Monday, June 23, 2014

Random Thoughts About Changing Dolls and Coffee

EDIT: OMFG of course after I go off about 20 times today about the unavailability of a MNF Shiwoo head, I manage to grab one. He has a tiny bit of damage, but I'm so way past caring at this point lol FINALLY!!! I'm so excited. I'm going to go restring that DZ body and get the neck part on it now! I'm jumping the gun....I haven't even paid yet D:

Too late, I put the neck part on!! It was easy, I didn't have to restring. Now the body is all ready even though I haven't bought the head yet.

I paid! He's being shipped tomorrow!! :D :D :D Now to figure out my name dilemma....

I know a lot of people have negative opinions on Resinsoul, but I really do love my Song.

new mocha1

He's not that orange irl >.<

Mocha is making me rethink a couple of my dolls right now. He does that every once in a while. I've sold off all the dolls in his "Storyline" and then given him a whole new one. I completely changed his look, something that, at the time, I only did with him successfully. He's hung around while I've sold off many dolls more expensive and sought-after than he is.  He's just one of those dolls that always makes me happy.

Recently I added two dolls to his little group of one, and today a third (no, no one new) and now I think a few of my character/dolls are getting renamed and possibly revamped. 

First there is Mir, my Unoa L-bi. I don't have a problem with him, though I kind of don't like his wig...but he has a wig somewhere....I got it in a group order but the person still has it. So eventually he might get a better wig, but until then I'm not happy with the one he's got. Mir is supposed to be a Unicorn, and still will be, his name just might not be Mir anymore. 

Then there is Vanilla, or 'Nilla, my Dollmore U-Jee. Same thing for him, but not as drastic. Slight name change.

Soshi is the one I'm really having a problem with, and the funny thing is, I don't even have him.
Soshi my (former) MNF Shiwoo, and the one I hope to replace if I can get a head (still no one will sell me one!!). When I owned him the first time around he was a cat demon, with ears, eyes and a tail, in crazy red fur (well not his eyes, but you know what I mean). I'd like to update his look with more colors and a different style, but he was still going to be Soshi, just taller and more masculine.

Though now I'm having all sorts of second thoughts. I still want a Shiwoo, but since I haven't been successful in getting one I keep changing my mind...and Mirwen or Tika would work pretty damn well for what I want. Too bad I can't get either of them either.

The biggest problem (you would think the lack of a head would be my biggest problem, but no), is that I am leaning toward unifying all these dolls with "themed" names...

Since I started out by stating how much I loved Mocha, you might be able to guess what theme I'd like to go with....


Vanilla is the easiest of the group to rename, he's just going to be Vanilla Spice (which happens to be my most favorite drink.....Starbucks, Y U NO BRING IT BACK?!). I was going to go with Vanilla Spice Latte, but the LTF Rose full set I recently got and was already considering selling suddenly became Latte. It works so well with her hair and colors, and since she has crazy future/steampunk accessories and looks so much older than my other YO sized tinies, I think she'll fit in with this doll group perfectly as a bunny, since the others are all animals too (Vanilla is a cat, Mocha is a Kangaroo Rat (I don't know why, he just looks like one to me) Soshi was also a cat, Mir is a Unicorn). I like her so much better already lol and all I did was name her and move her in my doll list XD

So now I have Mocha, Vanilla Spice and Latte (delicious!!), but poor Mir needs a new name. I really like Cinnamon Dulce Frappucino, which is perfect for him, very fluffy and sweet-sounding and I could call him Frapp or Dulce. Buuuuut I'm used to calling him Mir. Wherein lies my problem. I really like Frapp, so I might try it out. 

Frapp? Dulce?? Who are you?! Good thing he cutes. And this is so old.... I redid his faceup and painted the horn and he's got more face plates and different eyes I'm so fail.


Soshi is an issue for me because of his name. Waaay back in the day when I got him I didn't know what to do with him so I just started looking up Japanese names. I didn't really like Soshi, but found myself calling him that in my head and it stuck in a huge way.

Aw Sosh....I do regret selling him.


Probably more than any other doll I've sold....I'll never get him back, not really. He was my first trade, when I sold my first doll (my third doll, I sold my third doll, not first. It was just the first doll I sold), and I drove two hours to get him, then two hours back and straight to a doll meet where he was immediately the star.

His tail is gone....torn apart to make Jean her wig (no regrets. I love that wig), and IF I ever get another Shiwoo (or Tika or Mirwen head) I'll be tearing this wig apart to make him a new one with a few more colors in a less poofy style.

