Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What'd I do?!

As some of you know, waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2010 I bought a Saint from Dollshe. The Damn thing took more than year to get here and if I'm honest, I don't like him. Part of it's the wait, part of it was the horror that was dealing with Dollshe, part of it is Saint. I love him in other peoples photos, not so much in person. He's so....blah. It's probably just mine, like he needs a new faceup or wig or both or something, but whatever it is, it's there and I can't overlook it.

I even bought him a new head intending to sell the Saint head (no point in trying to sell the whole doll, I'd get nothing for him. He's WS and the market is and is about to be seriously flooded with Dollshe resin), a Leekeworld Kyou in WS, that I thought might be a good replacement....I like LW molds, they're getting rid of their basics and this is my only chance to make sure I don't want one so I jumped. It's not here yet and already I'm having worries. Mainly because I started lurking in the DS discussion thread again. Looking at them made me reluctant to get rid of mine. Why are they so pretty when everyone else has them!! Normally my dolls are my favorites of their molds...but not Saint. :P I don't even call him Israfel, because I don't feel it. He's just not.

Kyou might work. He might. He might not have a chance. Stupid Dollshe went and released their old molds today. So I went to their website...almost completely on a whim and before I realized what I was doing...and bought a Hound head. >.<

Arg. I mean ARG.

To be fair, in the last year of looking at DS in an attempt to get excited for and then bond with my Saint I realized the only mold I really really love of DS is Hound, and that his small smile would work better for Is than the expressionless look of Saint. But still. Did I really just buy a head KNOWING full well that it will be another freaking year before I get it?! DID I?? I have the dumb.


Yeah. I am going to try really hard not to whine about the wait. Last time I signed on for a 5-6 month wait and got 14. This time I know better, it's taking at least a year, probably more, so the shock isn't going to kill me. In the mean time, I have the Saint and Kyou heads to play with as Israfel, who is as much to blame himself as a character as the dolls are since I can't quite decide who he should be - or none of this would have happened in the first place. I won't sell either of them...Both heads will difficult to get again if I regret it, and it's easier to just keep them in the head box (or on the body...which will need a head for the year+ he'll be waiting to be a Hound) than it will be to want them back after they're gone.


Have some Alex. The only doll I don't tear my hair out over on a regular basis (anymore D: )

smskelly t

You know, Kara Klum - my favorite mold on the planet - is totally expressionless too. So why do I love him and not the Saint?! D: I dun know.


  1. Oh dear. XD Well I mean if you think Hound would be perfect for your character then I can understand why you went for it even if it will be a long wait. Hopefully between your Saint, Kyou, and Hound, someone will work out okay for Israfel.

    I have sort of the same thing with DS. I love them in photos but don't know what I'd do with one of my own. My roommate has a Saint and I am kind of eternally babysitting so it's like having one but not having to worry about giving him a character.

    Good luck with figuring out what to do! And at least you have Alex to be happy about! Always nice to have something to stay positive about when the other dolls are giving you trouble.

    1. LOL I have no idea if Hound will be perfect or not, but from looking at photos, I think he'll be better than Saint! XD I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Between all those stupid heads (lol stupidheads - sorry *cough* I'm back now) ONE of them will be good. I know it. *hopes*

      Ha is he on permanent loan like my Shiny doll girl? XD (Who may be getting a different head soon). does your roommate get along with him like I do my Saint (meaning not at all)? I don't get it...why is it some of them show such life and others...:P

      Alex will always be my saving grace. Out of four Kara Klums one is bound to not be pissing me off at any giving time, so he's safe. Even better because other than Kara Klum there are 6 more of him somewhere around here. Some of them are even completed! :O

    2. Yes, hopefully out of all the heads one will be good!

      Saint isn't so much on loan as my friend doesn't really have the space for him and she mostly just likes being able to look at him but is intimidated by his size. So since I'm not bothered by larger dolls, I kind of take care of him.

      That's quite an impressive number of Alexs. I knew you had several but I didn't realize there were quite that many!

  2. Got some pictures of Tasha in various wigs and a couple different bodies and outfits taken. Mostly it's just different wig spam, but in case you were interested in seeing I thought I'd let you know. :)

  3. YAY!! I saw that and thought first HOLY CRAP HUKSY!!! And then thought of you and your love of the Hound! How awesome!

    1. LOL I looked at Husky first XD In all honestly when I really looked at him, I decided that he looks a little too much like Alex. Bermann looks just like Alex. It's scary. Hound does not, plus he's smiley so I'm really excited. I really hope he looks like the old ones and they don't try to remake him!! I know they said it was old school models but still...

      AND I saw your Rosen before the thread exploded....he looks amazing. Are you dying to get him a body??

    2. I am dying for a body like woah for him I adore him so much seriously and have been considering chaning my said order to a rosen so I can have the SA head too and since I think I am going to be like you and like Saints more from a distance. now seeing if I change order to a Husky and pay the difference.

      sorry for fail comment reply ORZ

    3. dood I'm pretty sure I'm the fail here XD

      Change to Husky!! I hope you can...I like Husky (cause it looks like Alex lol - or technically Alex looks like Husky. And Bermann. XD)

      I need to drag my Saint back out and look at him some more. I doubt it will help but you never know. I want to change his wig a few times and see what that does too. I don't know what it is...I am seriously thinking it's not the wait anymore...I had a 6 month wait for those Dollzone dolls and didn't want them at all and now I love them. I think I'm just not a Saint person...:P

    4. well Dollshe wrote me back and the change is a no go I can not change to the Husky because I am now in production. so they say...damn it!

