Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Joker got BIG


He turned out pretty damn fabulous. 

So it's a good thing I was already planning on keeping both RD Norman Dark and IOS Jaguar, because trying to choose may be hard. This head is freaking amazing.


He's being Arkham Origins Joker, since the clothes are similar. And it's all I have lol

I don't know what it is about me and redoing characters over and over in dolls. It's like an addiction...His faceup is so much fun I seriously can't wait for the other head to get here so I can do it again on a different sculpt. I guess he can hang out with the many many Alex's. I've already been asked if I'm planning on doing Harley, and I'm not. I'm kind of wishing I could do a big Batman, and maybe Catwoman...and for sure if I can get that l'Armoire de DanDan Harlan Gore head there will be a Two-Face. The only reason I am considering Catwoman is because I can get a body easily enough in SD size....head might be tough, but I bet (sadly) I've got one somewhere I can use. Regardless, Harlan isn't available anymore, and I am not buying anymore full dolls this year.....so Catwoman is the only one who might happen. Maybe. EDIT: I should never say never about anything. It's possible Harley already happened. Oops.

Until then, I'm stuck needing bodies for all these bigger guys. I love this one for Joker, but it still belongs to my Hound. Right now on the MP I pretty much have my choice of Dollshe bodies, which makes it harder. I want the old one, and the Rythmos and I don't know which head I want on which body. Which ever one goes to this head will have to be modded a tad, which is why he can't share. I don't really want to mod the body that goes with my Hound....though if I get an old Hound body for him, I'd be ok with that.

Spock and Kirk also need bodies. So that's two more 70cm monstrosities I have to get my hands on. So not happening that soon, unless something happens and I become rich or sell off half my dolls or something.

One more of Big Joker


So the little crew is not going away or getting neglected. They're still the "main" group...the SD one is just for pretties!

So far I have Joker, Harley, Riddler, Penguin and Scarecrow mostly finished.

Riddler-2 OE Joker-1
Penguin-2 scarecrow2

I really love how they're all coming together. 

I have a couple more things coming: a purple shirt, black shirt and black tie and some eyes. I am working on Harley's over-sized mallet.  Scarecrow just got eyes and shoes, which pretty much completes him. Joker has a whole mess of guns he can now hold since his jointed hands came in. 

and the best thing ever: I found and bought a freaking hat mold so I can make hats!!! HATS OMG! The very thing that has eluded me since I first got Alex, who wears hats. Something I've wanted for Azrael and Skullface and pretty much all my dolls and now actually NEED for Riddler and Joker who are hat-wearers. Now I can do it. Myself. 

In theory. I'm really excited to try, but totally expect to fail a lot before I end up with something I can use.

In any case I am really close to being able to do a group shot with them, which is terrifying. Joker is fine with just Harley but with the whole group he tends to start the doll dominos of doom and take out everyone. Harley and Scarecrow are almost impossible to stand...and Penguin and Riddler are fine - what do you expect from Unoa bodies? XD

I am dying for Batman to be ready, but his outfit isn't started yet, so it'll be awhile. I keep thinking about it because I'm making the belt and know exactly how I want to make it...but really have to wait for the batsuit to be done first. Someday. He has better eyes now at least. I'm not happy with his eyebrows...but what can you do. 

Next I want Catwoman. I fully intend to use Mini-Isis's head and just replace her body with a new one. I have always adored Catwoman and I keep waffling on which version I want to play with. I like the Injustice Gods Among Us and current version most....but I can't find a Judith body second-hand so it's not like I have to decide now!

Hey I have two entries so far! Go me! Maybe I can keep it up! Or spam everyone so much they run away screaming XD 


  1. I have always been a fan of catwoman too from the Batman franchise. It's probably because she's a bit of a badass.

    I really love big Joker. That mouth is just ridiculously creepy (in a really good way). It has that Joker vibe going on and gives me the chills. You kind of can't help but wonder what the heck is behind that smile. What did he do? And when?

    Your Batman crew is coming along nicely. I love how you've styled them and made them look and feel like the characters they are portraying.

    1. And she's kind of different from other female comic characters too, plus, cats. Always fabulous.

      He did all the things. Many times. He is really creepy, I have to hand it to Ringdoll, I actually think I made him less creepy than he was when he was blank! But holy crap painting that head was so much fun, I just want to keep doing it over and over! But blushing him to match that body is a pain lol

      Thank you! I can't believe I got them this far. I need to get my sets in order now so I can do some decent photos....