Friday, June 29, 2012

Wu, Won, Whut?

I mentioned a post or two back that my Migidoll Owen, slated to be a female character named Maggie, was too huge and had to be sold. I was also selling my Dollzone Renata head since I just didn't need it anymore due to Moon being fabulouser.

Deciding on a new head for Mags was easy, I wanted an Elfdoll Tasha...I figured she was masculine enough without being a huge bobble for a shorter girl body. I did a search and found a couple on the MP, and while I was looking I came across a few other heads I liked, Vivian and a head I kept calling Won. Won is a guy, and might be too big again, but I don't think they're as huge as MD so I was still hopeful.

Yesterday I got an offer for my Renata head of an ED Reminisce June...not a mold I wanted, but when I looked at her I decided I could do something with her, if only attempt to open her eyes (I've never done it before). I accepted and have been waiting for the seller to pm me pictures. During the wait, she decuded she wanted my Owen head too, and offered me an ED Wu. I went in search of Wu and realized....I wanted Wu, not Won. The head I'd seen on the MP was Wu, and I was just (stupidly) calling it Won. :\\\\\

So of course I said yes. As soon as she gets me pics I'll delete all my sales pages, but I'm good with the trade, so hopefully the new Maggie will be on her way home soon. Wu is a nice, pretty, guy head with a certain Oweny-ness too him (Wheeeee! Buffy, I channels you!!) that will be perfect as Maggie. Assuming he's not huge like Owen and will work on a girl body XD
If not I'm going with Tasha and NOT CHANGING MY MIND! For reals.

In the meantimes, my acquired, on permanent loan ShinyDoll Kanagi got herself a character last night. Her name is Sayuri, and she's a witch, and Maggies (soon-to-be deceased) girlfriend. Maggie and Yuri are the only two dolls I own who's characters are dead in the future, where most of my dolls's weird. Theresa will join them in death as soon as I get her. Half my girl dolls is deads lol. That's so weird. If I don't get all weirded out by them, in the future I might go for Sandalphon. Then again I doubt I would ever get her as a doll, she'd be too hard. She'd have to be taller than Metatron and look very similar too a Kara Klum. Since that's what Azrael is. 

And here's crappy cell pic of Mini! And his hair of giant poof :D

mini at work

He's on my desk at work today keeping me sane(ish). Look! You can see his chibi-plush in the background XDD
I loves me some mini. I wish I had Mini-David a body. And I wish Mini's clothes I've ordered him forever ago would get here. Seriously, it doesn't take a week for anything in the US to get to me...I bet she never sent them. Or their lost in the mail. I'll be so pissed.


  1. Yay for happy accidents! Glad you figured out it was a Wu you wanted and not a Won! Hopefully that works out! Sounds like a good deal on your trade there!

    I have dolls of characters who die/are dead too so I don't think it's weird! Being dead doesn't mean you can't be attached!

    And Mini Alex looks very cute! Your work desk looks very exciting as well XD

    1. Ha My desk is exciting. Or messy, depending on who you ask.

      Lol that's good to know! I'm attached to a few of my deads too...I reeeeeeeally want Sandalphon. She's never gonna happen...unless DM makes a 80cm girl that looks like a woman and not a Lusion doll. That would be awesome. And terrifying. I can't handle a 70cm girl lol

      Yay trade! :D I hope they show up soon...I'm dying to do a faceup on Wu...