Wednesday, November 11, 2015

DC Villains Unite! And Batman.

I have literally been preparing for the Superhero themed meet for months. I wanted all my Mini DC Villains and Batman to be as ready as possible, because if not for that meet, when? With both myself and my roommate working pretty much non-stop Saturday, we did it. The meet was Sunday and it went fantastically!! Several people dressed their dolls up, which was awesome. Mine are the only ones who are "full-timers", but before them I still had Gambit and Jean, so I was always ready for this meet lol.

Here is the whole (Mini) group!

superhero meeet

Poison Ivy isn't mine, she's my Roommate's Unoa Lusis (I did the faceup on the winking plate as Ivy). Their props nearly did me in. I had to paint Joker's cane (it's the Tonner Joker's cane, which for some reason was green), make Batman's utility belt (it's not great), and Harley's Mallet. The hardest of all was Riddler's stupid staff, which has been done for awhile but keeps breaking. No glue holds this thing together, I swear. It broke when I got there, and after the host of the meet glued it back together, it broke when I was packing up! Ugh.

Also present was Giant Joker v1 and his new Harley.

superhero meeet-9

Don't even get me started on how much I love them. She might end up with Version Two (Jaguar) because she's very stylized and while he is too, not quite as much as her...but for now they make a great non-couple!

His cane I made from "scratch". I mutilated a BTAS Joker by pulling off his head and gluing it too a dowel rod XDD I seriously feel guilt for destroying an action figure, even one I already own. My other Joker action figures are now living in fear....but not too much fear. They're all safe. 

I managed to grab a few decent pics of them in front of the backdrop I bought with all these DC guys (and girls) in mind after I got home from the meet.

 There's that cane....#actionfiguredeath

She stole Alex's wig. And then ruined it by coloring it. I don't think he'll be happy.
She also got a pair of his old eyes. Eep.

Big Harley is kind a trashier version, mixing the New 52 and movie versions, since Mini Harley is more classic, pre-new 52. She's also a boy mold, with zero expression at all. I had to draw that smile on her so she'd be more Harley-ish. This is the head if anyone is interested. So anyway she's the reason I'm now broke as I bought two dolls pretty much back to back. Technically I bought an IH Amy, which will go to my roommate since it's what she wanted anyway....but still. Lots of my $$ sliding out of my hands. I think she's worth it. Especially since I don't have a girl who looks like this....with the exception of Isis all my girls are short and a little stocky or proportioned different. Even Isis has small boobs. I totally needed a busty, slender, tall girl. Well, taller. She's tiny next to him. Which is how it should be, he's pretty tall.


As much as I adore them, the most important thing that happened was of course



As I thought, Owen makes a fantastic Batman. He's perfect, the only complaint I could have is that I still think his head is large in comparison to his shoulders....but that's on IH not me. I have to figure out a better way to make the belt, and probably his gloves too, but for now I'm very happy with him. And totally intimidated because I had been thinking of all kinds of photoshoots I wanted to do and now he's ready and I actually have to do some!

Gambit and Jean also went to the meet (thanks to me and one other BJD owner DC characters outnumbered the Marvel characters a lot to two XD) and Gambit got to try out the glowing eyes I've had for a year and never used....but their unruly hair really drove me nuts. I need to do better with real wigs.

superhero meeet-4

Jean's tattoos are chipping, which makes me so mad. But they were fairly easy to do, and I can probably fix the one on her back, but the one on her shoulder will have to come off and get redone someday. I'm going to add her to my list of nine million things my dolls need done.

Speaking of, my IOS Jaguar head showed up Monday. 


I'm totally in love with it (I knew I would be), but he presents a new problem I didn't really see coming. He fits on the Dollshe body even worse than the RD Norman head does. :P

I was planning on modding the neck of the body a little to get Norman to fit better (which is why I bought a new body for my Hound), so I figure I'll wait until I've got that done and try him on it again to see if modding will even make a difference. From the front it looks great. Amazing. It's just what I'd want. From the side it's horribly gappy and any movement makes it worse. Mods would be a must, I just don't know how much. So at least I don't have to spring for a body just yet. Especially since I have already bought two dolls this week. Yes. This week.

Regardless I've been thinking of what I want for him....I was really into the idea of the Dollshe Rhythmos body (which I swear I spell differently every time I type it), because it has the same shape as the other two, but no details, so I think it would be great for this stylized guy. But after hearing how badly the thing poses, I'm not sure I want to deal with that.

My #1 of all time choice would be Doll Chateau Adult....but not only will he not match at all, but that will cost me a fortune and be a good 9 month wait I do not want.

Dollmore Model would be perfect, if they sold their bodies in WS. WS being so limited I'd never find one and probably end up paying more for it than the DC body. Plus even yellowed it would be whiter than this head, which is pinkish.

So that's where I am. With all of these WS Dollshe bodies floating around I really want to get something for Spock, but until I decide what I'm doing with Kirk, they get to wait. I've been tempted to try and get a Dollstown 18 for Benedict, give the Dollmore body to Kirk and buy Dollshe for Spock. But that's a lot of money lol. I need to make sure everyone will fit on everything first.

This entry has gotten way long, so I should probably stop now :P
Have a great day!!


  1. Oh gosh, your DC crew look amazing! Well done on the Batman belt, I think it looks awesome, Harlequin's hammer is amazing and that cane, wow, to both canes actually. Shame Riddler's cane kept breaking. Can you redo it with maybe Balsa wood or thin ply to prevent the constant breakage?

    I love Big Joker and Big Harley, I never would have imagined Big Harley's head was that. It looks so different with the face up you've put on her.

    So Gambit's eyes really glow? That looks pretty amazing.

    The Jaguar head is pretty neat. Is that WS? I wouldn't have thought that. As soon as I saw that blank photo I instantly thought of Grell from Black Butler. He'd make a perfect Grell. I'd love to make Sebastian from Black Butler - had been debating about turning my Popodoll into him at one point. But I'd have to get another head for the body as the one I have on there right now is painted by FaabuulaRasa and is incredible gorgeous and I would not want to have that wiped ever.

    I know I already suggested the Sadol Star 70 to you in my other comment and I just went to check that page and it looks like it's available in WS too.

    1. Thank you for pointing me to the Sadol body! it's really nice! I love the look, it's just what I want! If only it was slightly less expensive lol But maybe next year. I can't do anymore dolls this year unless stuff sells. I feel like I bought too much in the last couple weeks. I might have to give him the "new" Dollshe body I just got. WE'll see how I feel about it. It's a little smaller than the Pure one, and Jaguar fits it better. Still would need some mods IMO, but it looks ok. I just spent an hour restringing it *dies* and I'm about to suede it...then I'll leave the head on it a few days and see how I feel. Regardless I'll need yet another body for the Hounds then

      Thank you!! Riddler's cane is this thing I made out of two wooden letters and a dowel rod...I cut the letters apart and glued them back together, then glued them to the dowel. The letters stuck, but they won't stay on the dowel! I have no idea why it won't stick....It's not top heavy, the letters way nothing. I think it's just not real wood, so the glue absorbs or something. It drives me nuts. I might just have to start from scratch with some other materials.

      Gambit's eyes light up - there's a battery in his head lol. they're LEDs - I bought them at Dollism last year - for him - and only just used them this one time! They worked great though.

      Yeah, that's the IOS WS. It's about the same as RD NS XD
      I think all their dolls are inspired by Black Butler. They have an 80cm monster named Lacrimosa that looks just like Sebastian IMO. AND they actually make licensed characters. They've done Ciel already, just released a Sebastian and supposedly have plans for more. I just want Chaos - he's discontinued tho :P
      Lol not wanting to redo faceups is how I end up with extra heads all the time! Beware!!