Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year

The Holidays are over - thank god. Hopefully everyone else's were better than mine! Between my dad having a health emergency and spending Christmas in the hospital and my cat having his eye infection, getting his rabies shot and then declawed, and the insane amount of rain that led to the closing of most of our major highways and half the state under water, I was in serious stress mode. I'm pretty much done with all holidays now.

Stress being stressful, I pretty much did nothing at all with my dolls until a couple days ago. Or yesterday. My vacation was pretty much over with by the time I touched resin lol

Since I don't want to dwell over the crap, I'll move on to doll things.

My most wonderful bestest friends gave me a Volks DWC03 head for Christmas, which I immediately decided to put on my SD10 body and scrap the 02 I've yet to put a faceup on. When I had them next to each other I saw how different they were from one another, and I couldn't at least try to keep the 02. Way back in the day, I had tried to buy a second 02 head - the first one was Dark, the angel I called Trevor with punk hair who was my all-Angel band called Fallen. The second I wanted for my Zaoll body to be Cassiel, the singer in the same band. I got a PW Goldie head in a trade instead, and Cass has been a Goldie ever since.

PW Goldie was a dream doll of mine, and since I sold my other one, Cass was pretty special to me.

I tried the old 02 head on her body and turned around and put the PW head up for sale.

Seriously. You should see how adorable she is. The 02 was a great cute boy, but meant to be a girl, and you can totally see why. even blank she's just amazing. Her wigs fit better and I think she's more proportionate and realistic looking. I love it. Never going back!!!

The 03 head is great on the boy body and will be perfect. His eyes even fit better.

Big Harley got a new wig that looks way more like the movie version. I love it. From the front lol. From the back it's all cap!

I was close to buying K a body....then bought some wigs, a head and a couple action figures. Oops. I'll get some more doll monies. I got a little from my Dad for christmas, so with I'm still owed for a layaway, I should have most of what I need. I really want a body for him.

My other project I have yet to really start is the next addition to the DC minis. John Constantine - the Hellblazer. I used to read this series back when it was with Vertigo (which is just another DC company), and recently started reading the newest one (since it just started) and it was one of those moments where I thought "why didn't I think of this before??!". He'll make a great doll......if I can figure out what head to use. I have two bodies, and a million head choices. Right now I'm leaning toward Granado Terra....due to the fact that one of th bodies is Granado and I have yet to find a head that will go on it. Other possibilities are Dollzone and Withdoll heads. I have no idea. He's a tough one. Clothes are going to be hard too. At least pretty much everything I need can come from Alice collections. Though I have a small order from them that just shipped.....so I'll have to wait until it gets here. Plus, it has mini pants in it, and I need to try them on him.

Still waiting on LTF Pong. I keep hoping he'll show, but so far nothing. I seem to have no patience waiting for this thing lol I check the FL waiting room all the time, every email I get I hope is from DDE...it's pathetic.

So that's pretty much my current 2016 plan
Body for K, who I'm still calling John Doe
Head for Constantine
Body for Catwoman
Clothes for all the dolls

Everything else is up in the air lol

So that's it for me. Hope everyone got to 2016 in one piece!

Friday, December 11, 2015

All things coming and going.

I wanted to wait until everything was here to do an entry since I had a lot of stuff shipped at the same time - or close to it - and since it's all accounted for now; stuff!

I touched on my plans for the MNF Karsh I got in a trade - he got here, broken ear and all - last week. I restrung him, gave him a good cleaning then sanded off his little elfy ears so he's a peoples now. I haven't actually thought to photograph the mod, but I think I did a good job.

Anyway here is Nightwing, or Dick Grayson, former first Robin, current spy and kind of adopted son of Bruce Wayne. Someday when he's got his costume I'll have to get a shot of him with Batman....but for now he's in street clothes. Which is weird thanks to the permanent mask.


Still need eyes for him, and a better wig. I kind of butchered this one (hence the hat) and I'm out of black fur because everyone under the freaking sun has black hair.  I like him. I am driven insane by the chest of the MNF body (as usual) but if I can suede him, he'll be fine. I had to get him new hands too, he came with the girliest hands MNF has. Seriously. The hands were at DDE so they've already yellowed some, but they need more yellowing. This poor thing is not new. Lol

Also newly showed up on my doorstep - a last minute (and I say last minute because the actual negotiations as it were, were fast and we shipped the next day XD) trade! Yesterday I received a LTF Shiwoo boy, which is so fabulous....because poor Chibi Bats was actually on a girl body. A quick switch and now I finally have Catwoman in doll form. Chibi doll form....but still!!

She's also no where near finished. That wig doesn't fit her (and again - no fur), the hat and goggles are a temporary fix for her costume, she needs eyes, boots and a more feminine faceup so she actually looks like a girl.

