Sunday, June 3, 2012

Looking for...

A body for my Lati Blue Rei head. 

I have some rules. It must make him over 45cm tall and be mature. A lati body is ideal, but hard to come by, so I have other options...

Latidoll Blue boy body in NS is my first choice

AOD 1/4 boy body in pink NS
the NEW Souldoll double in NS I might consider the old one if you can prove it's tall enough.

So far that's all I know might work...if anyone knows of other tall mini boys, that would be awesome.

I can pay now, so asap.

If you know anyone who is even thinking of selling let them, know! I'm in a hurry lol Mini David wants to be born XD

No yellowing
No mods
No damage

I'm going to want to see pictures.
I reserve the right to say no.

Pass it on! <3333

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