Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy? November!

And it's November.

Where did the year go?

I'm still alive (barely) though it's been a crap couple of months. I miss this blog though, and all of the blogs I read, and the people who write them, and I really want and need to get back into writing. Since it's November and my creativity seems to have suffered a horrible death, instead of doing Nanowrimo, I thought I might try to bring this thing back to life.

And I really have a lot of doll news.

First, my life.
Long story short, stuff happened. My car broke down, my cat died, other stuff that sucks and some stuff that didn't. My poor baby Rocky got very sick very fast and there was nothing that could be done. It was like, three days. He was 18 and a half and I was really not ready to let him go. I will miss him forever. And I could seriously go on about him forever, but I won't, it's depressing.

In order not be depressed forever I adopted a new kitten: Doctor Peter Venkman (because my other cat is Gozer the Destructor). He's a little ball of fluffy insanity and I'm so happy to have him. He made Gozer look like the most laid-back kitten in the world however - he's got to be watched and played with and loved pretty much all the time and I'm a little afraid to doll around him lol. My other cats never bothered the dolls, and so far he's pretty much the same...but he's really unpredictable. And he attacks everything.

This is Petey.

He's a little older now, and slightly bigger, but still this cute. Today is his third week with me.

Wow. I need to update the hell out of my profile. I have sold a lot, put more up for sale, had a few acquisitions and am waiting on two heads. My DC comic group is slowly taking over, they're more fun for me right now than my own characters, and seem to be eating up several of my other dolls at this point.

My Unoa B-El, formerly Clover is now the Riddler full time.
Isis, my Dollmore Judith who's body was sacrificed to Harley Quinn is going to be Catwoman if I can ever find another Judith body for her (Harley gets the current one. It's hers now)
The Unoa Chibi - Mini Kimi - is probably going to turn into a boy and be Robin.
My Hound just lost his body....long story.

I actually did something I've sworn a million times I wouldn't do and bought another Iplehouse doll. I got tired of looking for an Owen head and I also became paranoid that none of the hybrids I had planned would I just ordered the full doll. He's been here for weeks now and I was very pleasantly surprised by him. He's not a perfect poser by any means. He's got the horrible hidden double-joints I hated on the EID body, and the same crappy ankles, but on the smaller scale it's so much easier to deal with! He stood right out of the box, sits nicely and slouches, so I'm pretty happy with him.

He's going to make a great Batman! :D


I actually managed to get that OE Dollzone Carter head for Joker, so now he's got two heads. 
His normal self

purple pants 

 and the "Battle-Damaged" version. Batman, why you so mean?

  Battle-damaged Joker4 

 this was... A lot of fun. And it led to all sorts of bad. I kept thinking that all this ouch would look so much better on an SD sized head. This is not the first time an SD sized Joker has occurred to me. Way back in the day when I saw IOS Jaguar I thought he'd be a great Joker. We discussed it in the comic thread of DOA - Ringdoll Norman Dark Side was also mentioned as a good head. This was the first time I thought about it seriously though.....and I found a Jaguar head on DOA. I clung to denial and didn't buy it, but I found Ringdoll Dark Norman on eBay.....and things just tumbled downhill. I went on and bought Jaguar (he's on the way), and bid on Norman, and actually won (I never win eBay auctions) SO I essentially have two SD Joker heads. Norman has been here a few days and is on the Hound body (he's NS and my Hound is WS lol) and I'm hoping Jaguar arrives this week. 

I was planning on figuring out which I liked best and using that one. And to be fair, having different versions is rarely actually my idea. My mom suggested it this time....she liked both heads. So do I. Norman is phenomenal, and Jaguar is a head I've always wanted. I need a bunch of 70 cm bodies anyway. I just bought Ringdoll K's head too. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with him, I just really love the mold. And there's more but he's a whole entry himself. 

So that's a rundown of what I've been doing.  I may go into more detail about some of it in later entries. Norman is an amazing mold, I can't wait to get him together, and when all the rest of my stuff on order gets here my DC group needs a group pic. Thanks to the efforts of my roommate, they look amazing. 

I really hope everyone out there has had a better couple months than I have! I'm over this year lol. I am ready for 2016 already. Incidentally I should get an additional week of vacation as I will have my (omfg) 15 year anniversary at work. OMFG.

Happy November! If anyone is doing a real Nano, I'd love to know and live vicariously through you!!


  1. OMG *glops* I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR DC group I have been secretly stalking your blog for a little while...and had to comment. I am/was thinking of attempting Nano but probably won't esp since I am off to such a great start of nothing...
    But I am feeling better about my dolls or at least three of them! So I am back in the hobby trying to get my Saint Settled, and selling pretty much everyone else but Carter (of course!) and gonna keep the little girl you painted for me Nel who might be getting a name change....*squinty eyes*

    1. OMG *glomps back* I am so happy to see/hear from you!!!!!
      Lol I could be your cheerleading section - GO YOU YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! IT'S ONLY THE 3RD! But on the other hand, I totally feel you. I'm usually so excited for Nano but I'm totally not in the mindspace this year at all. We could fail together. Which is horrible, I should be supportive. I could support not doing it. Yep.

      I'm so happy you are in a good place with your dolls. I would miss you and Carter if you went away forever. I hope I see you around somewhere! I am fail right now with DA, I haven't even logged on in MONTHS. It's horrible. DOA is pretty much the only place I've been. Maybe December I'll try to get DA back together XD

      *more hugs*

    2. I appreciate the anti-nano support makes me feel better so know somoene else is MEH about it too. I am going doll crazy honestly right now I am so excited to be back into it that I am like on DoA everyday just stalking stuff cause I have nothing to say and a lot of these dolls are new to me it is kind of like being brand new but only worse cause I am not so now some questions might make me look/sound stupid....