Originally I wanted a Mio to be Selina in LTF form, but I need a LTF boy to switch with Batman's body (and I only intend to own three Chibis - got the two, three is on the way. Well he's ordered. He'll get here eventually.), so I figured I'd just use this one temporarily until I can get ahold of a Mio....but Shiwoo's eyes are a great shape, so she's staying. I can make her look girly!

Chibi bat and cat

She kind of reminds me of the Selina from Gotham.

Finally, Ringdoll shipped my K head already! He also arrived this week (busy busy) and I have to say, if this guy had a body already I'd probably be ignoring all other dolls right now. I am totally in love with this head. I mean LOVE.

I've always been a fan of the ones that aren't model-gorgeous, and I tend to roll my eyes when people go on and on about how realistic Iplehouse is....because they're only realistic in a world where not one person has any flaws, they all spend their lives in a gym and are sickeningly perfect :P
Like in a romance novel.

This is the doll I have wanted. If he were real I'd want to lick his face. Or roll on him. TMI? D:

I've named him John Doe for now as I'm...only kind of sure what I'm doing with him. I have drawings, mostly scribbles. I have had an inability to draw since the spring and have had a notebook for the last several months I've been doodling in...mostly a nameless guy (which is where I got John Doe) who looks just like K's fullset minus the cleric clothes. Which is why I was so blown away when they showed their pictures of him for the first time. And why I had to own him, even if I could only get the blank head.



Cheekbones omg


 Lookit that profile!


I'm already mentally going through my dolls, trying to figure out what I can part with to get money to buy him a body. Everyone else just got moved to the bottom of the list.

Still waiting on LTF Pongpong. It's been about a month I guess.....so I probably have at least three to go. Which is killing me. I want him so badly right now lol

Ordered two stands, a pair of pants and shoes from Alice. No word on that. 

That's it. Not too exciting.

I feel like I've sold a lot of dolls this year, and I'm really considering others right now. It's kind of a big decision because I've had them for years, I have a lot of accessories for them I have spend $$ on, and I had all these plans....

But I think I have to sell my Puki's. 

Ok, I don't have to sell anyone. Ever. But they live in a bag....and I don't think I've touched them all year. Not even at Halloween which is when they usually come out. 

I'm almost afraid to do it though. It was hard to get them all together and the way I want. It took time, money, patience.... I'd get rid of all of them and everything except for Alex (Chichi) who I'd keep. And whatever FPs I have that I can use for him, his clothes, and accessories......and really that's it. Everything else can go. The only reason I haven't sold them already (or at least put them up for sale) is because I'm really scared I'll regret it.

But then again.

It's been a year at least since I touched them last. I don't even look at them. 

I started collecting this size by accident (for reals), oddly related to MNF Karsh who I seem to have issues with too lol, and the only reason I've gotten so many and so into it is that I have problems with Alex existing on his own. But since getting Chibi Alex for my birthday in 2013 I feel like that's changed. I have gotten rid of most of my Mini versions of the characters -right now all I have left together is Alex and Wyn. Kimi is destined to become Robin and David is in pieces, Aishe is just a head and Uriel is gone and Isis is both Catwoman and Harley Quinn- leaving Alex by himself because Wyn will fit in with my other Mini group perfectly (and i'm not selling him) so I don't worry about him. I like having just the one group of them in SD form. I should just sell the Puki group.....and move Puki Alex into the Halloween crew. He'd work with them. I'm sure he and the Alexcorn will get along XD

 I also might end up selling my WD Werewolf cub, simply because I've still not given him a faceup!

But that leaves me with just two in that size....and I'm not sure I like that number.

But for sure I am putting up my Soom Flint. I feel like it was just a matter of time for him. Another one I might regret. Then again, my AS Kimo and Soom Afi hybrid are still unsold, so I may end up having to keep them all!! Maybe I can offer all three up for a trade or something :/

The other big one I'm waffling over is Mini-David, my Migidoll Mir/latidoll hybrid. As I mentioned, I have issues leaving Alex alone in his doll-world, but Mini David is just not working for me. I don't like the Lati body and it is literally the only one in existence that will work with that head. I would have sold it already if he'd worked on either the Grando body (which has been sitting on my self headless since I got it) or the Iplehouse one would have worked, but I would need to mod more off the head for either of them, and they still aren't tall enough. The head is visually too big for everything else. I might see if I can get him on a Soulddoll Vito body (I have a friend who owns one)....but I think it will be too childish for that monster. It really needs to be a more masculine head.

My other option is to sell him as a full doll and just get a SD Vito and try to make it David.

Or just not own a Mini-David anymore (which is really looking to be my #1 choice). If Alex can't survive on his own.....I'll turn him into an extra in my Batman-verse. XD He can complain a lot and wear a mask or something.  If that doesn't work I'll work on mini-David version four. Ugh.

