Monday, February 23, 2015

Not Dead.

Not yet anyway!!

I haven't had much time for doll stuff in the last several weeks....I've pretty much done nothing with them other than dress a couple for meets. I think we've had two and a half in the time I've done pretty much zero with my dolls otherwise. It's not that I'm on hiatus or something bad has happened.....I've just been spending every moment of free time I have on my comic.

This is  a good thing - I think I did four pages of it in the beginning of the year last year and then didn't touch it. Which was a horrible span of time. several weeks ago I got re-inspired and did 5 complete pages in three weeks which is a record for me.

When I was done with those five, I spent some time laying out the next six pages which I somehow managed to get completely penciled in less than seven days. I started inking, and as of yesterday had three totally inked. I started the penciling last Sunday, so in seven days I had six penciled pages and 3 inked. I've never worked that fast before.  I'm hoping to have the next three inked by the end of the week, and then everything lettered and toned by end of next week - sooner would be nice, but y'know. Stuff will always happen.

I do have a few updates in the doll area:
I have received almost everything I was waiting on - Alice Collecttions just delivered today and is waiting for me at home - awesome because Ryuji's first ever outfit I've bought him is in that order, some Doc Martin looking boots for Alex and most best of all - Sherlock's coat and Khan's shirt (he's Khan right now, I watched Star Trek last weekend I must change him back to Sherl.)

Only thing I've got out there is a wig I ordered randomly from eBay, and the body + clothing I bought second-hand ages ago for Rowan...I hope that comes soon. I'm getting worried.

Also, I have an extra special surprise that showed up Saturday night.....I'm not going to go into it since I hadn't previously mentioned it, and I don't have pics since I was going to tote it to work, but didn't have hopefully tomorrow.

Until then, in lieu of doll pictures, have this

smFC CH3 9

This is my current last completed page. I like it because it shows off Alex's general mood at all times, and is the first time I had to deal with telepathy between my two mind-readers......It's also exciting for me because "Jake" finally showed up. Most people probably won't recognize him....but


 He's Uriel. And after Alex, Uriel is my favorite. You can't really tell, since I don't photograph him and post him a whole hell of a lot, but if anyone could take over and have his own storyline in my universe, it would be this guy. Even though his hair is a wreck. I need to learn to make better wigs. He could benefit from an alpaca wig too.

So this is one reason I'm being so manic about getting this done - I have been anxious for the rest of my "main" characters to show up so I can get on with the real story, Isis is next, and she's on the last two pages I'm working on now.

I'm also trying to get to a good stopping point for when I go to Disney World for a week in March.

I'm super-excited for that - Chibi Alex is going....he's getting some Disney-fied clothes (which will all have Nightmare b4 xmas on them cause that's how he rolls) and he'll be playing tourist. He's supposed to be the only doll I bring, but Squishy Alex and Chibi Skullface may stow away....Squishy for sure, he can go in my suitcase. Since he's just a head and some hands, he'll be fine.

Anyway I have to either go back to work, work on my comic, or catch up on blogs here, so I hope everyone has been doing well <3

Friday, January 30, 2015

In which I go cray

I put Sionna on layaway with DDE. One payment down, three more to go.

I would say I'm crazy, but the more I see of this doll the more I totally don't regret it, and know I'd regret it more if I passed.

Now Sage will get a new body, Anna will be upgraded to a doll I know will do her character justice (and has her body shape!), and I will get to own that amazing fullset outfit which hopefully will fit Isis. She totally needs more witchness.

And I get the Elf Rin head....though I actually think I liked the open-eyed version better...but whatever. I wanted Elf Rin last time around.....but since I didn't actually order anything and qualify for the event XD I missed her. I'm glad I have a really long time to come up with another elf character D: I'd like it to be a boy this time maybe?

So. Yeah.

Still waiting for the rest of my Dollmore order (there was a mishap. They sent it last night -  but Vanilla is on a body again - a thousand yays!)
Alice has not shipped
My Fdoll body has not shipped
Wigs from etsy did ship
Benedict Cumberbatch's eyes have not shipped
Panda parts have not shipped.

Everything else has made it home safe and sound and will be put on dolls this weekend. Because I have a three day weekend only one plan and it's with doll peeps so that's just more doll play.

Other than that I got nuthin!! Have a good weekend!! :D

Thursday, January 29, 2015


So I live under a rock. It was a good, safe rock....then I crawled out from under it and found this.

I know I saw her awhile ago when she was released but I guess I didn't bother to look....until this morning, and I really wish I hadn't. I want every part of that fullset. Well, the ears and tail I can do without, but the rest of it?