      But it would be nice if I got the saint soon I could look at him and decide and either way Teagen would have a body LOL.

      I am gonna get through my surgery and my medical bills and maybe just order a husky head or a whole husky later.

      Have you made a decision on a Hound??

    5. Hah totally just ordered a Van head....I was looking at them and thought...VAN never seen him before and wow do I like him his nose is so distinct and his mouth is nice so I ordered one..just the head though crap need to get another body now

    6. Yipe! What surgery do you have?? I haven't been on LJ in a hundred years so I might have missed....everything. D:

      It sucks that they won't let you switch (but hey if it's in production, you should get him soon!)...I had to go look at Van cause I'm not familiar with him at all....he's kinda fabulous! He's so different than pretty much every doll out there. His nose is awesome! lol you're totally getting sucked in!

      I ordered and paid for Hound's head the day they opened orders lol so he's coming home regardless. But I think I'll probably use him instead of Saint. I had Israfel out today and he's just....not. Not Israfel, not going to work, just not. I got him a better wig though, that did help. I had bought him eyes a while back but I don't really like them. I need to get some more.

    7. I am totally sucked in. Van is like you said really different. His square nose is so weird but still i love it...I am pretty stoked honestly. And honestly the fact is he not as well known makes me happier.

      I saw your name on the list when I added mine and chuckled. So... you stoked you are getting a HOUND holy crap how awesome is that when you think about it? a freaking HOUND!!! Saint is just not for you no harm it is good to have that ability to look at a doll and think...umm...nope not who your supposed to be. not looking like I hoped. I love to look at some people's saints, but like you have been wondering for a while if I would like mine lol.

      as for surgery....yeah I found a lump on my neck a while ago haven't talked about it a lot on LJ until recently but I had a lot of tests ultrasounds, tons of blood work, and a biopsy and it is not thyroid tissue it is abnormal so getting at least the right side taken out next month and if it comes back malignant then they will take the left side too... It is gonna be fine though 98% of the time it is benign I am just so relieved to have a solution in sight

    8. Oh nos. I hope everything is ok...if you need anything let me know. I'll be thinking of you *hugs*

      I had started doubting mine(saint) pretty soon after I'd ordered him sadly...I had bumped the saint thread looking to find what I liked about him but was already thinking he wasn't going to work. Then the wait I thought would be 6 months was 14....then I tried to get him to work...and bleh. I'm not going to get excited for Hound yet because I'm thinking (looking at that insane list) It's going to be about the same amount of time lol...Until then I'll use the LW Kyou. At least, if he shows up soon and looks ok on the body (Secretly, between us, I'm totally excited for Hound and can't wait to get him XD)

      I'm also excited to see your Van, if only because he's so elusive! And manly! :D

    9. *hugs back* I am gonna be fine just excited to get it over with and have a little time afterwards to rest i am just so tired all the time.

      That list is insane insane insane it is going to be a long long wait but I am pretty stoked they are releasing those heads again sine so many have fallen in love with the scuplts but thought there was no way in hell. I am trying to not get excited about my Van since the wait will be crazy too. I keep thinking I will have at least the Rosen to play with for a while before i need to even worry about a Van and the time until I get the head will give me a chance to get him a body..eek!

      (Secretly I am super excited about your hound! and my Van so excited)

    10. I HOPE SO *more hugs!!!*

      Is it just me or does it just keep getting bigger and bigger every time I look at it?? lol I am getting excited even though I didn't want too...Sadly I got the LW Kyou and...he's just not going to work. That head is HUGE. Way too big for the Dollshe body. He looks so bobble-headed. I can't even believe it. It's sad because when I pulled him out, I thought he'd be a perfect Israfel! But not if he can't fit on the's what I have and I am not selling it lol
      At least that means Hound is it. I won't have to choose. I might put my Saint up for trade for something else...Rosen is supposed to look like Hound right? Maybe I can get an SA one...or I'll just take money XD

      Do you know what you want Van to look like when you get him??

    11. Aww sorry to hear he was a giant bobble head. Rosen does look kind of like a hound their mouth is less but they have the nose. That list is HUGE and getting bigger everyday seriously!

      I am still tossing on the Van's style I know I have time to work on it while I wait there is really one Van i see a lot on the interwebz when I am looking at pictures so I know mine will be completely different then him LOL but other then that I am sure.

      Surgery was Wednesday went okay I went home the next day and am feeling better physically everyday but yesterday was a really bad day. I got a call from my surgeon and it is cancer he is going to present my case to the tumor board ti figure out what is the best course of action for treatment. But the worst thing is yesterday my dog Zoe got really really sick all the sudden and I had to have her put down last night. I am a freaking mess today, the house feels empty without her I keep getting her ice cubes then remembering she isn't here.

    12. I am so sorry. Losing a pet is so hard...on top of everything else, I don't even have words. I hope your family is there to give you hugs.

      Do they think it can be removed? God I hope you're going to be ok. I'll be thinking of you...I wish I could give you real hugs.

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