Friday, December 4, 2015

Dawn of Justice

Interrupting doll talk to throw some thoughts of Batman V Superman.

So who's watched the new trailer for Dawn of Justice? I've watched it a few times now and I'm a little.....worried? I dunno. On one hand, I feel like any movie that has Batman and Superman going at it is going to be great regardless of how bad it is. And also Batman.

On the other hand....

Well. Lets look at the actors for a second.

Henry Cavill.
What can be said? He's Superman. (though I wish they'd just give him contacts already. Superman's eyes are blue.)
I grew up with Christopher Reeves as the Man of Steel, and I will admit to owning, watching and loving all 10 seasons of Smallville, so if it's not Reeves it's got to be Welling....but Cavill does the job. He even looks a little like Welling in some shots so double yay!

Ben Afleck.
Um. Um. Well, it's tough for me to be biased here. I've pretty much hated him for years. I love Batman.


Seriously though I'm all about giving him a chance. Gone Girl was good. Lots of people like him. I love Batman. Batman can be anyone under that mask, so why not Ben Afleck? He didn't make me want to run screaming in the trailer, I actually liked him, I can give him a chance and I stopped hating him a while ago when I also stopped hating Vin Diesel because I now hate Channing Tatum and can only have one actor on my hate-list at a time. And it's Channing Tatum. Probably forever. HATE.

So Batfleck is a go. Hopefully.

He can't be worse than George Clooney or Val Kilmer. I mean that, he really can't. So by those standards he's already won. GO BATFLECK!!

Gal Gadot. No idea who she is, nor do I care. I was kind of disappointed by her promo shots, but in the trailer she looks kinda/more Wonder Womany, so yay. Honestly, I don't care. It's Wonder Woman.

As a woman, I probably set feminism back by saying this...but I like to watch men in tights hitting each other in superhero movies (and "professional" wrestling), and that's mostly why I read comics. I could care less about the girls. Unless they suck (Halle Berry I am looking at you). I don't really get the whole THERE ARE NO STRONG WOMEN IN COMICS thing. I grew up reading X-Men. Seriously, those women will kick your ass without thinking about it. Half the team was always women (after the original 5), and other than Psylocke they were mostly clothed most of the time. Now Marvel is turning all their heroes into woman and I am reading DC exclusively for the first time ever in my life.  :\

So yeah. Wonder Woman. Don't really care, as long as she doesn't suck.

Hey, speaking of suck.

Jessie Eisenberg.

What. The actual. Fuck.

Was that?

That was supposed to be Lex Luthor?

This is Lex Luthor

 This is Lex Luthor

This is Lex Luthor

This is Jim Carrey as the Riddler in Batman Forever. batman-superman-lex-luthor-jesse-eisenberg1-570x285

Wait, it isn't?! 
It's....Lex Luthor?? 
I swear my first thought seeing his performance in the trailer was "what is the riddler doing there I don't get it?!" then "OH WAT NO"

No. No. No.


Now, I've seen/read the ....rumor? Fact? Who knows for sure, that he's actually supposed to be Lex Luthor Jr., not Sr. Or....whatever not-Sr. is.

Ok. Maybe. But still no. Because Lex Luthor is one of the best villains ever (after Joker he's my most favorite, followed at a big distance by Venom and then Magneto and Catwoman....both of which I don't really count as villains), they should have him in the movie. 

Now, there are two ways this could maybe possibly be good. Or at least passible. 

Alexander Luthor Jr. was a character in some other DC earth (3 maybe?? who knows) who showed up in the regular earth and got killed by the Joker. Sooo if at the end of the movie we have Jared Leto show up and shoot him in the face, I'm cool with that. Goodbye Lex Jr.!! Annoy people in the afterlife!


Wasn't there a storyline, like a million years ago or so, were Lex Luthor II, Lex's son, was actually a clone of Lex with his brain so he was actually Lex Luthor I pretending to be his son?? But really himself? Because he died some kryptonite related death? That could work. He could act like a total annoying, loony, duchebag to throw off any possible suspicion that he might actually be the real deal and then at the end be all bald, megalomaniac Lex as he should be. Because that could be good. I really hope that's the case. Or I'll be watching the whole movie waiting for Jared Leto and his acid-spitting flower of doom to show up for some face shootage.

So there we go. I am trying, really trying not to hate Eisenberg as Lex but I think it's seriously going to depend on the story....and the rest of the movie....and if he meets a horrible death at the end. Because ugh.

I won't even touch on Doomsday....I can't decide if I even care that he's in it or not. Or, if you believe hopeful rumors, that it's not even him. It's just another big "we'll see". 

Good thing Star Wars comes out in a few weeks. 


