Friday, December 11, 2015

All things coming and going.

I wanted to wait until everything was here to do an entry since I had a lot of stuff shipped at the same time - or close to it - and since it's all accounted for now; stuff!

I touched on my plans for the MNF Karsh I got in a trade - he got here, broken ear and all - last week. I restrung him, gave him a good cleaning then sanded off his little elfy ears so he's a peoples now. I haven't actually thought to photograph the mod, but I think I did a good job.

Anyway here is Nightwing, or Dick Grayson, former first Robin, current spy and kind of adopted son of Bruce Wayne. Someday when he's got his costume I'll have to get a shot of him with Batman....but for now he's in street clothes. Which is weird thanks to the permanent mask.


Still need eyes for him, and a better wig. I kind of butchered this one (hence the hat) and I'm out of black fur because everyone under the freaking sun has black hair.  I like him. I am driven insane by the chest of the MNF body (as usual) but if I can suede him, he'll be fine. I had to get him new hands too, he came with the girliest hands MNF has. Seriously. The hands were at DDE so they've already yellowed some, but they need more yellowing. This poor thing is not new. Lol

Also newly showed up on my doorstep - a last minute (and I say last minute because the actual negotiations as it were, were fast and we shipped the next day XD) trade! Yesterday I received a LTF Shiwoo boy, which is so fabulous....because poor Chibi Bats was actually on a girl body. A quick switch and now I finally have Catwoman in doll form. Chibi doll form....but still!!

She's also no where near finished. That wig doesn't fit her (and again - no fur), the hat and goggles are a temporary fix for her costume, she needs eyes, boots and a more feminine faceup so she actually looks like a girl.

Originally I wanted a Mio to be Selina in LTF form, but I need a LTF boy to switch with Batman's body (and I only intend to own three Chibis - got the two, three is on the way. Well he's ordered. He'll get here eventually.), so I figured I'd just use this one temporarily until I can get ahold of a Mio....but Shiwoo's eyes are a great shape, so she's staying. I can make her look girly!

Chibi bat and cat

She kind of reminds me of the Selina from Gotham.

Finally, Ringdoll shipped my K head already! He also arrived this week (busy busy) and I have to say, if this guy had a body already I'd probably be ignoring all other dolls right now. I am totally in love with this head. I mean LOVE.

I've always been a fan of the ones that aren't model-gorgeous, and I tend to roll my eyes when people go on and on about how realistic Iplehouse is....because they're only realistic in a world where not one person has any flaws, they all spend their lives in a gym and are sickeningly perfect :P
Like in a romance novel.

This is the doll I have wanted. If he were real I'd want to lick his face. Or roll on him. TMI? D:

I've named him John Doe for now as I'm...only kind of sure what I'm doing with him. I have drawings, mostly scribbles. I have had an inability to draw since the spring and have had a notebook for the last several months I've been doodling in...mostly a nameless guy (which is where I got John Doe) who looks just like K's fullset minus the cleric clothes. Which is why I was so blown away when they showed their pictures of him for the first time. And why I had to own him, even if I could only get the blank head.



Cheekbones omg


 Lookit that profile!


I'm already mentally going through my dolls, trying to figure out what I can part with to get money to buy him a body. Everyone else just got moved to the bottom of the list.

Still waiting on LTF Pongpong. It's been about a month I I probably have at least three to go. Which is killing me. I want him so badly right now lol

Ordered two stands, a pair of pants and shoes from Alice. No word on that. 

That's it. Not too exciting.

I feel like I've sold a lot of dolls this year, and I'm really considering others right now. It's kind of a big decision because I've had them for years, I have a lot of accessories for them I have spend $$ on, and I had all these plans....

But I think I have to sell my Puki's. 

Ok, I don't have to sell anyone. Ever. But they live in a bag....and I don't think I've touched them all year. Not even at Halloween which is when they usually come out. 

I'm almost afraid to do it though. It was hard to get them all together and the way I want. It took time, money, patience.... I'd get rid of all of them and everything except for Alex (Chichi) who I'd keep. And whatever FPs I have that I can use for him, his clothes, and accessories......and really that's it. Everything else can go. The only reason I haven't sold them already (or at least put them up for sale) is because I'm really scared I'll regret it.

But then again.

It's been a year at least since I touched them last. I don't even look at them. 

I started collecting this size by accident (for reals), oddly related to MNF Karsh who I seem to have issues with too lol, and the only reason I've gotten so many and so into it is that I have problems with Alex existing on his own. But since getting Chibi Alex for my birthday in 2013 I feel like that's changed. I have gotten rid of most of my Mini versions of the characters -right now all I have left together is Alex and Wyn. Kimi is destined to become Robin and David is in pieces, Aishe is just a head and Uriel is gone and Isis is both Catwoman and Harley Quinn- leaving Alex by himself because Wyn will fit in with my other Mini group perfectly (and i'm not selling him) so I don't worry about him. I like having just the one group of them in SD form. I should just sell the Puki group.....and move Puki Alex into the Halloween crew. He'd work with them. I'm sure he and the Alexcorn will get along XD

 I also might end up selling my WD Werewolf cub, simply because I've still not given him a faceup!