Renaming him will be so hard to do, but maybe with a whole new doll it won't be so bad, even if in my head the character is pretty much the same just in a different story now.

I've been thinking of calling him (assuming I ever get one!!!! FUCKING HELL WHY IS IT SO DAMN HARD TO GET A FREAKING HEAD?!?!?!?!? *cough*) Double-Shot Esspresso, DSE, or Dese/Des for short. Or Java Chip. I like Java, but maybe for another doll (I don't need). Des is a good name. I think I tried naming another doll Des before and it didn't work out...

Other coffee names I have courtesy of Starbucks:
Java Chip
Carmel Macchiato (a favorite)
Pumpkin Spice (my other favorite drink, and PUMPKIN!! Pumpkins are one of my favorite things! That was awful grammar....)

Obviously I am not getting enough dolls to take up those names, but I was thinking of adding another 1/4 tan RS boy to the group, and maybe if one of my other tinies has an identity crisis, another one of those. I love Circus, Jethro and Ebils, but they don't really do anything....maybe then need to be moved too. Ebils would make a good Peppermint, he's red, white and black already....

Now I have to go look at all my unused dolls and see if any of them feel like changing storylines XD
omg what am I doing?!


Here's Vanilla just because he's the only one I didn't post pics of. I think I put this up before (and all the others too, I just don't have anything new). I'm thinking of changing his eyes out too....I might have a look in the old eye box to see what I gots.


He's actually on my desk right now...dressed much better than this. His ears need painting.

In other news (I know, I wrote a book already. Shut up.), my DF Practice head from MOC is waiting at home for me. I got Milliput over the I am ready to mod my heads now. Physically anyway. Mentally I'm still afeard.


  1. OOh this post makes me all nostalgic for the old days when I worked at Starbucks! Best smelling and most delicious job I've ever had.

    This seems like a wonderful theme for a group! ( I don't know why blogger didn't inform me about this entry earlier in the day when I was wandering around replying to comments and the like. It's been so bad about actually showing me what people have posted the past few days. Worse than usual. I should end my parentheses.)

    I'm excited to hear about how your mod project goes! And congratulations on finding the head you wanted! That's exciting! Clearly all it took was for you to rant about it in an entry a couple times XD

    It's very late and I shouldn't be awake, much less trying to form coherent thoughts, so I'm sorry if this is a rather lackluster response.

    1. Are you kidding? I'm always happy with any response to my crazy ramblings, so yay!

      You worked at Starbucks?? That's awesome! I have much respect for them, they work hard, are (almost) always cheerful and remember everyone's name and drink! I can't remember the name of people I work with every day....Plus, Starbucks!

      Blogger is awful for me right now too. For the last two days it's only showing one blog entry I follow at a time. I have no idea what everyone else is up too, just the one entry it chooses to show. And no amount of hitting the "view more" button does anything. I can click on every blog individually, but that would take forever.....and honestly I don't remember which is which for all of them until I see them.

      Rants can be magical sometimes! :D And sometimes all they are are rants. But yesterday, magic! :D

    2. Well I'm glad that even terrible late night comments have positive effects!

      And yep, years ago I got my first job at Starbucks! It was a lot of fun and helped me come out of my shell and learn to interact with people better! (I was very shy back in the day. Still am a bit.) I still have all my old aprons and hats in case I ever decide to cosplay a starbucks employee. XD

      Blogger has been doing the exact same thing to me. Just shows one entry and I have to specifically click blogs to see if they've updated. Most people I follow aren't very active lately so it's not too challenging, but still a bit frustrating since I like to be able to just load up my main page and see what's going on lately. It's just a lot more convenient that way.

      I'm glad yesterday's rant had magical properties and saved you from the horrors of a potential eye mod.

    3. Magic rant take two: our ranting at Blogger seems to have fixed that too! I see all my blogs today. YAY RANTS!

      Lol cosplay a starbucks employee!! That would be potentially dangerous, you'd probably have irate people chasing you down because you didn't have coffee!! That's cool tho. I always thought that it would be fun to work there...but I can barely order a drink let alone make one. And I'm' sure I'd hate everyone after about five minutes. I just like to go there with my laptop and act like I'm doing important things when I'm really just using their free wifi to play on the internet XD

  2. EEEE SHIWOO EXCITEMENT. Really pleased you finally got your mits on one!!! *TOTALLYNOTBIASIDUNNOWHUTYOUSAYIN'*

    I'm loving the sound of this new little group too and they're adorable names <3 Are you going to be keeping the same sort of colour scheme as Soshi had? Personally with the red, the names that stand out to me were Java Chip or Carmel Macchiato (though I instantly want to shorten it to 'Macchi' - haha)

