Thursday, July 5, 2012

Feh. I has the dumb.

EDIT: where is my grammar?? D:

So this year I joined Dairyland, cause y'know, I'm in the Midwest (it's a BJD forum for us midwesterners). There's a section in BJD photos where an owner can database all their dolls, so the other day I started a thread there and began the excruciating and long process of putting up photos and descriptions of all my dolls. Omg it's going to take forever. If nothing else I'm reminded of how many I have that I do not have good pictures of. At all. It's so bad. I really need to do something about that (speaking of, David's new wig is looking good! A few more tweaks and a quick cut of his other one and he'll be ready for a hair fashion show....)

It did get me thinking about how to do it here though. If you've not noticed I don't actually have a tab for the profiles of my dolls, just a list of what I've got, their names and arrival dates. I meant to have one with character descriptions as well, be honest, I'm not internet savvy enough to have figured out how to do it.

Obviously I can post photos (cause, you know, I do) but I can't get a photo to show up with text next to it, which is what I wanted to do to cut down on space.

AND I have like, 50 dolls. That's a lot of photos in one post. Can this site even do that?? D: Maybe I need a tab for each section of dolls...Vampires, Angels, bunnies....everyone else lol
Alex might need his own tab there's so many of him. He might expand a little more as I've been thinking of getting him a second Puki so he can be blond too.
And I bought a random Hujoo last night. Yomi, because he was so cute on Junkyspot >.<
Chances are he might become Desk-Chibi-Alex who stays at work most of the time. Some of the time.
Maybe. Yeah. I already got him blue eyes, so he's half-way to an Alex. I do better with random dolls when they're Alex, that's why he's a Pado and a LW Bebe...they were just dolls I wanted! Not necessarily because I needed so many Alexes in the beginning. And it's why I keep getting Kara Klums. I just want all of them. ALL OF THEM. Other than the one who accidentally became Azrael when I wasn't looking they all have to be Alex because that's who they are (every time I see one on Dollmore I think "oh that poor Alex. They have him in  a horrible wig again....he wants to come home to me!!"). I'm just not one of those same-sculpt-different-character people. I can only see them as who they are.

I got off track.

I really wanted to know how other people handle their doll profiles. List only? Or photo and character??
Bleh. Shoulda moved this to the top....I'll make it big. That'll work. And bold. Bold fixes everything.


  1. I wish I could help with your question but I don't have a section for doll profiles on my blog. But now that you mention that, maybe I should work on that...

    I hope you can figure something out though! Would be neat to be able to see all your dolls and read about them! :D

    1. You need to!! You keep pulling dolls out that I had no idea you had, it would be awesome to see them all!

      I hope I can figure it out too! lol I can't even do a proper group shot, and I'd love too, just to see them all together (I've never even seen all my dolls together! Is that bad? lol), so I bet it's going to take me forever to get something going here. for ev ver

  2. I just have my doll's profiles up on DoA and Dairyland, but since I don't have many dolls I might be able to put them on my blog. Now I just need to figure out how...

    And actually post more often *facepalm*

    I'd LOVELOVELOVE to see all your dolls and learn their backstories! The ones I do know are super interesting and original!

    1. oooh are you the same on DL as you are here?? I'd like to see your dolls all together. You should always post!! It helps enable those of us who are easily swayed into buying dolls XDD >.>

      And thank you so much! That makes me happy <3 and not feel so guilty about posting them so much =_=

    2. I'm zomjirate on DL, DoA and Flickr, I believe :)

  3. A BJD community for us midwesterners might have to think of you like it there?

    1. I do! It's pretty slow, especially compared to DOA, but there's no drama, and pretty much all dolls can be posted there. Since I have 5 dolls off topic on DOA it's nice to be able to chat about them there (though the Hujoo thread is DEAD right now and that's all I want to chat about lol).
      There's a MP there too but it's really small, though I sold my Delf body there in a matter of hours. PLUS there's a meet! A big meet that you can go too for people on the forum! I really wanted to go this year but it's the same weekend as the last week of my class, so I can't...but I have friends going (so jealous). according to the girl I sold the Delf body too they have another one in the winter, if I can swing that one I'd love to'll be easier to deal with the cold anyway lol.
      You should totally join. If anything it's another place to browse dolls lol

  4. Oh I am now waiting for aproval but joining and listed you as who recruited me so if i cause trouble it is all your fault lol oh wow a big meet sounds FUN (maybe the meets here are awful so i am a little emo face about meets lol but optimistic) I am soo curious about Hujoo you have one or some??? tell me more?

    1. And you're such a trouble maker lol YAY we'll be able to chat on DL!!
      Aw, why are the meets in your area awful?? D: We've had a little drama of late, but as a whole the group I hang out with is wonderful...It generally makes me forget not everyone is. If you're ever in our area you have to come to a meet!! I'm sure I could drag up a few people on short notice!

