Monday, June 11, 2012


So my Dollzone Renata and "Moon" were delivered Thursday.

For those not familiar with them, they are here and here

Renata was a doll I wanted from the moment she was released, she's so bizarre I just loved her. Moon was an adorable and strange thing I thought I would base off of Haku from Spirited away, since he looks very similar. I was planning on getting Renata, but not for a while, but when they discontinued Moment and Anson, and my BFF wanted an Anson, we combined our orders and got the free Moon.

Then 5-6 months passed. I totally fell out of love with both of them...I wasn't sure what I wanted Renata for and I didn't want Moon at all, I was seriously planning to have him for sale by now (I even said that in my last post lol).  So of course when I opened the box I was totally smitten.

First of all, he was huge. HUGE. I was expecting something smaller than a YO, about the size of an anthro. He's about two YOs together. His head is the size of Renata's, my DC Colin, and other slim Mini heads. His little claw hands are so cute! I have a fabulous plan for him suggested by the friend who's house I was at, and I feel so stupid for NEVER having thought of it considering what a huge fangirl I am of this thing, and I spent the next couple of days playing with him in the few spare minutes I had (seriously I was so busy this weekend it was sad).

Now when I first opened my "Moon's" box, the first thing I said (after, "he's huge!") was "this is the wrong doll". I was convinced otherwise, because Moon's paperwork was there (Renata's was MIA) and since I didn't have a picture of Moon to really compare them too I let it go. If I'd gone to the other room and grabbed my iPad, none of the mess that later happened would have happened, but I'll get to that eventually.

Renata. I should have known I didn't like her when less than an hour after opening I was already looking for different heads for the body. Her face is cute...but so immature. And the new Dollzone body is NOT immature. It seemed even less so with the vine arms. After a while I decided just to give Renata a chance, but I wasn't smitten. Her eyes were gorgeous though. Silvery glass.

So I was on DOA, joining both the DZ tiny and mini threads since I have both now, and at one point I suddenly realized I had been right, I had Star, not Moon. My order buddy contacted DDE for me since she had made the actual order, and informed them they'd sent the wrong doll. At the time I was a little confused, I had originally wanted Moon, but...Star was so cute in person! And I was attached. I figured DDE would tell us to send the head back and they'd order a Moon from DZ which would be another thousand year wait...I already decided I'd turn them down and just keep Star.

But when they emailed back they said Moon was in the mail and we should send back Star. D:

So I did what anyone would do in that situation...I offered to buy Star's head >.<
They were all for that lol apparently people do that a lot.

Moon came today and I knew right away Star was the one for me. I still liked Moon though and though I'd get him his own body, only a human one. He really is huge, so I tried him on Mini's body (Doll Chateau Colin) and thought it was pretty good, but oddly tall, which I didn't like. I started looking at DZ's new BB bodies which I really like, and thought I'd try it on the Renata's body because if it fit I could get a boy...

So now I have a new doll. Moon on Renata's body. I don't know why, it's so weird, but I LOVE it. Renata's head is in the box now, she's done lol


 Those are the eyes I liked so much in Renata. They belong to Moon now XD
I'm not sure how I'm going to paint And I sure don't know what it is, but I put a deep red Kana Long wig on and it's amazing! This head is actually more mature-looking, with smoother cheeks and a wider mouth, so it doesn't squick me out like she did before, and with the hair it's so ethereal. I'm excited again! I can't wait to figure her out. Though I still don't have much clue...

And both this crazy Moon and my Star are SO's so daunting. I really need to think about them before I jump in and start blushing. Until then I'm very much enjoying them both blank <3

And even more important all of my lingering buyers remorse is totally gone! :D

EDIT: here are some more piccies

RAWR!!! Star, who's name is 'Zilla.

Moon and the rejected Renata head, which sadly probably will go up for sale renata moon head


  1. First of all I LOVE Stars nose!!! That is the cutest dollie nose! Also I think Moons head looks amazing on that body I am suprised the heads are that big but it works and I can not wait to see what you do with these two new dollies.

    1. I think I commented instead of replied...:B

      LOL Seriously Star is insanely cute. I had no idea...the Dollzone pictures are bleh, but blank and in person X333
      I should have known, both Deerboy and the Chinese Dragon were cuter blank than with DZ faceups :\

      omg can you believe that's a tiny head?! I still can't. I would like to see what I'm going to do too, because as of now, I have no idea lol

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