Well, tying all this out has kind of decided me on all fronts I think.  I have a lot of sales pictures to take this weekend. My shelf might finally be empty enough to move all my DC guys (and girl) so they can sit together instead of all over the place. Which will be nice.

EDIT: I tried adding a cut to this so it didn't appear so long....but as usual it didn't work. I don't know why mine never does - maybe because I use Safari on a Mac? A lot of internet won't work right for me because of that.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Dawn of Justice

Interrupting doll talk to throw some thoughts of Batman V Superman.

So who's watched the new trailer for Dawn of Justice? I've watched it a few times now and I'm a little.....worried? I dunno. On one hand, I feel like any movie that has Batman and Superman going at it is going to be great regardless of how bad it is. And also Batman.

On the other hand....

Well. Lets look at the actors for a second.

Henry Cavill.
What can be said? He's Superman. (though I wish they'd just give him contacts already. Superman's eyes are blue.)
I grew up with Christopher Reeves as the Man of Steel, and I will admit to owning, watching and loving all 10 seasons of Smallville, so if it's not Reeves it's got to be Welling....but Cavill does the job. He even looks a little like Welling in some shots so double yay!

Ben Afleck.
Um. Um. Well, it's tough for me to be biased here. I've pretty much hated him for years. I love Batman.


Seriously though I'm all about giving him a chance. Gone Girl was good. Lots of people like him. I love Batman. Batman can be anyone under that mask, so why not Ben Afleck? He didn't make me want to run screaming in the trailer, I actually liked him, I can give him a chance and I stopped hating him a while ago when I also stopped hating Vin Diesel because I now hate Channing Tatum and can only have one actor on my hate-list at a time. And it's Channing Tatum. Probably forever. HATE.

So Batfleck is a go. Hopefully.

He can't be worse than George Clooney or Val Kilmer. I mean that, he really can't. So by those standards he's already won. GO BATFLECK!!

Gal Gadot. No idea who she is, nor do I care. I was kind of disappointed by her promo shots, but in the trailer she looks kinda/more Wonder Womany, so yay. Honestly, I don't care. It's Wonder Woman.

As a woman, I probably set feminism back by saying this...but I like to watch men in tights hitting each other in superhero movies (and "professional" wrestling), and that's mostly why I read comics. I could care less about the girls. Unless they suck (Halle Berry I am looking at you). I don't really get the whole THERE ARE NO STRONG WOMEN IN COMICS thing. I grew up reading X-Men. Seriously, those women will kick your ass without thinking about it. Half the team was always women (after the original 5), and other than Psylocke they were mostly clothed most of the time. Now Marvel is turning all their heroes into woman and I am reading DC exclusively for the first time ever in my life.  :\

So yeah. Wonder Woman. Don't really care, as long as she doesn't suck.

Hey, speaking of suck.

Jessie Eisenberg.

What. The actual. Fuck.

Was that?

That was supposed to be Lex Luthor?

This is Lex Luthor

 This is Lex Luthor

This is Lex Luthor

This is Jim Carrey as the Riddler in Batman Forever. batman-superman-lex-luthor-jesse-eisenberg1-570x285

Wait, it isn't?! 
It's....Lex Luthor?? 
I swear my first thought seeing his performance in the trailer was "what is the riddler doing there I don't get it?!" then "OH WAT NO"

No. No. No.


Now, I've seen/read the ....rumor? Fact? Who knows for sure, that he's actually supposed to be Lex Luthor Jr., not Sr. Or....whatever not-Sr. is.

Ok. Maybe. But still no. Because Lex Luthor is one of the best villains ever (after Joker he's my most favorite, followed at a big distance by Venom and then Magneto and Catwoman....both of which I don't really count as villains), they should have him in the movie. 

Now, there are two ways this could maybe possibly be good. Or at least passible. 

Alexander Luthor Jr. was a character in some other DC earth (3 maybe?? who knows) who showed up in the regular earth and got killed by the Joker. Sooo if at the end of the movie we have Jared Leto show up and shoot him in the face, I'm cool with that. Goodbye Lex Jr.!! Annoy people in the afterlife!


Wasn't there a storyline, like a million years ago or so, were Lex Luthor II, Lex's son, was actually a clone of Lex with his brain so he was actually Lex Luthor I pretending to be his son?? But really himself? Because he died some kryptonite related death? That could work. He could act like a total annoying, loony, duchebag to throw off any possible suspicion that he might actually be the real deal and then at the end be all bald, megalomaniac Lex as he should be. Because that could be good. I really hope that's the case. Or I'll be watching the whole movie waiting for Jared Leto and his acid-spitting flower of doom to show up for some face shootage.

