I got him out just last weekend, Grammy has been hanging out with me a little more but other than finding a wig I kind of like for her for now, I've done about nothing constructive with her. She doesn't even have a name though I'm leaning toward Wraith. She hangs out with Ghost, my DZ Carter. They're even dressed similar right now XD

None of my blank dolls have received faces since like, Benedict is still blank. However he's spawned a whole universe at this point that I never would have even thought of doing. In fact, I think it needs it's own post so I won't go into it here. Luckily I didn't need to buy anything for this latest project, though I'm eventually going to need clothes. That doesn't count anyway XD

So that's been my doll-life lately. I'm slowly getting ready for Doll-A-Kon, but the reality of it has yet to hit me.....maybe this weekend it will XD

Also I missed Alex's birthday. It was may 6. I don't normally care about my doll's birthdays but since his arrival got me into the hobby I usually try to recognize it. Not this year! Totally missed. Luckily he's nicely dressed so I will try to take him somewhere and get photos of him someday. I took some of Tween on my birthday but never even edited any of them :\

Friday, April 10, 2015

A Wishlist for 2015

I'm not in a very good mood right now.

My birthday is this weekend, but so far this whole week has sucked royally (except for last night which was fun)....Work is awful, as it is this time of year -but just gets worse each year. The weather is crap, and I have no time for doll things which usually cheers me up some. I got a flat tire yesterday so now I get to spend all my money on new tires and anything else wrong with my car when I bring it in. I was planning on gifting myself a small doll and possibly a head this weekend - but thanks to my car, that's not happening. And I have Jury duty Monday...and that's just the things I'll actually talk about.

My Sionna still hasn't shipped (which doesn't really count, I still don't expect her and don't expect her soon) and the Fdoll body I purchased second-hand still hasn't shipped yet which is beginning to piss me off.

So basically I'm not looking forward to anything, and life sucks right now.

So to cheer up I thought I'd look at things I can't have XDDD
But it's ok, because I will buy them eventually, and that's good enough.

Well, I'll buy most of them eventually.

The List
Naruya IGO Echo head 
Yeah, this is the one I'll probably never get. He's so elusive I can't find anything when I do a search....just some owner photos and stuff Google refuses to translate. I will pine for him forever.

Withdoll tiny in SG 
What I was going to buy for my birthday and now am not. I really liked Tweedledee's cutes face, but it'll have to wait. I'm sure they'll come out with something I like in the future tho, and as long as it's cute and available in Sweet Green, I'm good.

Volks Dollfie World Cup Head (3)
According to VolksUSA they should be available soon, and I'd really love to enter again, even though I didn't even place last time. It was fun, and I thought it was nice they sent out rejection letters XD so we weren't all sitting around wondering. I like head 3 but might look at 1 again just to make sure. I love my 2 but have issues with him - His faceup IMO is one of my best, but doesn't match his style. So I don't want to wipe it, but I really should....I dunno what to do with him...maybe get another 2 and keep both? XD I've been looking at Volks heads a lot recently, kind of wanting another one, so this is decent timing. I'll probably get 3 if I get any at all.

Supia Ariel head + 63cm body 
The new Gabriel. I have two bodies in mind and I think either would work. One probably poses better but the other is prettier. Neither are set in stone, so I plan to just buy the head for now. Or someday.

Simply Divine Tatsuo head + DM Glamour Model body 
Hopefully he'll be Captain Kirk. He's my front runner along with Granada Uranus. I ordered Uranus as a just-in-case head, but Tatsuo looks like it will work better. Spock was a little smaller than I was expecting and looks great on the Dollmore Glamor body so everyone is getting Dollmore bodies!! Yay!

DM Model Doll Boy body 
For Spock. I requested and got a great photo showing there is very little size difference in the Model and Glamor Model, so for the sake of variety, Spock will be Model, Kirk and Khan get Glamor Model.

BlueFairy TF Boy (possibly Robin)
Well, I can't stop thinking about replacing Raphael, even though I am keeping his current shell - Angel Region Cien. I doubt he'll ever sell as he's not a popular mold, and he really is perfect for the character so I am trying to rework him into something I want, but it's hard as I'm not inspired, can't find his wig, and don't have time or the weather to do a new faceup. So I'm keeping the BlueFairy on my wishlist. Just in case. (I bought a BF body second-hand on the MP...looks like I'm replacing Cien after all! ^^;).

Lillycat Cerisedolls: Ombre
I'm going through a phase where I really want an art-doll and this one is at the top of that want list. Sadly they're going on sale soon...and I won't have money. But I am thinking long-term so I can wait for another sale or maybe find one second-hand or one of the few others I'd like instead.

