Wednesday, December 2, 2015

More new dolls?

First, some Peter Venkman (Doctor).


He looks cute. He's evil.



After Buzz, Rocky and Gozer I finally have a "real" kitten. HE IS A HARBINGER OF DOOM! DOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMAH.

He's destructor cat. Even though that's actually Gozer's name. He ate my laptop cord and cost me $80! He's lucky he's so damn cute. He attacks everything and everyone. I am covered in claw marks, the dog and Gozer are afraid for their lives....he's a mess. He's also a clingy baby who wants to be held, carried around and asleep in a lap all the time. Good trade-off I guess XD


I have said a bunch of times now that I do not want anymore dolls this year (yeah I know the year is damn near over already), but every time I say that I end up with more. :/

Ringdoll K blew me out of the water when his promo photos were released, like no other doll since Alex. I'm still kind of sad I could only get his head, but I plan on getting him a body asap (next year) so I kind of count him as a full doll. Not sure how I'm going to handle him.....since he's not really a character of any kind, just scribbles in a sketchbook.

I have a LTF Pongpong on order after swearing I not only don't want any more YO sized dolls but want to get rid of some of the ones I have (two are up for sale and I am seriously thinking the third might have to go too - no more bunnies, only Boo)

And now I have a MNF Karsh also on the way as the result of a trade.


Another Karsh.

It's been a while so it's more than likely not too many people even know that this will be my third attempt at this doll. I have owned Karsh twice before and sold him both times. Both times he was an elf, a friend of Mocha's sort of worked into my pseudo-storyline that failed to get off the ground which is why Mocha has a new story in a new world. his name was Jen and he was a kinda-colorful, emo thing. I never did anything with him, but Karsh is easily my favorite Fairyland mold (which might be obvious since I scrambled to pay over $700 to get the SD version and do not regret.) so he sat around being cute until I hit this period of FL hate and sold off all my MNFs. Which I then bought again over the course of several years :\

My second Karsh looked exactly like the first and I don't think I took one photo of him, so I sold him off as well a couple years ago.

Fast forward to now. Or maybe a month or so ago.

I had recently gotten Bruce/Batman (IH Owen) and was kind of thinking I'd like to try one of the sidekicks. Dick Grayson and Tim Drake are my favorites, and I was trying to come up with a good mold for either of them. I dragged out my poor MNF Celine boy (who is still nameless) and stood him next to Bruce and found it good. He'd make a perfect Dick Grayson/Nightwing....were he not tan.

So I looked at all the MNFs and had a couple in mind that might work, but after looking at owner photos wasn't a fan of any of them. Except Karsh. I thought he would work, on the muscle body (which I hate) and his ears sanded down (which I hate). So a doll I've already owned twice with characteristics I'm not even a fan of was on my wishlist (the invisible one I keep in my head).

Then I got offered a Karsh on a muscle body with a broken ear in a trade.

Fate telling me I needed a new doll? Possibly! He'll be here Thursday assuming nothing happens in transit.

Since his cute little elf ear is already broken I will have less issue sanding them off (I really don't like sanding elf ears), and as this Karsh will be 110% different from my other ones I think he might last.

I don't know if I want to do Dick Grayson, Spiral spy(?) or Nightwing yet, so I'm going to have to figure that out. Visually Nightwing will be way more fun, but he'll have to have a mask painted on so I can't change my mind. Maybe I need two heads! Cause that works all the time.

Now for Pong. My newest DC related doll group isn't my fault, or even mine really. My roommate got ahold of my Lil' Batman graphic novels and decided she wanted to turn all her YO sized dolls into Chibi versions of the characters. She actually ended up doing the Justice League (currently she has Green Arrow, Black Canary and Harley Quinn, with Superman and Wonderwoman up next) and left me with Batman (because Batman) and the Joker (also because Batman). I was only kind of playing at doing it because I can't change any of my surviving YOs, and then I sold two dolls in one day and could suddenly afford Pongpong, who was my #1 choice for Chibi Joker.

Sadly this meant Chibi Bilbo was sacrificed. He's so cute, I have plans to remake him, but for now....he's Batman.

Chibi Bats-2

 and he is the Night.


He still needs work, but what a fabulous start! I'll probably stop with the two of them, though I'd really love Catwoman, but I have yet to get Catwoman in any size, so we'll see how that turns out. Batman is technically on a girl body, so I'd love to get a LTF boy in a trade and switch them. BUT again, we'll see if it actually happens.


  1. Maybe this time, Karsh will work for you? I have regrets too with some of the dolls I have sold off and often think about buying them again at some point but I have to be honest and I say I never end up doing it. I try to put a limit on myself that if I have sold on a sculpt, then I don't need it back. Just so I don't fall into that same trap of hating it again at some point.

    Your Chibi Batman boy is so adorable. I am always tempted to get another Yo sized doll. At the moment I only have Rune but I kind of feel like she might need a friend one day.

    1. I've bought several dolls I've sold in the past, and most of them have worked out. I sold my second Karsh, and I sold the body to my MNF Breakaway again, but I'll be keeping his head for awhile....just in case. I'll never sell my MD Miho again (that was just a huge mistake, but ok because I like him NS better than WS anyway). I think this Karsh has a better chance of survival due to being so different from the first two. That's what i'm hoping anyway XD

      Thanks! Heh, I ended up with so many YO sized dolls just because I wanted to get baby Alex a friend! That's how it starts XD
      I can't seem to stay away from the YO sized ones....even though I try. I have been looking at a lot of them recently because I'm buying one for my best friend, and have no idea which one to get. So many to choose from.