      Oh man Hujoos...I just bought my first. Oh wait I lied >.< I bought a tiny one a while back... I think it might be a Ted?? I don't remember. It was supposed to be Phil of Phil and Lil from Rugrats but I never really did anything past give him a faceup. I think he's in a drawer XD If it was worth it I'd sell him but he was only like, $25 I think.
      The one I just got last week was a total impulse buy. I saw him on the front page of Junky Spot and just hit the buy button!

      It's so freaking cute. Seriously, if you ever have "MUST BUY DOLL NOW" fever and no money, get a Hujoo. Yomi is adorable and NannaElle bought Wing which she turned into a cute punky girl (I made her a pink fur wig and am giving her a faceup now) and she's just as adorable. I kind of want a dreaming Wing, but don't really know what I'd do with it. Maybe down the road. The plastic is a little weird after handling resin, but they pose well for what they are and I love the eye mech. Clothing will be a problem, but I'll get around that. Right now mine is wearing the shoes and shirt from a Justin Beiber doll clothes set lol. I read that they fit Blythe and Pullip clothes, so I bought a shirt and jeans off Etsy, but I'm a little afraid they won't work. Oh well lol
      This is great for me because I really wanted a Pullip Dal to customize but they're so expensive for not being a Resin BJD lol (I'm tainted) the Hujoo is so inexpensive and I love him!! I can't wait to get him finished!

      Long comment is long!!

    2. I so need to check them out then! My thought was my niece who loves my dolls but is 7. She keeps saying her daddy is gonna take her to the store where I bought my dolls and she is going to get one with pink hair like my old pink hair doll. She was crushed when I sold Lyric. So I thought about getting her a Hujoo but it sounds like I should get me one too LOL!

      It would so so awesome to have a doll meet with you! I have only done two here in Ohio and the first one was horrible. Carter and I were completely ignored no one would talk to us or look at us or acknowledge we were there. I am really shy I guess but I walked over said Hi and was holding Carter and nothing. So I eventually just slunked away feeling like a loser. Then I tired again with my 'friend' who I got into BJDs and it was not as bad. I think my thing is the group here seems super super close so when they get together they are all talking and squeeing with each other and the new people are on the edges looking overwhelemed. I just need to be less shy I guess.

    3. Well, shy or not, they could have been more welcoming >:|
      I am spoiled by our people...we pounce on new friends like a shark feeding frenzy. Especially if they already have dolls (we're big on bringing in new dolls, Carter would be especially loved as I don't think there is anyone around with an AOD - new breeds are like crack, anything different is inspected within an inch of its life). I really think it's because the group is already so large...there's every collector here. The more well-off who buy and sell dolls constantly just to see them, Volks-only, boys-only, girls-only, those who only have one BBB doll, people who only have LEs, people who only have off topic for DOA dolls, people who have no dolls, those who just come for the name it. Maybe they just need to be nicer! *kicks them*

      A Hujoo would be a great dolls for a kid! Especially since they're so cheap XD The sculpts are really nice, I was pleasantly surprised... The knees are double jointed and actually work well, the torso joint is great...the arms are good, not OMG GREAT but they don't suck lol
      And they're so cute!! You do need one.
      I need to post a pic of mine...he's all done, I'd like to blush his body but that can wait...his clothes were finally shipped, so if they fit him I'll take his picture. I need to mess with him some more... I wired him with a pip cleaner just to see if I could and now one leg is longer than the other XD I screwed up somewhere....

    4. I think I am going to get two LOL one for me and one for Lea my niece. I am thinking christmas present for her and this would give me some time to get it all together and ready. Already have an idea for mine and know Lea's has to have pink hair LOL

      I think I would love your group they sound so welcoming and honestly a shark feeding frenzy sounds perfect lol. Also the huge variety of people would be a nice change, a lot of the people in the rs group on lj are in my meet up groups and....yeah....

      also on a side note man do I hate the little non-spam checker for comments i must need new glasses i almost always have to refresh a few times to find one i can read lol

    5. They're so cute it's awful. I want a tan one...
      Which mold are thinking of getting? Or did you order already XD

      I love our group. they're fabulous.
      We have another group in STL that...well, don't confuse the two is all I have to say. They're ok, but there's things. They're the ones putting on the BJD convention here. I'm a little scared. If nothing else I don't want anyone going to that con thinking I have anything to do with it >.<
      Isn't that awful??

  5. I don't actually have profiles up for my dolls yet. I did used to but getting on doll 19 in my collection, it just seemed to take ages and most of my dolls are a work in progress.

    Right now, all I have really is just a list (character name, doll sculpt, face up artist). For my story specific characters, I have a very very brief 1-3 line bios for them.

    To show text next to the photos you post here on blogspot, you just click on the photo which brings up an option. Click left or right to align your image and start typing next to the image. That's how I used to have my doll profiles done. I hope that made some sort of sense!

    1. :D That makes perfect sense!! Thank you!

      Lol most of my dolls are WIPs too. It's hopeless sometimes, looking at them in various stages of "finished" on the shelf. I feel like they'll never be done! And really some of them only need things like a quick body blush (I am kind of obsessed with all of them being blushed), but it still takes so much time...and MSC. Which is kind of hard to come by at times...not to mention $$$$