Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year

The Holidays are over - thank god. Hopefully everyone else's were better than mine! Between my dad having a health emergency and spending Christmas in the hospital and my cat having his eye infection, getting his rabies shot and then declawed, and the insane amount of rain that led to the closing of most of our major highways and half the state under water, I was in serious stress mode. I'm pretty much done with all holidays now.

Stress being stressful, I pretty much did nothing at all with my dolls until a couple days ago. Or yesterday. My vacation was pretty much over with by the time I touched resin lol

Since I don't want to dwell over the crap, I'll move on to doll things.

My most wonderful bestest friends gave me a Volks DWC03 head for Christmas, which I immediately decided to put on my SD10 body and scrap the 02 I've yet to put a faceup on. When I had them next to each other I saw how different they were from one another, and I couldn't at least try to keep the 02. Way back in the day, I had tried to buy a second 02 head - the first one was Dark, the angel I called Trevor with punk hair who was my all-Angel band called Fallen. The second I wanted for my Zaoll body to be Cassiel, the singer in the same band. I got a PW Goldie head in a trade instead, and Cass has been a Goldie ever since.

PW Goldie was a dream doll of mine, and since I sold my other one, Cass was pretty special to me.

I tried the old 02 head on her body and turned around and put the PW head up for sale.

Seriously. You should see how adorable she is. The 02 was a great cute boy, but meant to be a girl, and you can totally see why. even blank she's just amazing. Her wigs fit better and I think she's more proportionate and realistic looking. I love it. Never going back!!!

The 03 head is great on the boy body and will be perfect. His eyes even fit better.

Big Harley got a new wig that looks way more like the movie version. I love it. From the front lol. From the back it's all cap!

I was close to buying K a body....then bought some wigs, a head and a couple action figures. Oops. I'll get some more doll monies. I got a little from my Dad for christmas, so with I'm still owed for a layaway, I should have most of what I need. I really want a body for him.

My other project I have yet to really start is the next addition to the DC minis. John Constantine - the Hellblazer. I used to read this series back when it was with Vertigo (which is just another DC company), and recently started reading the newest one (since it just started) and it was one of those moments where I thought "why didn't I think of this before??!". He'll make a great doll......if I can figure out what head to use. I have two bodies, and a million head choices. Right now I'm leaning toward Granado Terra....due to the fact that one of th bodies is Granado and I have yet to find a head that will go on it. Other possibilities are Dollzone and Withdoll heads. I have no idea. He's a tough one. Clothes are going to be hard too. At least pretty much everything I need can come from Alice collections. Though I have a small order from them that just shipped.....so I'll have to wait until it gets here. Plus, it has mini pants in it, and I need to try them on him.

Still waiting on LTF Pong. I keep hoping he'll show, but so far nothing. I seem to have no patience waiting for this thing lol I check the FL waiting room all the time, every email I get I hope is from DDE...it's pathetic.

So that's pretty much my current 2016 plan
Body for K, who I'm still calling John Doe
Head for Constantine
Body for Catwoman
Clothes for all the dolls

Everything else is up in the air lol

So that's it for me. Hope everyone got to 2016 in one piece!

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  1. I'm sorry that you didn't get to enjoy your holidays and it ended up being a stressful one! I hope things are all okay now.

    I really like the aesthetics of Peakswood dolls a lot. They don't seem very popular as a company though which is a shame, their dolls look very beautiful.

    I would love to see all the DC Minis together when you have them all done. That would be a treat.

    Also, I tagged you for the Liebster Award here.