    Mir/Frapp? Really is gorgeous too <3

    1. IKR?! I'm so excited!! FINALLY! His nose has a faceplant chip that will need to be sanded out, but I'm sure I can do that with little problem, and it's the Shiwoo eye/mouth combo I really love, so I'm not too worried about changing his face a lot. Maybe with a different nose he won't be Soshi anymore and I can get over calling him something else XD

      I'll probably be keeping mostly the same color scheme. His hair will be black now (with black ears and tail), with red and pink highlights (he's getting a faux-hawk), but probably the same eyes as they're the only cat ones I have XD
      Or maybe yellow eyes. I think I have those too. Or no cat eyes at all....Nilla doesn't have them....

      Omg Macchi is so cute!! Too cute for ..... whatever his name will be (still leaning toward Des). He's my tough one. Java is definitely my other choice, though it almost sounds like a pet name (yet I'm ok with Mocha and that's the name of my mom's Mocha came first though lol!!!). Maybe they need one of those awesome jointed cats I'm in love with from Etsy! lol No. Well maybe. No. I'll probably end up with one now. Etsy is evil. Capitol E.

      Thanks! I need a new picture of him. But I'm very unhappy with his wig. I have one....somewhere.....but until I get it and figure out what I want to do with the two I have, no photographing him. I wish I had his ears, wings and tail

    2. Capital. One of these days I'll learn that whole "spelling" thing....

    3. Willoughby has a smoothed off nose too from his faceplant days - though truth be told he was in a bit of a state when he got to me all round. What type of Shiwoo is it? Luts of Fairyland, or??? SHAAAAARE. *snort* I'm just all round excited to see.... well, uh... SHIWOO, I'ma just call him Shiwoo until you find the name that fits best hah! If he's going to be a black kitty, Yellow eyes seem like the perfect counterpart?

      The Russian ones? Oh I know, they're so hard to resist... I'm really trying to avoid picking up some of the Bulldogs that she's made too... I know that when Cery ends up getting home I'm going to have to pick up a Pug for his stroke-recovering-pet Gimli... Though really Etsy is evil generally. Regularly I find myself purged of coin.

      You should take a photo of your sort of storage/doll work area - from the way you describe it in your post I have this vision of a sort of 'Room of Requirement' where wig-goblins are making nests in drawers *snort*

    4. No idea. I'm assuming FL because I'm very familiar with the older sold-by-luts CP resin color vs newer FL, and this looks lighter to me. At least I'm hoping, because lighter will match the body XD I guess there's no way to tell in photos where it's alone anyway.
      She said she'd had it a while and wasn't the first owner, so it could be one of the older ones (the old Soshi was, he came in a Luts box). What the hell, Shiwoos? Face plant much?! XD they can be sanded-nose twins!!

      Yesssss I love those kitties!! I liked the hairless ones a lot but the British cats are killing me. They's so chubby and cute!! The dogs are cute too, but I'm so totally a cat person. Cats for everyone!
      It is increasingly hard for me to go to Etsy and "window shop" without buying. Thus I rarely go unless I'm after something in particular. Now I want to go look at the cats.

      Ha ha that's....kind of accurate really. I wish I had a workspace, but alas, I have an apt with my roommate. Who is also a doll person, so there is precious little space anywhere. She's a teacher, so with the summer mostly off, she's planning on redoing our "doll room" which is a "room" slightly larger than a closet where we shove stuff. When I work on dolls I clear off the Craft/eating table and have to randomly take out and put away my supplies.

      Maybe after a nice purge of crafting supplies we don't use and a reorganization marathon, I could get a picture. Right's scary XD

  3. Java Chip may be the best doll name xD

    You didn't have to restring to get the neckpiece on the DZ body? Do tell. Also, congrats on the Shiwoo!

    1. Isn't it? I kind of want a new doll to be Java now. RS DK tan would make a good one...

      No! I was so happy because it too me forever to get the F60 neck piece on my AOD girl body! I just pulled the S-hook up, slipped a wooden chopstick in there to hold it, then pulled the string up by the chopstick, and hooked the neck part on! so easy!! He could be tightened a tad, but this DZ body poses so well as is I don't see the point. Even better now that I've dressed him...though he looks kind of odd fully dressed with no head....

    2. Agreed, RS dk tan would be perfect. I have a doll in that tone & she's very coffee/chocolatey (i.e. completely *dreamy*)

      !!! ok now I'm inspired to grab a DZ body for one of my MNF heads. ...or maybe get a body AND a new head >_> I'm easily enabled, heh.

