Monday, June 25, 2012

More stuff.

Gotta couple more heads for sale!
My Migidoll Owen isn't going to work out *sadface* I bought him to be a her but she's just too big for any female 60cm body. I'm a little depressed because she's PERFECT for her character. Now I have to resort to back up heads :P
Even worse, the dreadlock wig I ordered will be here I'll get to see what she would have looked like if she was small enough for a body :((( I hate it when dolls just don't work.

Also selling my DZ Renata head. I like the Moon, it's sticking around on the body so I don't see a point in keeping the other head.

If you're interested, check out the Sales page for infos :)

I acquired a new head this weekend. She's living on my Shinydoll body until I decide how to handle her. She's not Theresa or Maggie, so I'm not sure what she is. Right now she's got a black wig on that would be Theresa's if I had her, and wearing my black Fer and it's just not her. I think I'll put her back in Maggie's temporary wig when I get home. She looked better in that. She's a great mold, so cute and feminine...way different from my other girls. I'd like to make her work, but the body she's on is for Theresa (who's head I will probably get if I can sell my MD Owen - who was going to be Maggie :P) so even if I end up keeping her forever (she's kind of on a permanent loan atm lol) I'd have to get her a new body. :\

What I really need to be doing is saving for BJDC. So many clothes....*drool*

TMP will be there too...I'm looking forward to maybe seeing a Willow in person. I'm hoping I don't like her as much lol so I don't want one.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Owen head. D: That's quite unfortunate. I really hate when a head is perfect for a character but is the wrong size. I hope you can find something else that will work okay, but I know that can be really frustrating when you've already found something so you can't help comparing...

    What's the new head that you acquired?

    1. Me too :( this is really the first time it's happened to me, I'm usually better at judging size, but it's also the first time I tried to turn a boy head into a 60cm girl. I shoulda known better (I did, I was just too full of hope and Migi-love. I think I am just not destined to own more than two Migis at once).
      I'm thinking of going with one of three Elfdoll heads now...Tasha, Vivian or Won. We'll see.

      She's a Shinydoll lsdnv,dfoir
      I have to look it up. I can never remember what it is.
      Kanagi. She's on permanent loan until I don't want her anymore then she goes back lol. I don't really want to give her up, but I don't do well with dolls that have no character. Her faceup is by Ravendolls and I like it, but the eyebrows are a little too worried...and I yanked out the eyelashes already XD
      The body is mine however, and supposed to be for a Supia Rosy (which isn't going to fit, I know it).

    2. If it would help the decision-making process at all, I have a Tasha head lying around that I could try to ... I don't know what. I'm sure someone on DoA has better pictures of an Elfdoll Tasha actually. But if there was anything in particular you wanted to see as far as angles or wig/eye combos I could see if I could help with that!

      I understand about not being sure what to do with dolls that have no character! I hate when I'm quite attached but don't know how to fit them in with the group! How big are Supia heads?

    3. hmm. So I've been kind of blog-stupid these days. I almost deleted your comment, but then I realized the reason was because the reply button isn't where it's supposed to be...
      So hopefully this is a reply XD

      Ooh I'd love to see Tasha done up in...something. LOL I saw a couple on the MP, and one was blank, but the real reason I want her is because I really thought she looked like a man when she came out XD
      I'm set on this being a masculine girl! Vivian is pretty without being too pretty and there was a Won on the MP I thought would be perfect.

      I think Supia's have small heads, but huge necks. Shinydoll has a tiny neck. I was sure I could rig or mod it to fit but after the Migidoll mess I lost confidence. I guess if it won't work I could sell the Shinydoll body. I do like it (other than it's alien hands)...but I really want Rosy.

    4. Yep, it's a reply! No worries! Silly reply button!

      I'll see if I can't try out a few different looks on her and get some pictures of that posted later today or tomorrow! Can't guarantee she'll have a more masculine look since she came to me with a face up and I've been reluctant to mess with that since I'm not sure what I'll do with her. XD

      I hope you won't stay too discouraged over the Migidoll issue! It doesn't mean that you're a bad modder just because the head was the wrong size for what you wanted!

    5. Yay! Replies are so much better than random comments no one gets XD

      I'm sure I'll get over it, but it's kind of poisoned me against putting another head on this shinydoll body. Something else I need to get over. Everyone on the planet hybrids those things, I just need to do it. And maybe get her new hands lol. I wonder if Dollmore would fit....I love Eve hands.

      Yay again! I can't wait to see her! :D