  1. I feel your pain. Movies based on things I love are always so stressful for me. On the one hand, I WANT to be psyched. I want to sit there in eager anticipation counting the seconds until it comes out. And then cynical grown up in me who has been burned too many times comes out and dissects everything wrong and puts a damper on the whole experience.

    It's especially rough when there are questionable casting choices for one's favorite characters. I really worried about that when Thor came out because Loki is my faaavorite Marvel villain (and favorite mythological person in general) but I was really pleasantly surprised with how that worked out.

    I was also pleasantly surprised with the most recent round of Batman movies. But I'm also really kinda iffy on this whole Ben Affleck thing. I have a weird thing about his chin. It just looks villainous to me. XD I don't know why.

    Out of curiosity, why is Channing Tatum currently your celebrity nemesis? I can't say I'm a fan but I honestly don't know enough about him to feel strongly one way or the other. Aside from that I like to make potato-based jokes about his last name. Tatum sounds like it's derived from 'tater' so... okay we've established perhaps that I have odd reasons for my opinions on people.

    I must say I agree with your assessment of Lex Luthor though. That's... he just is not supposed to have hair. And to give him THAT MUCH hair to boot. I also just now realized that Smallville Lex Luthor looks a lot like an old co-worker of mine... also also I just haven't seen anything with Jesse Eisenberg since the Social Network came out. So I still see him as the Facebook guy. Which isn't helping his Lex Luthor status.

    1. Weirdly the hair bothers me the some point Lex does have hair, he just eventually goes bald. Sometimes he's shown wearing wigs. So really, hair is only moderately annoying while the whole character is the most offensive. At least to me. And I TOTALLY agree with you on the FB thing! I kept calling him Mark zuckerberg because I could not remember his real name! lol

      YES! I really want to be excited about more Batman movies (and those other guys. But mostly Batman), but I end up being just mostly scared lol - I won't even start on Suicide Squad. My status there is "no comment until I see the movie". I was like that for BvS too until I saw the trailer and "Lex Luthor". Because Marvel keeps making movies about characters I never really read, or loved, I keep enjoying them because I have no attachment. I have plenty of opinions on what they keep doing to the X-Men however (though I guess that's not even Marvel). It's mostly all negative.

      Totally off topic but is Blogger the buggiest thing there is, or is it just me?? I swear it hates me.

      Oh Channing Tatum. I made the mistake of watching Magic Mike, which was the worst couple hours of my life I've ever wasted, ever. It was awful. My girlfriends wanted to watch it, with the excuse of it being a male stripper movie....but there was barely any stripping and this girl who the worst actress I've ever seen was naked more than the that was the start. Plus I don't get why everyone finds him so hot...he looks like every other guy out there to me. And then the whole Gambit thing happened and now I just want to stab him. I can't express why I never liked Vin Diesel or Ben Afleck, they just rubbed me the wrong way. Probably why I sort of fell out of hate with them. XD

      I'm still not watching Fast and Furious's though. Just out of principle. Even though The Rock is in some of them.

    2. Yeah I suppose you have a point with the hair. But I'm just so used to him being bald so it just feels important. If he looked more... imposing(?) or something I'd say it'd be totally fine as long as at some point it's revealed to be a wig or something cool happens and he goes bald. But I'm not really sold on Mark Zuckerberg as Lex Luthor.

      And yes... I haven't even mentally touched Suicide Squad with a ten foot pole. I've heard and seen things and I'm just sort of mentally filing them away under "to be emotionally dealt with later". And then I can see the movie and either be like "UWAAAAAGH I KNEW IT I KNEW THIS WAS A BAD IDEA" or "woweee they really pulled that off!" so... we'll see!

      I'd be interested to hear your opinions on what they're doing with the X-men (if you don't mind sharing).

      My condolences on your having watched Magic Mike. I am lucky that all of my friends (male and female) who are attracted to men agree with your assessment of Channing Tatum and don't think he looks any better than any other guy out there. So no one asked me to go see it! And why would you remind me of the whole Gambit thing? I had successfully scrubbed that from my memory and now I'm traumatized all over again!!

    3. OMG I'm so sorry I reminded you of the trauma!!! Though if I'm going to be honest. not that sorry. I don't really want to suffer through Channing Tatum as Gambit alone. *drags everyone down with*
      And yeah, be glad. Don't ever watch Magic Mike. Ever. There might be worse movies, but if there are I'm not aware of them.

      LOL I am right with you with Suicide Squad. I want it to be good. I really do....but I am afeard. That is all.

      I won't be sold on him until I see clips where he isn't acting like a total knob. I keep wanting to ask the real Lex Luthor to stand up (and hope it's Micheal Rosenbaum because seriously.). He'd better not ruin the movie. It would be one thing if a lot of things ruined the movie (but again, Batman fighting Superman should be a win just 'cause), entirely different if he shoulders all the blame.

      Well, without getting into too much detail, this is my feelings about the X-Men movies:
      Everyone was too old in the first movie, except Rogue, who by comparison was too young. Halle Berry should never be in a super hero movie unless it's as an unfortunate victim who gets smashed in a collapsing building in Marvel's New York (seriously she's awful. Look at Catwoman. Actually don't, it's a mistake). Other than that I liked the first two movies. Hugh Jackman will always be Wolverine to me no matter what now lol so he is exempt from any criticism.

      The third move should never be spoken of. It does not exist in my mind.

      The horror that is First Class should not be associated with the X-Men at all. Unless it's in some weird universe where Alex Summer's, who is younger than Scott, became an X-Man first. NO NO NO NO


      Why does Angel even exist in film? She was pointless in the comics, even more so in the movies. So many villains they have to choose from and they pull some barely-used student from one story arch. WTF

      The badly named Days of Future Past was great, young Magneto is my new favorite thing ever. I loved it even though it was very screwed up (since when did Kitty have the power to send people back through time??)...mostly because it gives them the way to start over and fix all the crap they screwed up. I still don't have hope sadly.....because they cast Channing Tatum as Gambit.

      I don't nitpick other super hero/comic movies because other than Batman and X-Men, I never really paid attention to them. Just crossover's here and there....mostly Marvel as I read DC in arcs, not as a whole (usually Joker or Catwoman stories). So these two are the big ones for me.....I feel as though I can rant. lol

  2. I actually hadn't seen that trailer yet so thanks for the link. I never really liked the Superman movies myself. Too much city destroying and I felt it relied way too heavily on special effects.

    When I saw you mention Ben Afleck as Batman, I was thinking ... really? I'm not sure about him in that role. My favourite Batman was Christian Bale. I really liked those particular Batman movies. It had a feeling that it was more grounded in reality. And Heath Ledger was a really good Joker in those movies.

    Wonder Woman is dressed like Xena was my first thought when I saw her in that trailer. I'm assuming too that she is Wonder Woman. She has that Amazon vibe going on.

    There are a lot of strong female heroes in the comic universe. I have no idea why there is an idea that there isn't. I don't get it either. My favourite is Black Widow. She has no real superpower, she's just a really good spy and a great fighter. But I believe Avengers is from a different comic universe to Batman and Co. I also love Lady Sif from Avengers.

    I agree with you on Lex Luthor. I was wondering who he was in the trailer so was surprised to read in your post that he is supposed to be Lex Luther Jr. Or whatever. Still, I thought he was Riddler too. He looks more of a Riddler type character.

    1. I had issue with Superman causing so much destruction myself - way out of character for him. But I felt the same way with the Christian Bale Batman and his "tank". No way would Batman drive that thing around Gotham. Too much collateral damage. That's really the biggest complaint I had with those movies - Christian Bale was SO GOOD as Batman. I will have to see Batfleck in the flesh before casting total judgement, but (and it might just be my extreme hopefulness) I don't think he'll suck. He'll never be Bale. But who will, really??

      Personally I don't think they needed to cram Wonder Woman into this movie at all....but oh well. Why she couldn't have gotten her own movie first is beyond me - people would have seen it just because - Wonder Woman. I guess they're afraid...what? No one will know who she is? Antman had his own movie for efs sake! Anyone can!! But that's Marvel. They'll do anything these days. Unless it's X-men related lol

      Black Widow is awesome. Other than the movies I'm more familiar with her through Daredevil since she's shown up there a few times and I went through a phase where I read those. It's nice to see her with the Avengers since, like you said, no powers. She's just awesome. And she's been around forever! I do get that comic publishers are needing to keep up with demand for PC characters, but what I will never understand is why they all feel the need to change already established characters. Make new ones! If they fail it's because they didn't find the right combo of writing and art, or there was never a need for that to begin with. Or something.

      Yeah, he's totally Jim Carrey's Riddler. It's ridiculous. I am afraid to see how it'll play out, but maybe it will make sense in the context of the whole movie. At least we can hope.

  3. I meant to specify the Superman movies as the Man of Steel ones (the more recent ones). I really liked the classic Superman movies with Christopher Reeves. I grew up watching him as Superman and he'll always be Superman to me.

    1. Christopher Reeves was my Superman too - he was so perfect, he didn't need any padding or CG to be Superman, he just was! I did not like the first "new" superman movie at all - I don't remember who the actor who played him was...but it was the Kevin Spacey as Lex version. It was so bad I turned it off half way and didn't finish it for years.

      If there has to be a new Supes I'm ok with Henry Cavill. He at least looks the part, I believe him as the MoS.