Monday, July 16, 2012

Yes, I am backwards.

A lot of people start out with the "cheap" dolls and move up to the expensive ones. Since I rarely follow any kind of pattern whatsoever, I did the opposite.

I got myself a Hujoo last week. He's a Yomi boy and if he's not the most adorable thing on the planet (other than Baby Alex of course) I don't know what is.

I bought him for two reasons.

1. I was browsing Junkyspot and he was so freaking cute and a total impulse buy...

and 2. I've been wanting a Pullip Dal for months. I know, Hujoo's, Dal's = totally different things...but I have had a hard time deciding on a Dal. They're all fullsets and I wanted to just customize spending so much on something I know nothing about just to pull it apart and rework it made me nervous (Yet I dropped over 800 on Alex plus a bunch of clothes when I fell into the BJD thing knowing less than nothing. I never said I made sense).

The Hujoo seemed like something I could get for way less and do pretty much what I was going to do with a Dal anyway...make yet another Alex.



Crappy phone-pics aside...I told you he was teh cutes!! I love him, this is only outfit he has (til the stuff I ordered comes in - if it fits), but that coffee I've had forevers is a great size for him, and he can wear Ken doll shoes. Or, er...Justin Bieber doll shoes >.<

I know, but Biebs has great clothing sets! I had to get that purple hoodie for Baby Alex anyway...Now that I have a use for the shoes I want all of them!! I wish he wore punk/goth boots. Alex would would be thrilled. He needs some. For now he's happy to not be barefoot. I have to get a teeny brush and paint his toe/fingernails black. Eventually I'd like to blush his body and give him all Alex's tattoos but I have a few (4) Kara Klums in line for that plus Mini so I'm a little overwhelmed. III is first...he has to have at least his arm tatts for BJDC, and I have to get that rose done. The wings can come later *ded*

As far as the Hujoo goes, I was VERY pleasantly surprised with how nice they are. I will admit, I expected NOTHING and got something that want more of. His body is nice. He poses! His joints work and work well! His head is a little bobbly but I think he needs to be tighter and that will fix him up. I love the eye mech, though holy crap 20mm eyes! That's what Wyn wears (though Wyn's are glass and like giant marbles XD). They're huge in his tiny self. He's about as tall as Baby Wyn only way skinnier and with a huge head...I think he wears about a 7/8...that's what I tried on him the day he came home. I want to get him a blond Alex-wig too (I refuse to have multiple versions of Hujoo Alex!! Srsly). He stands like a champ (maybe it's the Bieber shoes?) and for fun I wired him with pipe-cleaners...though I'm not sure he really needed it.

He's just so fun! I think part of it was the price XD
I'm totally getting another one. I want a tan girl to be a Ganguro girl...I just want a fun, punky girl I can make fur wigs and go crazy with....I've wanted one for a while but since I don't do well with dolls that aren't my characters I never got one...this is perfect! I'm thinking Wing or Berry....

So there you go, my foray into "cheap" bjds XD
Actually it's nice to have a doll I can recommend to people who really like them and are afraid of the price-tag..... :)


  1. b'aww hujoo alex is so cute <3
    xD I totally went backwards too.
    I started with bjds, then I got my dal, then started collecting monster high dolls, and then finally got a blythe.
    oh and you mentioned that you want a dal but just to customize so you don't really want a full set, so I'd suggest looking on the bay and maybe joining some plastic doll communities to find a bait* head that you can customize without having to commit to a full doll at full price.
    and honestly with a dal you're better off hybriding with an obitsu body anyway 'cause they pose way better, so if you want to paint it yourself and all that then a bait head is probably going to be the way to go 'cause depending on the condition of the head/doll the price will usually be pretty low.

    *bait is a term often used to refer to a head/doll that is used and in condition best for customizing, usually meaning the faceup isn't in good shape or it may have broken/modified bits.

  2. Yay! Backwards doll peoples unite!!

    Hrm. I checked ebay but I must be (for reals) doing it wrong. Everything I find is more expensive than if I got it new! I did kind of think of joining a community but strange as it sounds...I'm kind of scared. When I got involved in the BJD community I was armed with Alex so I felt like (even though I was a noob like no noob was before) I belonged there, him being a BJD and all. I have issues just dropping in on people with no doll to hide behind XD ^^'

    Ooh I have heard you can hybrid them with an Obitsu body! I wanted to see what they were like first but I figured in the end that's what I'd end up doing....if I ever got one. I might go on and try to grab a bait (:D New term!! I love new stuff!) somehow...I do adore the little angry Dal-face. They look like Puki Puki Chichi. At least my tiny one does. She's the same height he is too, so they are both angry together XD
    I might have to go back to LJ. I joined a Pullip group there just before I never went back so at least I'm kind of "in". Thanks! :D