      ALSO Just as an FYI I found a website you have probably seen called 6dollarshirts and they have carter's Meh Shirt for yep 6 dollars through xl and then max price is 9 for i think i xxxl they are cute shirts good quality I have one LOL also have a tea rex shirt.

      *squishes again*

    3. Oh Alex needs a MEH shirt!! Only thing is I don't need to buy anymore lol I have a Cricut now. I can do all the things. All of them. Like this. my favorite shirt of his now. I want one XD
      I feel fail since I didn't do MEH. Actually FAIL would be a good shirt for him too....

      Anti-Nanos UNITE!! I'm all about it. Who needs to be productive anyway. I have a kitten, he's totally a distraction and anti-productive anyway. And I'm too covered in scratches to do anything.
      Being new again sounds fun though, I sometimes wish I had that new feeling again. I doubt there is much you have to ask that would make you seem stupid!! Ask me, if I know I'll answer and be nice about it! Big IF lol
      Are you finding new dolls you want or is it just general OMGDOLL excitement?


    4. Love your new kitty, sooo cute and fluffy. I have never had a cat but wanted one so bad I can remember as a kid going to this farm to buy produce with my family and they always had a million kittens around and I would chase them until I caught one and then just carry it around like I was taking it home...

      Awesome shirts sooo cool you can do all the things LOL a Fail shirt would be so cool.

      I don't have time for anything when I am not at work anymore. I am applying for grad school, trying to get to the gym sometimes which lord knows i need *emo face* but I am working on cosplay for myself my friend and my oldest niece and nephew now which is getting overwhelming. I have almost all the new clothes for my Saint but I haven't even thought about dressing I think I might wait until I get his new head back from face up and do it all at once...*shrug* Just hoping he is gone by my big con on January cause I really wanna take him to that...

      Mostly I am googling a lot of things, especially dolls that are casually you and your two face doll head that would be perfect...looked that up and WOW that would be perfect LOL. I am not really looking at new dolls I came back with this plan to really just get my dolls tight and then see if anything grabs me. I think my Saint kind of did me in he was my grail for some long and even though I have one he is still the grail doll and now it is like....WHAT NOW...for it is general OMGDOLL excitement but slightly tempered down. I might snag another ds body and using it for either by SA saint or keeping the rosen or the van head...who knows LOL it is just OMG the possibilities!!

      So what eyes are you loving right now? Like what are some good companies to look at?

    5. Hmmmmm eyes.....I got really into urethane eyes thanks to buying them at various conventions. I really love Oscar eyes ( with the crystals and glitter), and I have some Makos I really like, and some Enchanted eyes. Enchanted eyes are kinda pricey, but Makos and Oscar are a good price IMO. there's also this place on eBay I like that sells eyes with smaller irises - great for a more realistic look. And this place on Etsy has nice eyes and this one for fantasy-esque eyes though I swear, she's always on break.

      Well there is plenty of time for new dolls if that's what you want to do! Or not - your grail doll could totally be enough! Though seriously - googling, bad. I usually end up with all sorts of stuff I might not have actually bought but it comes up in a search and I'm all "oh I could do THIS" and then I have no choice but to do it. lol I get really excited about new ideas. And it sounds like you're busy! What cosplays are you working on?

    6. arg. I just realized they didn't link.... :PPPPP

    7. LOL they linked in my e-mail which works LOL Thanks for the recommendations! Googling is bad, but so much fun. Shopping is also bad bad bad. I getting so many packages I feel guilty and have just been squirreling some stuff away to open later when I have no packages because not it is kind of embarrassing...PLUS I need more things LOL. I think I have two new wigs picked out for my new/old saint and want to order though plus I found a wig I might want to try for Carter who is SO NEGLECTED. And I still need to order a few dress shirts for my saint and maybe some just keeps adding up! This hobby is so expensive I forgot how it snowballs...I am in deep again so quickly!

      But last night the new saint head arrived and I was so excited I couldn't sleep shopping for wigs. Now I have eyes to look at <3<3

    8. Oh good! I'm glad they worked and you can go look at eyes! I've been really trying to upgrade most of my dolls into really nice eyes lately. I got so spoiled with my first few pairs of urethanes, and even some glass that are looking so amazing now. Wigs are killing me....but mostly because I have to make a lot of them now. Other than faux fur, they're time consuming and messy and expensive.

      LOL I go through phases like that! Where I just seem to order so much, and then nothing for a long time. I can't hide things from myself though. I tear into them right away XD


  2. I am still so sad about your cat. But the new one looks quite feisty and incredibly cute. Just look at that expression. And I keep meaning to tell you that I love the names you give to your cats.

    I was going to do Nano this year but I got sick and am still not 100% so am really not feeling it. Which is a shame. I had a great idea for Nano too.

    Sounds like it's been a busy doll time for you. Congrats on the new additions and I am so curious to see Owen as Batman. Joker is looking as evil as ever.

    1. I'm sorry to hear you're sick! :( How crappy. I hope you feel better. When it gets down to it, November is a terrible month for something like Nano. It's busy and too close to the end of the year and seasonal changes and all sorts of bad. Though really I can't think of a better month....I had two ideas I would have liked to mess with. I just can't.

      Thank you. I miss him so much and sort of think getting another cat so soon was not the best idea....but I can't regret Peter. He's just the best thing ever. True, my hands are tore up, my legs are a mess and he keeps me up all night attacking me and Gozer....but he's so perfect! I can't look at him and be sad. Which was the idea.