Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moon Progress

Because I'm bored and haven't posted any photos lately

This is my Dollzone Moon on Renata's Vine body. I have yet to get further than this, and her arms, vine arms and legs have no color on them so far...but here she is.

smwillow 3

smwillow 5

smwillow 2

I just liked this one even though it's no where near focused

smwillow 4

I got that far and have had no time to do ANYTHING since...plus I needed new pastels in darker browns and greens (got em) and I could use more MSC. That I don't have. I'll have to check the hobby store this weekend.

She's an odd one. I have to have green in her because of the whole plant thing, but I also don't want her totally covered, so I'm kind of winging it. I think I'm going to do brown into black for the thorns and her horns, and just add some green to the vines (not a ton) and her legs....somewhere....so it's not weird with no green. She has a little bit of green on her lower torso, and freckles on her back and butt.
I have to go back over the ones she has with some brown...they're really pink! lol

Her wig is deep red, and I'm not sure how she'll dress since her arms kind of deter clothing lol
I have one outfit she works well in, but I need to keep an eye out for more.

Star is still blank XD But he's rocking Lucifer's old eyes. I may have to ask for opinions on how to do him...I have a plan, but no way to execute it. Like with Moon, I don't want full coverage, so I don't know how to make him look the way I want. Or at least resemble who I want.


  1. She looks very nice so far! For just winging it, the blushing looks very intentional! I love the freckles especially! So cute!

    1. :D Thanks! lol I'm glad it looks intentional...cause it's mostly trial and, not exactly error since I have yet to do anything over, but more trial. She's so bright though. It's not bad, just...bright. I'm hoping my new browns will be more brown and less whatever the old ones are. I need to mute some of that bright out.

  2. Wow she looks awesome so far! I really like the way you've done the green blushing. Can't wait to see her finished.

    1. Thank you! X3
      I can't wait to see her finished either. I guess I should get on that XD