That's it! I feel like it's a small, doable list other than the bodies....and I'm not in a huge hurry so I can wait, even though I wanted stuff now! lol
If I can stick to said list, maybe I won't end up with so many random dolls and keep it simple this year! One can hope.

I hope everyone is doing well! Have a good weekend.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Back from Fantasy Land.

Today I'm a supporter of scarf has a Dark Mark on it.

So I survived my vacation to Disney. Sadly I want to go back....XD
I decided I could move into Hogshead (Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Universal Studios Florida) and no one would ever know...
Seriously, if you're a fan of these books and movies this is the most amazing place...I did not want to leave.

I returned from sunny and warm Florida weather to typical STL weather. Dark, dreary, rain and cold. And freezing rain. Yay. It's been this way all week. So done.

Also, so no doll stuff to share. At least no photos. I haven't touched a real camera in weeks, and my dolls are getting dusty. Tonight I plan to redress someone, just to have something to do with them XD

I do have news however

The day before Leonard Nimoy passed I paid for a Zachary Quinto Spock head! I was insanely lucky to get this...A DOA member linked a Taobao shop that seemed to be the same sculptor as my Benedict head - Modoll. They had a Spock up for sale, and with that extremely wonderful persons help I found out that it was a 25 piece pre-order that would be over soon. They recommended an agent for me and the sale went through. When I got back from Disney I found the head already at the warehouse! I paid for shipping and he should go out this week sometime!! So OMG I will have Spock.

When I planned on this BC MNM I originally didn't think I'd want more, but the more I thought about it (and watch those stupid movies) I had the vague idea that I might want Kirk and Spock too. Of course there is no Kirk (Chris Pine) MNM....and I am generally against the mixing of MNMs with normal BJDs.....but two days ago I saw this. I think I can make that work. So for now, Granado Uranus *snicker* will be Kirk, who I thought I'd get before Spock...but that MODOLL sale was perfect in timing (I was prepared to hunt that head down on the second-hand market the proverbial "someday").

Of course I have a total of one body for these three heads (which is ok, since Uranus *snicker* isn't even for sale yet!) my current obsession is finding Spock the perfect body to go with Khan. And eventually Kirk. I will of course wait until I have him in my hands to even consider ordering - I need to try him on the Dollmore body first and see how he looks next to Benedict - but so far I'm leaning toward Dollstown 18yr. Which might be the most expensive body I could have found....but I am so in love with anything Dollstown I think it'll be worth it in the long run. They recently redid the knees so it should even pose well, which is good, because posing was one of my issues with larger dolls. It might be on the large side, and I worry the neck will be too skinny, but again, gotta see the head first. And maybe Benedict will just have to get some big cyber-punk boots (I'm sure Khan would be ok with that).

My first choice was Impldoll's Idol, until I saw somewhere it's not as tall as advertised - WHY do BJD companies do that?! - and then had that confirmed today. Supposedly Zachary, Chris and Benedict are all about an inch apart from one another if not the same height, and I'd like to stick to that as much as possible, and I really think 70cm is too small for a MNM head anyway - I think the one I have borders on too small! Good thing I had it already XD And again, Benedict being skinny IRL helps tons.

A wig will probably be an issue....I have no idea how to even go about making one. I found a Monique wig I might be able to mod if I don't screw it up. I should go buy that before the head ships so I'll have it...

So Benedict - who is still blank, and right now naked - has a whole universe shaping around him. In addition to Spock and the eventual Kirk, I has a this which was my solution to Smaug. My best friend gave him to me for my birthday (which isn't until April lol but it got here early) and is totally adorbs. I love him. He's blank atm of course, but I plan on using dark reds and black on him to get some good Smaugness. I bought eyes from CandyKitten (Hungarian Horntail of all things lol) and they're perfect! He's also wearing a scarf.....I figure if he can infect Benedict with Smaug, Benedict can infect him with Sherlock. My intension was to have him always following Sherlock or Khan around trying to turn him Smaug. My roommate is making Benedict a Smauglock costume (which is why he's naked) and I want to get him the same eyes and some similar horns so can go dragon.

I don't know why I'm so obsessed with's not even my fandoms. But it's been fun. And it's a good break from my own stuff - and really my dolls are nearly done anyway. Gabriel is the last of my actual characters I really want shelled, and now that I know what doll she's going to be I just need to scrape up the cash to order really, I need another "Universe" to play with. Right?! RIGHT?!!??! I wonder if there's an Enterprise BG for sale on the eBay....? That would be awesome.

Anyway I hope everyone is doing ok. It's so quiet here now.... D: