Thursday, November 19, 2015

In Which VampireAngel13 Creates the Frankendolls.

So. My Hound on the Classic (re-release) Dollshe body arrived on Monday.

I was very excited about this, as in my head, I was still kind of planning to use one of these bodies for the IOS Jaguar head, the other for the RD Norman, and my Hound would get boxed up until sometime in the future when I would buy yet another DS body and all would be well.

Yeah, that didn't exactly happen.

Immediately after pulling him out of the box I knew he was smaller than the Pure Hound (who was at the time, not a Hound at all but a Ringdoll Norman Dark I call Joker). It was like holding my third Kara Klum - I knew just from touching him the body was smaller. Standing them next to one another confirmed this - the Classic body is much smaller/shorter than the Pure. I had sworn I'd seen photos of the Classic and pure together and they were the same, so that much have been the Old version - mine is the new....probably made from a cast of the old one, since I thought the original molds were destroyed or damaged or something. Who knows. Regardless, the size difference kind of threw me.

Size or no size I was going to keep this thing so I pulled him apart and restrung him a bunch of times until I had it right (because unlike most dolls, Dollshe has to be speshul and not use s-hooks) before doing a little head-swaping.

I put the IOS Jaguar on the Classic body and was surprised to find that it actually fit the neck the body is not only more slender and shorter, the neck is thinner as well! Good for those of us who have to mod, but....looking at the overall proportions of this head on the Classic body, it would never work. The Jaguar head is too big. His features are huge, making him seem bobble-headed even though he's not much different from the Hound heads.

Off with his head, and back on the Pure. I put the Ringdoll head on the classic thinking that if the neck was smaller he'd fit better on it.

I was right.

No neck mods needed!
Movement is better, and it looks nicer.

RD DS classic 

This was...a little disappointing, and I can't say why exactly. I liked him better on the Pure body - it was taller and better posing - both pluses - though I like the shoulders way better on the classic, and really, Joker can be that's fine. It was just something I wasn't crazy about.

Side by side with the IOS Jaguar on the Pure



So here are my problems with these guys.

I like the torso and arms of the Classic body a lot. I can deal with the bottom break popping out - I hate that on dolls, but it's not horrible on him. The shoulders fit the chest better and it looks good.

The joints on the Pure body are a million times better. They lock in place, are easy to get out and he's a rock sitting or standing. The Classic joints are ok, but nowhere near the Pure.

And I like the legs better on the Pure. The ankles are more slender, the feet are nicer and they're longer. And you know how I love long legs. *coughDollmorecough* Plus better knees.

What I'm sayin'

DS Pure-Classic Feet

Left is Pure, right is Classic.

Also, I had to concede that the Jaguar head is not fitting on either of these bodies. It's just not going to happen. To much modding, and I still think he's too big, even for the larger Pure body.

IOS Jaguar-Dollshe

Atrocious fit is atrocious. 

No big. Hound could have his original body back, Joker would get the Classic and I would just have to deal with him being shorter and thinner and less awesome-posing. Boo. But dressed he still looked fabulous, so it was ok. 

Except...when looking at them side by side, I noticed a small problem. 

"Hound" (who's name is actually Israfel, and who was still Jaguar) had Joker's hands. Which sucked because A. Joker needs Joker's hands and I would have to wipe them and redo them on the classic unless I switched, but Dollshe hands are strung on not hooked, and B. I had already restrung that stupid body four times. Four. Times. In one evening. 

Restringing a fifth and sixth (because I'd have to do both) time didn't seem as bad as wiping and redoing, and the hand sculpt didn't change - they're identical, so I resigned myself to pulling them apart again.

Then I got my brilliant idea. Which was to switch their legs. Because that's sane. But hey, I was restringing anyway, why not go all the way?!??! WOOHOO *unstrings dolls*

This is when I realized that Dollshe doesn't really mark their once I had them all over and mixed up it was really really really hard to tell them apart. And since I didn't bother to be smart and keep them separate, not only from left and right on each body...but from the Pure to the Classic (I tried, I did. I just failed)....and despite the fact that one looks yellower in photos, they're actually the exact same color and almost impossible to tell apart. Yeah. Oops. 

So this took way longer than it should have. Plus I had "help" from both cats. Kitten help is really the anti-help, just so you know.

However I found s-hooks for the hands. Big plus. And

Success!! Leg swap!

DSPure-Classic legswitch1

You may wonder what the point of all this was. Well I'm not really sure. Other than the fact that Joker now has the better legs. And seems more proportionate to me - but again, I love long legs so that could be why.

And they are the same height now. Which bothered me a lot and I don't know why. I like it better this way.

Joker be like "Screw this shit. I want out. To do bad things. Bad, bad, stabby things."