    3. Ooh what mold? I haven't even decided what mold I would want...I thought about just waiting until I found one on the MP...but I doubt that'll work lol
      I love that color too. I love Mocha's color, it's delicious-looking, but it's the older, darker light tan. I'd love to have the dark tan too.

      LOL YOU SHOULD!! Get one! This particular body is the 003, but I have the 009 with a MNF head and I love it too, he looks so mature, which is good because he should be XD

    4. She's a LadySaiyuki Lily - artist mold obvs, but cast by BB/RS. Have another of her dolls in the older ('09) light tan & she's pretty awesome too (tho I'm terrible & still play favorites w/ my Lily)

      I love the 009. I'm getting two of them already in a big body order later in the summer for my Reiko heads. Hmmmm....consider me enabled. It won't be that hard to tack on another body, right? >D

    5. Nice! Do you have pictures of her anywhere? I've seen a few of the LS dolls but not Lily. Mostly Ted lol I'm not sure I knew she had other dolls...

      LOL DO IT!!! I love it too, I was kind of put off by how tall it was, but that was when my Ro was on it. It's great for pretty much any other head. I just love how it looks and poses. I should be getting another one ....eventually. My best friend bought me a Carter for my birthday (there was a sale), back in March. They're almost to the feb orders now (omg DZ is so slow lol), so someday, he'll get here......

    6. Think I put up some shots of her on DoA (tho admittedly, my photog skills are severely lacking, lol) Oh man, LS Teds are my kryptonite. Love all her chibis to death, but there's a reason I have *4* Teds.

      Wasn't crazy about the height on 009 either @ first, but it was too pretty to pass up for the twins. Plus I'm lazy & don't want to mod any other body that looked remotely like that. Nice to know it'll look good for my boys. Congrats on the Carter! Between the twins, the BBs I ordered from DZ in April, & the Great FL Wait of 2014 I might see some dolls by December >.>

    7. I kind of think the Dollzone backup of 2013-2014 is worse than FL wait! I ordered Latte in ....January on Layaway and still got her within a reasonable 4 months (though for some reason my order was sent a good month before all the other people who ordered with caused some complaining in the waiting room XD). I think DZ is averaging longer wait times than that right now.

      Hehehe Ted-kryptonite!! I wouldn't understand that at all!! (how many Alex's do I have now.... D: ). I'm going to have to go look them up now, I'm curious...... *goes off to lurk*

    8. Uh oh, I hadn't thought about that - actually I've only recently started hanging out in the waiting rooms @ all & haven't strayed over to the DZ one yet. I've been trying to be zen about it - by the time all of them get here, they'll definitely qualify as dolls I've wanted the most lol

      Hee I thought of all the Alex's while writing that. Knew if anyone understood falling head over heels for a mold it was you ;D

    9. DZ has just been awful lately. It's not their fault though, so there's that. Apparently they lost all or most of their Faceup artists, leaving them with one that they had to train. They keep discontinuing dolls so people rush to order, and Doll Chateau uses the same casting company, and they're also always backed up (because they're Doll Chateau), which makes it even worse. Still, it's a long wait. The last two waits I had from them were also about 5-6 months though so I'm kinda used to it.

      LOL I totally understand!! :D

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  5. I am glad that I'm not the only one who changes their dolls names! I tend to do that quite a lot. I love the idea of coffee names. That Java Chip sounds mighty interesting. Have you had that coffee yet?

    I've always liked your Resinsoul Song. I had one for a time and you know, I do love how petite Resinsoul dolls are but I have to admit that I always had a lot of issues getting their bodies to work for me, even after sueding. It's a shame as I love their Song and Mei sculpt but alas, I ended up moving mine on.

    Congrats on snagging a Shiwoo head!

    1. I never changed my dolls names until the last year or so. It's a new thing for me (and I keep thinking of Dolce and Des as Mir and Soshi still XD), but I love the idea of dolls and coffee lol

      I haven't had Java Chip yet, it's a Frappuchino, and I think Starbucks needs bigger straws with those - all you can get are chunks of ice of liquid, it's hard to get the whole blended I avoid them. I love them in theory, just not in actuality if that makes sense.

      Yeah RS does definitely have body problems. The weird leg thing is the worst IMO. I know there's mods I can do to fix that, but I've had Mocha for so long now I'd never do it to him. Maybe if I get a new one in the future. Other than that, he's pretty sturdy so I'm ok with him. I do wish the arms were a tad longer, and I had different hands, but it hasn't bothered me enough to sell him so it must not be too bad! XD

      Thank you! :D I feel like it took forever!