Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 updates

Too much has gone on on the doll side of things to go into a lot of detail. A quick update that hopefully actually be quick and not go on and on as I like to do will hopefully work for now.

I am still obsessed with my DC dolls. Some have been added, some are still not done after months and months and months. My Ringdoll Norman Dark Joker is pretty much my favorite doll right now, except for one other one-

Jonathan Crow, my Ringdoll K who is my number 1 obsession, pretty much since I got his blank head (which was probably the last post I made before my hiatus), and will be the subject of my attempt at Nanowrimo this year. We'll see how that goes. My best friend may do it with me this year so maybe we'll motivate each other. If nothing else I've been drawing him a lot. And on him. Seriously. Poor doll is a canvas of stuff. Or a mess, one of the two.

I've pretty much not touched my other dolls at all other than a few exceptions.

My Dollmore Miso on a Zaoll body who go the Ringdoll Mona (crying) head became a Ringdoll Aya who has Mona as her extra head. Still on the Zaoll body because of the perfect.

Alex I had damage to his faceup I have yet to fix.

I finally did the faceup on my Volks DWC03, which is awesome. I am really happy with him.

I have a Marilyn Manson doll now. He's *seriously you're going to laugh* a Dollshe Saint. Because I always seem to buy back the dolls I sell.

I also have a fan doll of the lead in a series of books I love, the latest installment of which is due out tomorrow (and is on the way to me according to Amazon).

I'm going to toss together Harry Dresden to make all the fan dolls complete.

Bilbo Baggins is back.

Dr. Strange finally has a faceup. He can now only be Dr. Strange. Stupid facial hair.


I have done mods! Like, real mods! go me!

I've been gluing hair to dolls instead of wigs. Yep. John started a trend and it just keeps on going.

I'm thinking of selling a couple of dolls I never thought I'd sell.

My cat, Dr. Peter Venkman, who was the kitten of doom, has grown into the biggest, fattest cat ever. Seriously, he huge. He just had his 1 year anniversary. Which means it's also been 1 year since Rocky died. I chose to celebrate the happier occasion and luffed on my Wetey Wetes (he thinks that is his name).

I'm sure there's more. John Crow will probably get his own back-post because I love to post him everywhere, but I'm not sure about the rest! We'll see where I end up lol

For now, here is my newest. He's not new. You may remember him from two years ago as I got him early 2014....he looked like this


Whee! That's old. Hmm. lesseeeee....not my faceup. I do like the wig and eyes, which ended up being my problem.
Eventually I gave him a new faceup and then he looked like this


Huge improvement, love the faceup, still love the wig....but I could never settle on a name, personality or animal for him (He belongs to the group of dolls I named after coffee. Remember them? They all have animal ears of some kind), and thus he's been nameless for long time.

Generally when a doll goes this long unresolved I sell it, but....I really like him. He kind of got me over my MNF hatred, and all he is is pretty.

Over the weekend I was thinking again how stupid it was for me to have dolls named after coffee and not have a Pumpkin Spice, which is the best thing ever, but I don't want new dolls and the two I have don't look like Pumpkins to me. Then I thought I could get rid of the blue wig on this guy and re-christen him Pumpkin. Only since he has no name, there should be no "re" in that sentence.

But I love the blue wig....and honestly I didn't want to make a new wig. I was looking for a choker for one of my other dolls (who has probably been sitting on the shelf naked for more than a year - told you they were neglected) and thought it was with Mini-Harley's stuff. Digging around in the Batman accessory tub, I found Scarecrow's wig, which, since he's always in the mask, he doesn't I tried it on Nameless1 (because I have a Unoa who is Nameless2), and. Well.


I like it! Kept the faceup I love, gave him some green eyes, because the pinky blue ones didn't go with the orange, and he looks like a Pumpkin now! So finally - Pumpkin Spice Latte has arrived, two years after he arrived. I still need to get him a character, and I'm kind of leaning toward a fox for his animal, but I'm not sure I like it. I'm sad I still can't use the blue wig (which I spent a lot of time dying a million years ago), but I think this is perfect. Even the uneven cut works IMO.

Then I did that thing where I thought I needed a Peppermint Mocha, and realized my Nameless Unoa can have that! His current form is on the right, next to Macchi. Little Wyn is the giant on the other side of him. He wants to be a Unicorn too.


So much pastel.

That faceplate already had that face on it when I got the doll, it needs to be redone....other than that, he's good to go! My favorite Starbucks drinks in doll form! XD

Lookit that! I did an update! Go me!!


  1. I was wondering how Venkman was doing. I remember last time we spoke, he was a feisty little thing. Glad to hear he's settling in and Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

    I think it's cool you named your dolls after coffee. I honestly did not know there were so many different kinds (then again I don't drink it!). I also love the new-ish boy a lot. Love that tan colour. I adore him in that orange wig. I may be biased as that's one of my favourite wig colours but on him with that skin tone, it really does look quite stunning.

    Thanks for all the updates!

    1. Thank you! He's doing great. At least, he's the most spoiled rotten thing on earth, so by those

      Oh, there's so many coffees. I can't even scratch the surface of knowledge about it either lol. All I know is flavored lattes! But that's what I have the internet for. At least now most of the dolls are named after drinks I have had and love.
      Thank you!! I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one who likes the change! 2 years is a record for me in figuring out a doll. I'm happy I have a look and a name for him finally.