Thursday, July 26, 2012

New toys!!

I've been waiting to post til I got these guys and since they showed up yesterday, now is the time!

In my last post I preached the good word of Hujoo, having just gotten one and fallen in love. I also mentioned that I'd been looking at and for Pullip Dals but was hesitent to buy one due to wanting to customize one myself, and their fullsets are not cheap and so cute I was afraid I'd feel limited at what I could do with it....(run-on sentences ftw!).

I got extremely lucky....bellalupina on DOA saw my whine post and took pity....A wonderful trade for some BJD clothes later, I have three Dals! :D

Sorta lol
the third is temporarily on a body that it won't keep...and right after I took these (horribly bad) photos his head fell off and the body fell apart XD

Anyway here they are!


Hujoo Alex is on the end because he cutes. And he just got his strings tightened and all he seems to want to do is look up XD I'll have to fix that...probably my sueding will have to be removed...

As soon as I got them yesterday I took all of them apart, switched out eye-mechs and bodies til I was happy. I chipped away at the eyelasshes in the one with Alex III's old wig (back from the dead! wooooooo!) for about a million years, and tried to get the glue residue off them...I did a fair job. They need lots more work, different eye chips, new wigs for the two not in green and purple, all new faceups (is that what they're called in Pullip/Dal lingo??) and the tall one needs a new body so he's not a freak. They're all on obitsu bodies btw...which I also took apart. I was all about dissection yesterday...
The giant body is mine that I had bought a million years ago to put my L action figure on since his body broke. There was more modding involved than I was comfortable doing (because it was very permanent modding) and I never did it. Now I'm thinking I should....He'd be happy to get out of the box he's been in for years.

Then they all need fabulous clothes. Most of what they're wearing was supplied by bellalupina (whom I can't thank enough), the BW stripey shirt came with my Pukifee, the wigs and hat belong to (big) Alex(s), the outfit giantface is wearing was the same thing Hujoo Alex had on before I bought him his outfit which came from Etsy. All the shoes are some form of barbie.

So this is my new project! I am trying not to get attached to the way they are at this moment because when I redo their faceups and get them new eyes it won't matter which head is which now, but it's hard not to keep thinking of them as DalAlex1 DalAlex2 and Az. I'm already wondering how I can get a Pullip and a Taeyang to be Isis and David now XD

 couple of closeups
 dal1 dal2 dal3
 awww this one is so sad XD

one more cause in this hat he's killing me dal2 2 angryface!!!! omg he needs blue eyes so bad D:

I need to get all three of them with Chibi Alex, who is still the angriest of them all... smchibialex1 Chibi Alex is unimpressed by sparklies. He is also a Puki Chichi, though he think everyone on the planet should know that. He also thinks you're wrong. It doesn't matter what your doing or thinking at this moment, you're wrong. He's bad like that.

He also needs a new faceup D: D: D: D: D:

I wanted to show photos of Alex III's tattoos (I finally finished his arms. Now he has two more, scars and blushing and he'll be finished! Except he'll be so dirty by then I'll have to start over....) but I don't have any XD I've been too busy working on the comic...which has updates! Go visit my DA to see! Someday I'm going to get them up on my other blog and be happy...but I can't figure out how I want to do it. I turn procrastination into an art form. Oh yes.


  1. eeeeee dal bbs!
    yes they're still called faceups in dal/pullip language too
    I totally have that leopard hoodie, it's part of the phoebe stock set, and actually the faceup on the one you've got in the green alex wig looks to me like the stock phoebe face so we totally have the same one xD
    I personally have mine on a 21cm obitsu body but they can also work on the 23cm obitsu bodies too if you prefer a little bit more height. and you're going to want to get the white obitsu body 'cause while it's not a perfect match it's lighter than the normal option.

    1. deys so cutes!!
      Lol yay twins! What's the rest of the outfit look like? Not that I want, or can get it lol

      Hur I have no idea what size mine are D: I thought 21-23 was the same XD They're both boy bodies. Other than that I have no clue. I assumed they were WS cause they're the same color mine is...which is darker than Dollmore NS lol. Not so white, are they??

    2. that's the whole stock phoebe doll. I bought her brand new just like that and then painted her eyechips 'cause I didn't dig the transparent look, re-wigged her 'cause their stock wigs aren't the greatest quality, and then stuck her on an obitsu body after I broke a hand on the stock on accident >.<
      I think that the 21-23 are almost the same one just has longer legs maybe, I feel like the torsos are the same but I could be wrong. they do also make the soft bust bodies in I think 23cm if you want a girl with boobs, but I wanted the boy/child body 'cause my phoebe is a girl but I wanted as close to dal stock as possible and I actually used her chest piece with just the rest of the obitsu body so that her head fits perfect without having to fuss with the rubberbands and whatever.
      the obitsu colors are really strange and I wish they made one that was more yellowy. the darker color wouldn't even be so terrible if it were at least in the same warm tone family.

    3. Boo, I want that hat!! Maybe I can snag it second hand somewhere...
      My roommate wants one now XD She spent all night looking at their photos! Unlike me she knows which one she wants (she won't be wrecking hers so it's an easier decision).

      I'm sticking with boy bodies for now. I always want boys >.< I do kind of want a Pullip girl eventually, and I might go with the soft bust for her just to see what they're like. I have to get the rubberband thing going with mine, they are a tad bobble. I'm not going to mess with it til they have new faces though. No point!

      My heads are closer to WS than the obitsus are! It's so weird, I feel like I have to blush them to match. And blush the bodies, they're so shiny!

  2. Oh yay that's awesome that someone read your post and had some to trade you! How exciting! I'd have trouble not getting attached to them as-is too. THey're so cute! And so many potential Alexes! Alexs? However one pluralizes a name XD

    1. LOL I get asked that a lot...after some discussion I've figured it should be Alexes. But who knows.
      I'm totally excited! I can't wait to work on them!!

      More Alexes are on the way DC body for my fifth Kara Klum head is supposed to be shipped out Monday. I am super excited about that XD

  3. LOVE THEM!! what is the name of the esty shop you ordered the clothes for the Hujoo from I am still sooo interested in getting a few for me and my niece and should start shopping for clothes. I might end up ordering direct from Hujoo though instead of Junky Spot because I want a white skin not apricot.

    1. I probably will too when I get my second, I want tan and JS doesn't have it. Here's the link
      There's a lot of good Pullip/Blythe stuff on Etsy. This one has a lot too
      More for girls than boys of course. Those of us who like boys are usually sol lol