But that leaves me with just two in that size....and I'm not sure I like that number.

But for sure I am putting up my Soom Flint. I feel like it was just a matter of time for him. Another one I might regret. Then again, my AS Kimo and Soom Afi hybrid are still unsold, so I may end up having to keep them all!! Maybe I can offer all three up for a trade or something :/

The other big one I'm waffling over is Mini-David, my Migidoll Mir/latidoll hybrid. As I mentioned, I have issues leaving Alex alone in his doll-world, but Mini David is just not working for me. I don't like the Lati body and it is literally the only one in existence that will work with that head. I would have sold it already if he'd worked on either the Grando body (which has been sitting on my self headless since I got it) or the Iplehouse one would have worked, but I would need to mod more off the head for either of them, and they still aren't tall enough. The head is visually too big for everything else. I might see if I can get him on a Soulddoll Vito body (I have a friend who owns one)....but I think it will be too childish for that monster. It really needs to be a more masculine head.

My other option is to sell him as a full doll and just get a SD Vito and try to make it David.

Or just not own a Mini-David anymore (which is really looking to be my #1 choice). If Alex can't survive on his own.....I'll turn him into an extra in my Batman-verse. XD He can complain a lot and wear a mask or something.  If that doesn't work I'll work on mini-David version four. Ugh.

Well, tying all this out has kind of decided me on all fronts I think.  I have a lot of sales pictures to take this weekend. My shelf might finally be empty enough to move all my DC guys (and girl) so they can sit together instead of all over the place. Which will be nice.

EDIT: I tried adding a cut to this so it didn't appear so long....but as usual it didn't work. I don't know why mine never does - maybe because I use Safari on a Mac? A lot of internet won't work right for me because of that.


  1. Your Karsh boy is looking great even in his street clothes. I like the mask. I hear you on the chest piece on those bodies. I used to own a muscle body and even sueded, it still kind of wanted to shift to one side a lot.

    LTF Shiwoos are so adorable. My friend has one and he is just the cutest thing. I like yours too. I actually thought that current face looked like a girl already!

    Oh that Ringdoll head looks really nice. I love grumpy faces. How did you find dealing with them and did they take long to ship? I knew they had problems in the past but I believe they have all been resolved now?

    It could have to do with Safari or the Mac I guess. I use Firefox and don't find any issues. But then again, I am not using a Mac. The only other option I can think of is to switch to the html code page of the blog post and add in the html code for a page break but you'd have to know what you're doing so you don't break the page. I'd put the code in for you but the comment section recognises html code so it won't show up in the actual comment. It is probably something you'd want to do when you get to the spot you want the break as you are writing up the blog post otherwise you'd have to hunt through a ton of coding to find the spot you want to insert the code.

    I've had to switch to the html code view to fix up a few things because blogspot formatting in the Compose view sometimes goes wonky.

    1. I had to switch to html to type - my curser no longer shows up and I was making typos everywhere. I'm starting to think it's Safari/Mac - I have issues in a couple other sites that are would think at this point more sites would realize that more of us out here are using Mac products :///

      I could start using firefox again, but it's so annoying. And Safari usually opens automatically for me anyway (plus it keeps all my sites and I don't even have to bother bookmarking anything!)

      Ringdoll was great! This was my first time ordering, it was easy to make an account, easy to order, easy to pay....they shipped my head really fast (I ordered end of October, early Nov). They have been saying they've got production time down to 90 days I think.....but mine was way less. I seem to be the only one who has K still. But then I was probably the only one who only ordered his head.

      I also think the faceup on the Shiwoo looks girlish, but with Selina's style, and her short black hair, I think she needs something obvious - like makeup - to really make her look female, or at least less like a tomboy. And she needs black eyebrows, because light eyebrows and dark hair is one of my weird pet peeves (which is why I almost always have black eyebrows on my dolls). I am really glad I got the Shiwoo - it was not a mold I was considering but I think she'll be perfect!

  2. Nightwing looks great! I kinda like the permanent mask with random clothes look. Though it does perhaps give him the look of someone about to rob a bank.

    Your new head looks awesome! I love his nose and his expression! How did I miss that head from Ringdoll? Here I thought I'd kept up with their releases pretty well!

    1. Ha that's what I thought too - he looks like he's totally up to no good in reg clothes and mask. I have an extra fp for everyone else who has a permanent mask, so I really feel like I should get him another head. maybe.

      Isn't he fabulous?! I was really lucky I had just joined the RD thread when he was released so I saw the first pictures of him. I guess giant Joker is good for something other than being a creeps. And draining me of all my $$