Thursday, June 7, 2012


Just an update on doll stuffs!

My Dollzone order should arrive today. One Renata, one pair of human arms for Renata, should I decide I need her human, and one Moon. I'm not sure I'm keeping Moon. He might go up for sale soon. I have a doll meet Sunday and I'll probably take him for sale, and if I still have him after....I'm just not excited for him anymore. I'm not excited about Renata either, but I want to try and make her work. I dunno...I have a lot of things I'd rather have right now, and Renata isn't a character and therefore low on the list of priorities.

I ordered a head from Leekeworld yesterday...despite swearing back in 09 that I would NEVER order from them again (even though I ordered Baby Alex's Bunny Suit he wore on easter from them last year - it doesn't count, it was for Baby Alex!!). Their changing the way they're going to run their company spurred me into action. I have always kind of wanted a Miheal, but he's not really a sculpt that I feel would fit into my collection. I have AiL Elijah, and they're kind of similar, so I'm good with that, but Miheal was always there in the back of my I ordered Kyou. Eh?? Well...Kyou is another sculpt I really like....and I think he's going to be the new Israfel. Cause I'm sure the Saint isn't going to work out. I tried and I just don't like him. I am sure if he'd come to me during the height of my excitement for him things would be different...but

14 months. I can't get over it.

So I bought the Kyou, who has a little more of the expression I think I need for Is, in what passes for their WS and I'll be putting it on the DS pure body, because I think those LW heads are way too big for anything under 65cm, and I really think they need 70. Plus Is is 7' tall, so he needs the giant.

I have my Delf body on Layaway which means Uriel is a floating head...Sorta. He's still on the body atm but he's close to floating (THEY ALL FLOAT HERE D: ). I am set on getting him a Souldoll body, but it's so tall. I love the old one, but the height might bug me, he'd be as tall as David...and that doesn't work for me. So I think I'll be going with the new one. I hope I like it. Poor Uriel! I sort wish I'd left him the way he was, but then I wouldn't have James...I can't give him up lol he too cutes!!

Still looking for a body for Mini-David. I kind of thought I'd have one by one wants to sell their Latis!! Or AODs apparently. I have money peoples!! Sell me things!! I'm thinking of just grabbing a Souldoll body for him too but I have to find out how tall the old one is first...if he's not over 45cm it's a no-go.

Someday my Migidoll Owen will get here, and I will need a body for her too. She's easy and hard at the same time...I want an AOD body because I think the shape is perfect, but it's got to be Volks matching NS and the small breasts, so I have to order it new...which knowing them will take forever. I guess it will be worth it to have her the way I want. Some day I will own a girl with a large chest lol all my girls are so small XD
When I get Supia Rosy (who will be my last girl) she's getting the large chest just so I have one.
I am excited to have another Migidoll head. I only seem to be able to own 2 at a time...but I have Ryu and Miho, and they're my favorites, so maybe it'll be ok. Plus Owen will be a girl. A girl in a style I don't have yet, and those tend to work out for me...Plus I get to make more dreads!! (this is the chick who dreaded Alex's hair for his dread-wig)

And now I will add to this wall of text with a picture

alexes Beware....beeeeewaaaaarreeeeee

and for those who care, from left to right:
Azrael: Cold Heartbroken Thinking Kara Klum
Alex III: Cold Heartbroken Kara Klum
Alex II: Thinking Kara Klum
Alex I: Kara Klum

Tween: Liebe Klum/Zaoll body
Bob: Jungatoy Skull

All faceups/blushing/etc. by me. Az, III and II are going to a circus themed meet this weekend and are dressed for it...Though Azrael is wearing his actual clothes^^'
They are a Freak master, Ring master and Freak. Alex I was going to stay home, but now he's wearing a shirt with skeleton's having sex on it, so he might go just to be annoying.

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