DSPure-Classic legswitch2

The closer they get to the left wall, the yellower they seem. You might have noticed it was the Pure body that looked yellower in the first batch XD

Thus ends my crazy frankendoll episode. As far as posing goes, I don't see a difference at all even though I think the Pure legs are a little thicker in the ball area. They still fit, and he obviously stands fine, and has no problem sitting. They are both strung well (though really they could both use new arm string. too bad I have none) and I'm happy with them. Much happier.

Joker is back in his one outfit (his pants fit better now that he no longer has that giant Pure body ass. Thank god, that thing is a pain. Wait, I still own it. Dammit!), and Israfel is naked because he has a large wardrobe I have to sift through before dressing him. And he needs a new faceup since I wiped his old head and this is the faceup that came with this one. It's a good faceup, but, no.

Since this actually took me two days to do, I also did this in between


Shinies in the bg for something different! I have a lot of shinies in my office for some reason. This was when he was on the unfrankened Classic body. He's a good cm taller now. Not that you could ever tell from this photo.

I really love this guy. I just wish I could have gotten the other one off the ground too, but I would really rather wait until I have a better idea of what he'll fit. Or I'm suddenly rich and can afford all the bodies. At least Israfel is a doll again! So he can go back to never being photographed. Poor guy. lol


  1. I was going to suggest mixing the parts between the two bodies but looks like you already did that! I would assume the parts are interchangeable?

    I did feel a little for the poor Jaguar head. It looked like he was hanging on there by sheer will alone. How many bodies do they have? The only one I am aware of is the Rhythmos and the Pure. I had heard there was the older body before the Pure replaced it ...hmm, I don't know. Companies have so many versions of bodies, I get a bit confused sometimes by it all. But I have to say, Dollshe necks are really thick.

    Love that last photo of Joker. I thought you had Christmas decorations up already until you mentioned it was taken in your office.

    1. Hopefully I can answer this today - I was in the middle of writing yesterday and got some bad news :P Take 2!

      The parts seem to fit perfectly! I do think the Pure legs are a little bigger, but both bodies work with them switched, so I'm not going to worry about it. And to look at them I don't see it. Maybe it's the sockets that are different.

      Lol I have no idea what I'm going to do with that Jaguar head! He fits nothing. He's a little better on the Dollmore Glamor Model body with the shoulder span of like, 16cm, but the body is too big. If I could buy a WS Model body that would be ideal - there is one LE for an insane amount of money...and I'm actually considering him :P

      Dollshe has so many bodies....I don't even know all of them. The Old/Classic, Pure and Rhythmos should be about the same size. then they have two bigger ones that are made of a million joints (35 and 32??). THEN there are all the ones for the newer heads I don't pay attention to (because I like Hound, Husky and Bermann and that's really it). And their necks are thick! And long! It's hard to get a head that looks good on that body, I'm happy the RD head does.

      lol I don't know why I have so many sparkly things in my office. But no Christmas yet, not until after this week anyway. Then there might be more photos, because for some reason he reminds me of Christmas.

  2. I was also about to suggest doing some crazy body part swapping but you beat me to it! I'm glad that worked out well! I enjoy doing things like that! And I'm glad that fixed the height issue. Weird little things like that can be so bothersome.

    Also it's exciting to see you back! I've missed a basquillion posts apparently. Sorry for that! Been on a wild hunt for a better job and it's somewhat consumed me.

    Your Joker looks fantastic! I'd ask what mold he is but that's likely been mentioned in one of the posts I need to catch up on so I'll go do some research there and see what I can dig up!

    1. Hey, you're alive! Yay!
      Yeah I don't know why I got all bent out of shape over their heights. It's not like those two dolls will ever be near each other again. They don't even sit next to each other on the shelf. I think maybe because I was expecting them to be the same size and they weren't. Who knows. The leg switch (though a pain) worked nicely tho.

      Ugh, job hunt. How did it go?? I can see how that would be all-consuming. Good luck.
      And I fell off the face of the earth for a while, so I doubt you missed much. I am using November as my month to get back on track so I've posted a lot in the last couple weeks.

      And thank you! I love him to death. He's the only doll I want to touch right now. It's a Ringdoll Norman Dark head I was lucky enough to snag second-hand. Right when I was actually looking for one. I don't think I've ever been so lucky.

  3. hahahaha love this, Love love love your Joker! I also loved your impressions of the new classic versus the pure body. I have a pure saint, and I now have a light tan hound on a new classic body and I was literally just at work thinking....Oh crap is the classic body taller....then I thought Oh thats right she made a post about swapping legs but one was taller in the beginning let me check!!!!

    So thanks!

    1. OMG I hope your holidays were better than mine!! Sorry I took so long to get back to you, but it's just been uber stressful here the last couple weeks.

      Ha ha I'm glad my crazy could help someone!! There are so many DS bodies, and I really feel like there isn't enough info about them. I'd still like a couple more believe it or not, but I don't know if I like my other heads on them. Maybe for K if the DM body I want doesn't work out....I really hope it does.

      I heard the New Classic was cast from an old classic, which would explain it's smallness. I don't think it's even 70cm now, which for me, was totally unexpected.