I have been looking for an F60 girl body for Sage. She hit the point where I really want her perfect, and feel like I can spend the $$ to make her so and not regret it - I've got them on my trade lists, but FL doesn't sell them separately and people don't seem to want to let them go for a reasonable price....and I don't want the MOE, Sage needs as much height as I can get.

The outfit in it's entirety would go to Isis, it's perfect for her witchy self...and the head I'll put on Sage's current body to replace my PW Goldie (assuming I ever put her up for sale) as Annabelle, my senior witch. I love the head and faceup for her, it's perfect. The whole damn thing is. And it's insanely expensive, and if I want to get in on the event I need to order in like, three days.

ARGWHY?! WHYYYYYYY?! If it was just a matter of the outfit and head I'd hold off and maybe look second hand, but since I want the body anyway...Poor Sage - I tried to get her to pose for the photo I am way behind on for the challenge and she can't do it, the Delf body just won't....I would love her on a body that actually worked. I love my F60 boy, it's made Uriel amazing, I wouldn't change a thing on him. Why can't I be made of money??? On the bright side I do think I'm getting a raise, effective tomorrow, retro from Jan 1. So............maybe she can be my reward? If I order her tomorrow I can get in on the sat orders in DDE. OMG I can't believe I'm actually thinking of doing this...

ANYWAY on to something not insane.

Tan doll comparisons for AlasseCarnesir!

These are all my tans

  tan compare1

Sorry they're disheveled. I literally tossed them in my bag, the yoinked them out and sat them down D: No styling was done at all. *failbaddollmom*

  tan compare2

Ok, so here they are 
Resinsoul Song in DK Tan/Chocolate 
Fairyland MNF Celine in FL Tan 
Resinsoul Song in LT Tan/Coffee
Soom Afi (original release) with Afi hands on DikaDoll body
Luts Fabric Delf in RSB (OMG I forgot he was this size...he can wear the clothes!)
Latidoll Laches

Jean is my other tan doll but she's giant and also RSB, so I brought Chai instead. It really looks like Luts RSB, RS Coffee and FL are close enough to hybrid IMO. Only problem is that Mocha is so old they don't have that color anymore - it's lighter and grayer now from what I've I can hybrid, but no one else can XD

Afi (Hopscotch) was blushed like mad to match that DK body (When I bought it I had found several posts saying it was a PERFECT MATCH OMG. They lied. Not even close. The headcap is the color of Soom for real (and still has tape residue from his ear magnets. I fail again)).

No chance of Lati matching anything ever. It's just orange. Which sucks, I still need another body.

That's it! I didn't do much editing, that is really close to how they look irl. Lati is that orange. Lol

I think I have a mental block against the Lati Yellow/Pukifee size. I just can't seem to realize I have dolls. I sold the PKF and DZ dolls and was all I DON'T HAVE ANYMORE! Even though I still had Ebils and apparently Chai. And Bones on order. Then I got Murphy at Dollism and forgot I owned him at all, so I waffled on ordering Sterek and getting Ren (Laches) because I don't own that size. Even though I totally did. I'm sure there aren't anymore hiding in my room, but I feel like I should look....just in case. D: They hides.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Game is....something...

hee hee



It arrived last night! Weeks before I thought it would! I was so nervous and excited...I have plans...but as usual they may fall through. I was terrified I'd hate it, that it wouldn't fit the body (cause if that happened I'm not buying another one). But nope. All is well. I love it, it fits - match is bad, but worse in photos than in person, and I can blush it.

The only issue is the eyewells are SO thin. I was actually worried I'd break them while trying eyes out. I will have to do something if I am going to feel comfortable handling this thing. I have I guess I'll attempt to reinforce them before I get around to giving it a faceup. Scary....

Other than that, he's seriously perfect. I would say the body is a tiny bit small...but if you've ever watched Benedict Cumberbatch in anything - he's kind of oddly shaped with narrow shoulders anyway. So I think it's actually perfect.

Because the head was early, I only have half a Khan and half a Sherlock Wardrobe, so all's he's wearing is the purple shirt. And I only ordered potential Khan wig - this one was a longer curly wig I had laying around that I turned upside down and hacked to pieces. Good for temps. Eyes are too big, but that's ok - they weren't meant for him I just had them.

Dollmore has a few of his things (including his Khan wig) stuck in LA customs right now....I'm hoping they escape soon - I need to see if it's going to work or if I have to start from scratch.

Alice Collections has the rest of his things and they haven't shipped yet (I need Sherlocks coat!! Dammit!).

Someday I'll get to put a face on him. Someday...


 The buttons are huge. Good thing he's a big guy.

My pictures are horrible....but I was in a hurry. And he's very purple. And faceless.