Saturday, July 28, 2012

Waiting SUCKS

I ordered a Doll Chateau Youth boy body way back in April for my Fifth Kara Klum, a hybrid I am both way excited for and nervous about.

I knew it would be a long time so I've tried not to think too much about it...
Yesterday my final payment was due, and I didn't get a notice from DDE so I emailed them today to nudge them into sending me one. They did, I paid, and then they emailed me back saying it would be shipped Monday. Monday. One and half days from then. YARG!!! Now that I know it's that close I'm going nuts with the wait!! I've gathered together some clothes, wig and eyes for him, I'll be doing his face up, which will be temporary, as soon as I can....I'm already planning to hopefully bring him to BJDC for some hardcore clothes shopping...I can't wait. I almost wish they'd have waited til Monday to tell me, because then it would have only been 3 days, not's so long! LOL

I really hopes he makes it by Wed...I don't have time to mod the head, but I can give him a face up so he can go to the con with me...but only if the body makes it here. How can I wait 3 months with no thought and now I can't make it 5 days! Or several hours even lol.

I really hope the head looks ok on the body. If it does, I plan to mod Alex II's body a lot. A LOT. Also scary since I love that one. I don't know'd think all four of my Adam bodies would be the same but II is skinnier by almost a cm. He looks amazing in clothes. Maybe I'll only mod him a little XD


  1. I agree it SUCKS!!! I have been on before shipping for a while now with dollshe and I was all ready for a LONG wait no problem at all but the minute I went to before shipping and now I check it ALL THE TIME!! But I am having another surgery next week and will be off a little longer hopefully he comes when I am off so I can enjoy him!!!

    I hope your guy comes soon too I am excited to see how the hybrid works and what you do with him and taking him to the con would be nice!!!!

    1. Yay for before shipping! I know some people's lasted more than a month :P but mine was like a week. But really, I hope your surgery goes well *many hugs* so much more important. Though having a new doll around would probably be good for recovery! :D

    2. Well he was processed through Chicago last night so I might get him before surgery! Did you new one come??

    3. I got my Doll Chateau body! It came 8pm the night before I left for I opened him, slapped a head on, through on some clothes, and packed him away XD
      I've not had a lot of time to get used to it yet...I really like it though.

      I saw your guy came!! I haven't had the time to catch up completely but I ran through some of my DA stuff. He looks so good!!! Why do I like everyone elses Saints but hate mine?! Do you love him?? Have you had your surgery yet? How are you doing?? *more hugs*

    4. I am following the epic post of Alex 11 formerly known as the head. You number their hands...nevermind going to comment in that post too

      I can not wait to see and hear more about the DC body!

      My kind of pushy LOL but I am liking him which shocked the shit out of might be partly because My Rosen head is all of the sudden falling apart!?!?!?! I pulled him out to put on the body when the Saint looked like hell in all wigs I had and the magnets are out on the rosen and even though he has been in a box he has some black scuffs on his face up!! and I can't go out and get glue and his face would not stay on and I just put him away thinking the world sucked. So I tried harder on the Saint and he is wearing...No lie here he is wearing one of the tinies wigs I cut in the back and he has to wear a hat to keep it on it is so small. But that wig just kind of I ordered it in his size and we are waiting. His butt is going out for a face up eventually but I have a con type thing I regged for ages ago I MIGHT go to in a few weeks and if I can not get the Rosen's act together the saint might come.

      I had the second surgery last week. I am going okay I guess they are not putting me on meds so I am cold turkey on thyroid hormones which will eventually be a combo of the worst hang over, PMS, and the flu with the cold chills and then drenching sweats. I am not there yet easing into it slowly I guess. Neck bruised like WOAH and I literally scared a child at a store this weekend with how bad i look but whatever

    5. omg...maybe Rosen was trying to escape?? D: Seriously though that's crazy! At least the magnets should be easy to glue back in...but still how scary!

      LOL How did you even think to try on a tinies wig on him?? I wish I could see, it sounds hilarious. I had issues with wigs with mine too, and finally after I decided to sell him I found one...but the Hound can have it. It'll work for him too I think. (I'm actually excited about him, I can't wait!)

      I hope you can take one of them to the con...Though carrying them around might be death. Alex is so heavy after a few hours I'm ready to toss him out, I can't imagine one of the giant-butt Dollshe boys!

      I wish I could give real hugs. At least surgery went ok? Do you know anything yet?? I'm thinking about you *even more internet hugs*