Monday, August 17, 2015

Bodies, bodies everywhere.

So one of the main reasons I put a crap-ton of my dolls\parts up for sale was to make some room and thin out the herd, so to speak. But I also seem to need a bunch of bodies for heads and dolls that just needed an upgrade.

EDIT: Ooh I'm so excited - Wyn's body shipped, Kirks head just shipped!! I hope Kirk works. I have an outfit planned for him already so I need to get him a body. *crosses fingers*

A quick rundown of who needs a body:

Spock (Minimee)
Kirk (ok, he needs a head too. Still.)
Anna (FL F60 Sionna)
Gabriel (Supia Ariel)
Final Alex head (used to be 2.5)

Sage - I'd like to get her a new body, then give her F60 Moe back to Anna
Wyn - Sold his body, he needs a new one
Mini David - Bought him one already since Granado had a two day sale and I had no choice.

I think that's it. Seriously I need so many bodies D:

Mini David - Migidoll Mir - has been on a Lati Blue body, but I've decided I hate it. I spent a lot of time looking for something as tall...and i've decided it just doesn't exist. Something that is close was the Granado body however, and it looks really nice. They opened up for a very short time to sell parts, so I had to buy it then. So Mini David actually has his body on the way.

I sold Wyn's body last week and thanks to all the sales I've had, I have enough to get to get him a new one. I've been set on Dollstown, but I was unsure of which one. My choices were the DT 15yr boy, 13yr girl and 15yr girl, since all three are up for sale on the MP right now. After freaking out about it all day, I decided the 15yr is the way to go and pmed that person - sadly I'll have to get the whole doll and I don't need the head....but it's not like the 15yr girl is readily available, so I don't have much choice. I'm really hoping this works out. Wyn has been due some fixing up for years. It would be nice to have him perfect for a change.

Sage or Gabriel will probably be next on the list. I'd really like to have Sage taller and slimmer, and Gabriel has never had a body, so it would be nice to get her moving. Kirk needs to ship so I can see if he will work out before I think about bodies for him and Spock.

I probably won't be selling Mini David's Lati body. I have....tentative plans for it, even though I hate it. We'll see if they pan out.

Which brings me too


Carter probably has not been recast...but just in case.

Also, I really would like to buy a few Iplehouse JID heads: all in NS - Owen for sure
others I'm interested in are Daniel, colin, edwin or Asa, I, Amy, Cecile, Sierra

If you know anyone who is selling any of these, please direct them toward me! Or the other way around! Especially Carter-1. I'm dying to have another head for Joker.

Also also, what do you guys think about back drops? I've been looking at them on Ebay but I'm unsure about actually pulling the trigger...which is silly, I should just do it.


  1. Fingers crossed you get all the bodies you need. I used to have a few floating heads myself but I ended up moving a lot of them on and only have two now (DZ Cosmo - who sometimes gets to take the AOD body for a ride and AOD Qian who used to be on her own body but I always hated the resin mismatch as I got her head two years after her body and her body had yellowed but ended up being perfect for my Delf Chiwoo head.)

    Oooh, what bodies were you thinking of hybriding the Iplehouse heads on if you end up being able to get them? Sometimes, Iplehouse have head only sales but they do that only once a year I think and it's more towards the early part of the year. That's how I got mine when I bought her (Asa). You just have to pretty much check their site constantly because it's quite random when they decide to have one of those (head or body only sales).

    It's a shame we have to stipulate No Recasts these days. They really are ruining the hobby. I miss the days when you could buy from the MP without fearing you might be getting a recast. It's another reason I tend not to buy second-hand anymore unless I know the person and know they don't own recasts.

    Not only do I have to deal with that in the bjd hobby but in the figure collecting hobby too because of the bootlegs.

    Oh I've been procrastinating on backdrops too. I have seen several people use them though and I think they look quite good. Maybe start with just one and see if you like it.