    1. ebay is always going to be a little hit or miss 'cause sometimes you're going to find nude used dolls and sometimes you're going to find old but brand new/like new dolls that were limited/popular and so they're more expensive.
      joining a community is really probably your best bet, but I totally understand being intimidated 'cause I'm the same way xD
      I joined blythe kingdom way back when it was still plastic paradise but I didn't actually start posting until I was finally waiting for my first blythe.
      the people there have all been really nice, and it's a blythe centered community but other plastic dolls and even bjds are welcome and have their own sections on the forum as well
      there is also one that's called I think dolly market, but I'm not a member there so I have no idea how it works at all; or actually I think I did join but never actually posted xD

    2.'s really miss with Dals :( I just looked up some Pullip heads and found several! No Dal.
      I'll wait (and lurk in different places lol) and actively try to get one after BJDC....(my new thing is "after BJDC" I'm attempting to save a little money to buy stuff XD)

      I'll have to check out Blythe Kingdom and Dolly Market...I wander if I could find one on Dairy land...There's usually pullips and once there was a Dal but again, the full sets. They're so cute I'm afraid I wouldn't do anything with it when I get it...blank is the best idea. Yay Baits!

    3. oh boo, I guess pullip is more popular so there would be more of her floating around than dal
      I definitely prefer dal though, she's just so cute and grumpy.
      I ended up buying mine from the doll market in greensboro when I was there with some friends 'cause I didn't want to fuss with buying used since I'd never painted anything but resin so I didn't want to attempt to paint her, and I really like the phoebe full set outfit and she has a pretty nice neutral faceup.

    4. In person is probably the way to go. Seeing all the pics on the nets makes me want all of them, so I end up not getting any. :\ It's too overwhelming. I never had this issue with BJDs....I have no idea why! There's a million more of them!

      And, you're never going to believe it, but it looks like I might end up getting one now!! I got contacted on DOA from an owner who read this post XD. Hopefully I'll be trading some doll clothes for a head!! I'm excited. *dance* Hopefully she wants some of my stuff lol
      Luckily there are plenty of people in the area who can help me with it if I need it, but I think with just a head I'll have better luck.

    5. oh yay how awesome!
      I'm excited to see what you'll do with her ^_^

    6. Them! :D I'm getting 3! Well two and a head...the bodies are obitsu boys. I am so excited, I can't wait to see them!

  3. Oh wow he's adorable! And 20mm eyes? Wow! For some reason i thought they were smaller than that! He looks so cute sitting around with the little Starbucks cup!

    I remember seeing the little Hujoo guys on ebay and thinking I potentially wanted one. It's neat to see one all customized! I don't get around to enough other doll forums so if it's off topic on DoA I don't get much of a chance to see it.

    Nothing wrong with going in reverse from the cheap -> expensive pattern! I think you should just get what you like and not worry about that sort of thing :D

    1. Yep ginormous eyes, tiny doll XD They's huge. He's about 26cm tall, about the same size as a regular YO sized doll. Just...not. I love the coffee with him. I had had those made a million years ago for Alex I and they're way too small. They're perfect for Big Chibs though!

      I have seen some Hujoos in person at meets but they didn't impress me. They weren't...pretty. I'm not saying mine are best eva, but dirty smudged faces and matted hair don't usually make me take second looks. I didn't have a great opinion of them til I got one. Now I'm hooked. The Midwest Dairyland forum has a thread for them but it's DEAD. I tried to bring it back but I think it's a goner. Maybe I'll try again. PIctures sometimes help. He got his new clothes tonight...I guess he needs a real shoot now.

      Y'know I usually don't worry about what dolls are popular or not, but since I've only seen some sad looking Hujoos in person...I was wondering. I"m glad I took a chance. I so want a tan one now!! With multicolored hair!

  4. Gorgeous boy. How did you find painting the Hujoos? He makes an adorable alternate Alex.

    I have a doll that wears 18mm and I think they're huge so can imagine the size of those 20mm!!

    New to your blog here but I think I've you seen about when I used to hang out over at Red Shoelacers.

    I remember that I started middle of the pack with my BJD collecting.

    1. 20mm is insane. At least they have stems... My B&G sapphira wears 20s too and they're stemless and insane! I can't position them at all....

      Aw red shoelacers! I miss them....but it kind of just stopped. The over 30 thread is my bad support group again lol. <3

  5. omg he is soooo adorable <3<3<3