Friday, November 6, 2015

Waiting, wishing and acquiring

I don't think I can sit here and list the heads I have that need bodies right now if I tried. There seems like so many...ugh. That might have to be my only goal next year - to do some serious body shopping.

I dd however, manage to get one crossed off my list today - I grabbed a Dollshe SA Hound on the new old body (or is it an old new?). Which will serve two purposes. I've wanted the SA head for a second head for Israfel for a while, so he's got an extra head, and now I have a body, either for him, or Big Joker version 1. Who may just keep the pure body. I don't know. I won't until I have them all together and try on clothes. And since one body will have to be modded to fit the Ringdoll head, my decision will be a permanent one. EEP! MODS!

Ring doll confirmed my purchase of the K head (yay!) a week after I paid for him XD
But better late than never! He's "in production" now according to them. I doubt that. But I'm hoping he'll be fast, since I just ordered a blank head. I freaking love this mold, I can't wait to see him IRL. I hope he's exactly what I want.

No sign of IOS Jaguar. He's still in freaking Russia. Since Oct 28. I'm dying. I wanted him here before this weekend, just so I could have him tried on bodies....I'm thinking the DS Rhythmos for him, but I don't know if I want to go that stylized. If he was here, and I could try him on the other bodies (ok, so I don't have one of them yet), I might have a better idea! *rage*

We're having a Super-Hero themed meet this weekend. Which I am stoked for. I don't really have a lot of heroes tho lol, mostly villains and one anti-hero. Meh, who needs good guys anyway.

Stuff what needs to happen.
Batman is tentatively getting his costume this weekend.
Big Harley Quinn (lol) will get some quick clothes so she can make an appearance at the meet this weekend.
I have to dress Jean in her Phoenix outfit and switch Gambit's eyes out with the glowing ones because I've had them a year and never used them.
Finish Harley's mallet and see about making Big Joker his cane.

Find all my props for all the comic-inspired dolls so they can rock their super-hero-or-villain-ness.
Figure out how I'm going to set all of them up. I wish I had 1/4 scale furniture. I have nothing. It sucks. Stands suck too. Why are they always white??? Why not black? My dolls don't wear white ever!

And really, Evil Peter (which is what I call the Kitten's bitey, clawy and totally crazy alter-ego) keeps me up at night so much that I'm now exhausted and want to do exactly nothing when I get home....but I have all this doll stuffs to work on and a trip to Joann's to make before any of it can get done in time for Sunday's meet. At least I can sleep in tomorrow. Unless Cats. Which usually happens.

So, speaking of mods ( I was. Way up there), I have a few that really need to get done.
1. Boob removal of Wyn's new-to-him body
2. Neck sanding of a Dollshe body for the Ringdoll Norman head (big Joker version 1)
3. Arm mod for Dollzone Carter (First Joker) - I am kind of hoping I can saw his upper arms in half, and then he'll have a swivel joint. Scary. Good thing I have an extra pair of arms!! OH YEAH. I've been wanting to do this, because he could really use more arm movement, and since my roommate is selling her extra arms.....I'm gonna try. It can't hurt! Unless I injure myself. Which is totally possible.

I may need to do an entry of the re-organizing of my dolls. I have a few bodies floating around, some heads that may never get bodies at this point, and a falling interest in some that needs to be rekindled before I decide to do something I'll regret and sell them. Plus I have this fabulous Mature Mini body - the Granado one - that I need to figure out soon since it's just sitting on my self naked and headless. Ugh. I mean really, ugh.

That's all for now. I'm hoping to get some fantastic photos this weekend, but who knows. XD
Have a good weekend!!


  1. I get the feeling you're going to be busy modding over the next few weeks.

    I'm not sure if you've ever had the Rhythmos body before but I have one of those and I'll give you a heads up that it is terrible at sitting without any sort of aid. My friend is having a look at it for me at the moment to see what the issue is but I believe it has something to do with how the hip joint has been sculpted. Thicker elastic or modding may help but I don't really know as the body I have doesn't have either of those yet. I love the tall and lanky feel to it but it is a bit frustrating that I have to lean him up against something if he wants to sit.

    Have a great meet this weekend. The theme sounds pretty exciting!

  2. Oh wow, I'm really happy you told me about the Rhythmos body! I had looked through some of the DS threads, but no one really said anything about how it posed! It's a shame, I really like how it looks, it would be great for a stylized head. But modding to sit is not something I want to deal with again.

    lol you would think I'd be busy with modding...but I still have yet to start! I fail. But I did get everything else done I wanted to do, and then some, so yay! Now my goal is just to get tons of photos.....or at least a few.

    1. Glad to help. I really wish someone had mentioned about the Rhythmos body too when I was researching it. I couldn't find much about it really although I did come across some posing photos where the owner had that body sitting unaided but I don't know if that was because some modding had been done to the body or not as they were just photos and no details. Which is why I thought that body would have no problems. Had I known to be honest, I'd have gone with the Pure body instead at the time I purchased. It's just lucky I really love the resin and the doll itself but it's part of the reason why I don't take many photos of that doll because he also likes to flip forward when standing which scares the heck out of me so I lean him up against something when he stands too to avoid that problem.

    2. My internet at home is so crappy it took me forever to get the "reply" to work!! Ugh.

      I'm really bummed about this body tbh. I think it would be perfect for this head. Maybe I should get it anyway and try modding?? I don't know. I have other mods I have to do first and really, I tried to put him on the DS body I have and the neck is way too big, so I would have to mod it a ton anyway! I don't know. I'm in love with the head, so I have to get him a body somewhere.

      It does suck that you had no idea what you were getting into when you got it. I always get the feeling that people are afraid to say anything negative about Dollshe - when I was waiting over a year for the original Saint it was like that.
      If you ever have the chance to upgrade to a Pure, do it. I love the thing. All those joint-locks make him so sturdy!! I'm a little afraid of the old one XD

    3. Yeah, the neck on the Rhythmos is quite thick. Hmm, have you ever looked at Sadol's Star 70 body? It has a similar skinny look and I can tell you that Star 70 clothing fits my Rhythmos perfectly so they must be similar in body size. I don't know much about posing etc though so you'd have to look around on google or DoA to see if there are any reviews etc. about it. If you find the body might work, you can always email Sadol and ask them when it'll be available again for order.

      I have never understood this reluctance to share experiences with particular companies, bodies, dolls etc. I think it's a good thing and for me as a buyer, I'd rather go into purchasing something (especially at this price tag) with informed knowledge. Negative feedback doesn't necessarily dissuade someone from purchasing, especially if it's a particular doll they really really want and can only be obtained from a specific company, they'll still get it, they just know the possible pitfalls involved and may still think the doll is worth the risk.