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty happy I at least have one (two I guess, technically) coming already! Gotta sell more stuff before I can get here's hoping!

      What's funny is that eBay just sent me a notice that some of the backdrops I was looking at are on sale now! I should really just buy one.

      It really is sad and I completely think they're ruining the hobby. The trust we used to have buying second-hand from one another is just gone. Iplehouse had to jump through hoops to copyright their molds (I doubt it'll help, but at least they're trying)....their ruining small artists by stealing their stuff. It's sick. This is the first time I've put a real WTB out for a head anywhere other than DOA, which is why I added that on there. Just in case, because you never know.

      Yeah I've heard of their random head sales - I'm hoping someone will take pity on me and I'll be able to get one second hand before buying from IH - not that I have issues with them personally, every time I have bought from them it's been a great experience - but I have no idea when they'll go on sale and I don't want to wait if I don't have too XD
      I kind of have three bodies I'll be trying them on. I am looking at Mini David's Lati body for Owen, since it's taller than a JID body and Owen looks too big for it anyway. I'm also hoping they might fit the Granado body I have coming and maybe the Dollmore Fashion body which is slim but big enough for a regular mini head. All but the lati will have to share....but I'm going to give it a shot anyway!

    2. Well if you decide to get the backdrops, I'd love to hear your thoughts on them. I'm still dragging my feet on that.

      I agree with you. If the recast situation keeps getting worse, I fear for the future of this hobby. I can foresee some companies having to close their doors because of recasts. And the strange thing is, a lot of these people who buy recasts seem to be under the misconception that the bjd companies are big corporations, which they are not, at all.

      I am super excited to see your IH hybrid if you are able to get one. I have my fingers crossed and will keep an eye out for any heads on sale. I love IH head sculpts a lot but it was their JID bodies I had an issue with so if you are able to do a successful hybrid, maybe I'll be able to own an IH sculpt again one day.

    3. I ended up ordering one today - I got a 1\3 that I think-hope will be ambiguous enough to work for 1\4s too, because I could use it for all my dolls really. We'll see! I'm excited. There was at least one other one I'd like, and that was only one person selling them. I think there are other ones too.

      I do think that's the biggest problem too! They treat these companies like they're Walmart. They are so not Walmart. I'm so tired of all the excuses. It's sick.

      Me too! If I can get a head lol. So far, zippo. Not one offer. Not on the Carter either.....I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but not too hopeful right now.

      I've only had the EID size but that was enough to put me off of IH bodies for good. I bought a BID for my best friend, and there's really nothing wrong with her, so I had hope that if I needed to end up with an IH JID body it wouldn't be awful...but seriously not too many people think it's a good body. And at least one I saw still had hidden joints, which I hate. So until they quit that I don't want one.

      Even still, they're about the only muscular option out it might happen regardless.

  2. I hope you can manage to find your Carter! Out of curiosity, is it quite common for people to offer up recasts if you are asking for a doll? I would have never even considered that that was something people would do unless you had openly expressed that you were recast friendly. I just assumed they'd only offer legit ones. Kind of a scary thought actually.

    I wish you luck in managing to find all the bodies you wan too! That's quite the list! And I hope the one you did manage to get works out well!

    1. omg this thing just ate my post....

    2. arg. I had a huge post typed out...and it just disappeared!!! I hate that.

      Anyway, to answer the question, no, I've never been offered a recast when looking for dolls. That I know of. As far as I can tell, people are still getting scammed. And some of them are people who should and would know better. So I have the paranoia when shopping outside DOA - which I still trust enough not to worry about it. And I can look those people up rather easily. But this is my first time actively shopping on Flickr so I figured I'd spell it out for everyone.

      Thanks! I am hoping all the hybrids work out. *fingers crossed*

    3. Ooh okay. That makes sense! I've never actually looked for a doll anywhere but DoA (though I have bought a few from ebay at various points) but I'd be worried about that too with some of the stories I've heard.