So there we go. I am trying, really trying not to hate Eisenberg as Lex but I think it's seriously going to depend on the story....and the rest of the movie....and if he meets a horrible death at the end. Because ugh.

I won't even touch on Doomsday....I can't decide if I even care that he's in it or not. Or, if you believe hopeful rumors, that it's not even him. It's just another big "we'll see". 

Good thing Star Wars comes out in a few weeks. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

More new dolls?

First, some Peter Venkman (Doctor).


He looks cute. He's evil.



After Buzz, Rocky and Gozer I finally have a "real" kitten. HE IS A HARBINGER OF DOOM! DOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMAH.

He's destructor cat. Even though that's actually Gozer's name. He ate my laptop cord and cost me $80! He's lucky he's so damn cute. He attacks everything and everyone. I am covered in claw marks, the dog and Gozer are afraid for their lives....he's a mess. He's also a clingy baby who wants to be held, carried around and asleep in a lap all the time. Good trade-off I guess XD


I have said a bunch of times now that I do not want anymore dolls this year (yeah I know the year is damn near over already), but every time I say that I end up with more. :/

Ringdoll K blew me out of the water when his promo photos were released, like no other doll since Alex. I'm still kind of sad I could only get his head, but I plan on getting him a body asap (next year) so I kind of count him as a full doll. Not sure how I'm going to handle him.....since he's not really a character of any kind, just scribbles in a sketchbook.

I have a LTF Pongpong on order after swearing I not only don't want any more YO sized dolls but want to get rid of some of the ones I have (two are up for sale and I am seriously thinking the third might have to go too - no more bunnies, only Boo)

And now I have a MNF Karsh also on the way as the result of a trade.


Another Karsh.

It's been a while so it's more than likely not too many people even know that this will be my third attempt at this doll. I have owned Karsh twice before and sold him both times. Both times he was an elf, a friend of Mocha's sort of worked into my pseudo-storyline that failed to get off the ground which is why Mocha has a new story in a new world. his name was Jen and he was a kinda-colorful, emo thing. I never did anything with him, but Karsh is easily my favorite Fairyland mold (which might be obvious since I scrambled to pay over $700 to get the SD version and do not regret.) so he sat around being cute until I hit this period of FL hate and sold off all my MNFs. Which I then bought again over the course of several years :\

My second Karsh looked exactly like the first and I don't think I took one photo of him, so I sold him off as well a couple years ago.

Fast forward to now. Or maybe a month or so ago.

I had recently gotten Bruce/Batman (IH Owen) and was kind of thinking I'd like to try one of the sidekicks. Dick Grayson and Tim Drake are my favorites, and I was trying to come up with a good mold for either of them. I dragged out my poor MNF Celine boy (who is still nameless) and stood him next to Bruce and found it good. He'd make a perfect Dick Grayson/Nightwing....were he not tan.

So I looked at all the MNFs and had a couple in mind that might work, but after looking at owner photos wasn't a fan of any of them. Except Karsh. I thought he would work, on the muscle body (which I hate) and his ears sanded down (which I hate). So a doll I've already owned twice with characteristics I'm not even a fan of was on my wishlist (the invisible one I keep in my head).

Then I got offered a Karsh on a muscle body with a broken ear in a trade.

Fate telling me I needed a new doll? Possibly! He'll be here Thursday assuming nothing happens in transit.

Since his cute little elf ear is already broken I will have less issue sanding them off (I really don't like sanding elf ears), and as this Karsh will be 110% different from my other ones I think he might last.

I don't know if I want to do Dick Grayson, Spiral spy(?) or Nightwing yet, so I'm going to have to figure that out. Visually Nightwing will be way more fun, but he'll have to have a mask painted on so I can't change my mind. Maybe I need two heads! Cause that works all the time.

Now for Pong. My newest DC related doll group isn't my fault, or even mine really. My roommate got ahold of my Lil' Batman graphic novels and decided she wanted to turn all her YO sized dolls into Chibi versions of the characters. She actually ended up doing the Justice League (currently she has Green Arrow, Black Canary and Harley Quinn, with Superman and Wonderwoman up next) and left me with Batman (because Batman) and the Joker (also because Batman). I was only kind of playing at doing it because I can't change any of my surviving YOs, and then I sold two dolls in one day and could suddenly afford Pongpong, who was my #1 choice for Chibi Joker.

Sadly this meant Chibi Bilbo was sacrificed. He's so cute, I have plans to remake him, but for now....he's Batman.

Chibi Bats-2

 and he is the Night.


He still needs work, but what a fabulous start! I'll probably stop with the two of them, though I'd really love Catwoman, but I have yet to get Catwoman in any size, so we'll see how that turns out. Batman is technically on a girl body, so I'd love to get a LTF boy in a trade and switch them. BUT again, we'll see if it actually happens.