Thursday, June 21, 2012

MP weirdness. And not MP, but still weird.

So. Anyone out there frequent DOA? Maybe just the MP? Or even not, this has been happening to me on DA as well.

People are trying to get me to buy their dolls. Complete random people out of nowhere. I got a note on DA from someone I don't know and have never talked too trying to get me to buy some BJD they had. I wasn't looking for it (I don't even know what it was, I'm not sure they did either because they called it "my bjd" instead of it's mold name), nor was I in the market for anything at the time. I ignored it and they never contacted me again.

I always get oddball and totally not what I want things offered to me as trades when I have FS threads up on DOA, but this year (2012) has been the worst...when I was looking for David and Marcus's bodies (what I wanted were Dollstown and Granado - DT I just broke down and bought, Granado I held out for and did get end up getting in a trade)...I specified a height and color - around 63-64cm in Volks NS or Volks WS...and people were offering me tiny little barely 60cm bodies like Delf and ringdoll - which is environmental resin btw and wouldn't match anything I own - for things worth twice what they were offering. I ended up editing my trade threads something like twice a day to be more and more specific. =_=

Then someone tried to get me to buy their full Latidoll Blue Rei. I had a couple sales threads up and listed a LD Blue body in them, but couldn't actually buy anything until some dolls I only wanted the body as I already have a Rei head. They also just pmed me and was all "BUY MY DOLL"
I declined...then of course sold two dolls and put up my WTB for the body only. Which of course no one wants to sell me.

Today I got one that might have been directed to someone else and sent to me by accident...if not I have no idea what's going on. I was offered a fullset Dollzone mini in response to my WTB/WTT thread.


I don't have a WTB up for a DZ mini. I have four up that I know of, one for LTF hands, one I have to finish for some Minimee heads I don't want any more, a puki cupid 3 fp in WS, and one for a Latidoll Blue boy body or possibly a AOD boy body. And that's it. So yeah....Dollzone?? Fullset? Like I said I wonder if they accidentally pmed the wrong person. That's happened to me before too.

EDIT: dude I found another WTB thread to graveyard XD for a Soom Afi tail. I didn't get one but realized I should use my Ai tail since I wanted it to have a white tip anyway, to match Hopscotches ears...which were white that I blushed tan.

But that was all I had up. I for sure checked!!

I wonder if it's because I have a lot of dolls, people just assume I'll buy anything. Believe it or not, with a few exceptions that usually get sold later down the road, I generally have a reason/plan for every one. Tinies are the only thing I buy "just cause" and lately I sold a bunch of them that didn't quite fit in.

I also kind of wonder if it's not just me. People are bolder than they used to be...:\


  1. I haven't run into anyone PMing me out of the blue, but I have had a plethora of very bizarre trade offers this year. Perhaps people are just getting desperate to sell, but I don't quite understand why they'd think PMing random people would be a good way to go about that.

    1. It's totally the wrong way to start off a (potential) transaction. :\
      I think you're right, there's desperation to sell for whatever reason and it seems to be making people crazy! I'm selling some heads...maybe I should just start pming random people myself! XDD