Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Text Wall of DOOM

EDIT: Woo! Since last night Kamau has sold on layaway!! Good news, now he can go off to someone who actually likes him and will hopefully do more than just lay him on a shelf and let him actually collect dust!!

I figured I need to update, or this will be one of those things that I've avoided for so long I can't do it (I haven't been on DA in like, 6 months. I'm shamed.). Nothing has really happened, but for some reason I had nothing to update and then no time and then....yeah.

So this might get long.

The week after Dollism I went through a fantastic stroke of horrible luck on DOA's MP. I mean it was bad. It started when I pmed a user about buying their CP Delf El. It was a good price, and I was still riding high from not spending my money at Dollism (only the money made at roomsales), and I had been thinking about getting an El for a while - plus I had some freelancing money to play with. Well that person still has not messaged me back lol. So that was a bust.

Then the worst thing happened:
I have had a WTB up for the Luts Kid Delf Jamong Pegasus head since the first one arrived at home. I adore that little head to death - it's the first head I've seen that really screams Mini or Little Wyn. I got contacted by someone who said they would sell me the head - they'd just gotten it and didn't care for it. I immediately agreed to their price and said if they sent me a total I'd pay right then - which I did. I didn't hear back from them depsite asking to let me know when they got the money. I had been told they'd ship next day...but that night I still hadn't heard from them and so I sent a pm with a friendly "wondering if you'd had time to ship!" inquiry. Still nothing. The next day I logged onto my work email and found they'd refunded my money with no reason given. I pmed again this time asking wtf (not really but I was thinking it), and finally got a one line response claiming she couldn't go through with the sale.

First time I've ever left Flakey Feedback for anyone. I was totally heartbroken by this. I've been dying to make a Little Wyn ever since I got my Pado in 2009...I've just never found the right mold. Now the right mold exists, and it was just yanked out of my hands - after I paid!! WHO DOES THAT?! I'm still pissed and it was weeks ago. To make it worse I've had no more responses on my WTB, so I'll probably never end up with this head (I've since expanded it to include the Yul Satreese head - which people keep selling the romantic version of, but not the floppy-eared head. Rawrg.).

That same day I found the exact DC body I wanted for my DZ Moon head for sale at a fabulous price, and still dying to spend money I pmed that person only to find I'd been beaten out by someone else (not that sellers fault - just crappy timing on my part).

Well, my week of crap luck finally ended when I was looking one last time for an El - I grabbed one that had been put up like, 5 minutes before I contacted the seller (the lovely Baakay) XD
So I got an El again after several years of being El-less (the old Ryuji was a Dreaming El)!

Our Halloween meet - one of the biggest meets all year - happened the next weekend and I took him hoping to get him some clothes and luckily a good friend was selling some of her Dollheart. Adrien (one of his names) now has a fabulous DH Lolita outfit, an amazing guitar I found on DOA, and the wigs I ordered him from Licht - which are perfect. I've had him for a couple weeks and he's so spoiled XD
The real reason I bought him is kind of pathetic....I'd been wanting to make a VK inspired doll so freaking bad - the other guitarist in Fallen (which has my Hound and PW Goldie as singers, VLKS Michele and DWC02 as drummer and keyboardist) - and I have had a faceup in mind for almost two years I wanted to try out. SO he's mostly put together - other than eyes. I'm having a hard time deciding or even finding some I want. :\

Last week I found on the MP a Luts Kid Delf elf eared event head for a super-barginy price that I decided would make an adequate mini Wyn until I get the damn Jamong head (if).....it arrived friday but I don't have a body for him. And I think I need to mod the eyes some.

 I got Ghost's (DZ Carter) faceup finished - just no pictures.

The New Boo (DZ Reiko) was sadly put on hold - I found a spot on the face when I removed the default faceup. It woudn't come off with any chemical or magic eraser, so I resorted to sanding. I sanded so much off he's now modded and I have to continue to mod him to fix him now. And the fucking spot is still there. It must be a stain going all the way through the head. I'm hoping I can fix him....I can't get a new Reiko head....I don't even know what head I could try next, I really loved the Reiko...

Gambit's new head - MD River - arrived in time for me to take it to Dollism (because Migi rocks) and I gave him his crappy faceup there lol. Then took it off and gave him a real one at home. OMG. He's fabulous. I mean amazing. I could not have asked for a better head. So he's back on the Granado body (sorry Marcus - you just can't win!!) and probably keeping it unless I find a better one. I spent a shit-ton of time restringing him and fixing him....he poses so much better now I actually hate him less.....

I listed most of my dolls I'm selling back on DOA and so far no sales but I had a nice trade of some MSD things for the Wolverine/Cosmo head, an offer of the FL F60 Nanuri A (Elf Chloe) head for my Volks Midori, which I accepted. I need to pack her up and ready her to go - I'm excited about this - I'm making him into Sage's twin. Which cracks me up since she's the "boy" version and he'll be the "girl" version. I'll be giving him Sage's wig since I bought her a different one at Dollism and she's wearing it now. He's even coming with a custom faceup I might keep.

I also got an offer for a trade for Gambit's old head - the Volks Heath - for the Elf Soony event head from the recent event. I'm all about that too - I love some elves!! - Still working on it, but I really hope it goes through. Not sure what I'll do with an Elf Soony, but I've been thinking of trying to get Sage an F60 body - so Soony could have the Delf body and be a girl. I'd rather make it a boy though....Sage's brother will share with Adrien (El) until I figure out what body I want.

I'm going through a dissatisfied phase with Isis (DM Fine) right now and I think she's getting a mold change - which makes me feel so guilty since I love the Fine mold. But I've been thinking of doing this for a while and with Nano coming up I've been giving Isis's character more thought (which really needs to be done) and I want to try reshelling her. If I am truthful, I've been not quite happy with her for a while, since Dollmore released Biwol at least. The second I saw that head I thought that if she'd come out before Fine she would have been Isis. The more I work on her character, the more I think she should be. I have a WTB up for the head, but not too many people ever owned her, so I'll probably be buying one new when I make my massive order of Kid parts for all my "kids" who need extra hands and feet. I'm pretty sure I'll keep Fine, try to make her into Theresa, and just body share them, since Isis and Theresa were never alive at the same time and I would rather not have Theresa around all the time. And I don't want to sell Fine. I still love the mold.

I want to know what FL is doing for their latest event (IKR? Why?!), I don't really want any dolls, just some bodies - but if they're doing F60's I might cave and order a whole doll just to get a body.....if I don't do that, I'll hopefully be able to order from DM soon to get Isis sorted out.

I think that's where I am right now. I feel bad selling Metatron, but don't miss him on my shelf. I doubt he'll sell anyway.

Sorry for the long wall of text. I have photos....but I don't feel like posting them.


  1. You've got so much going on! My gosh- I want to see photos of everyone!! (Especially Gambit FFFFFFF.)

    Good luck with all your other sales, I've had to have a strip down of my lot but the market seems pretty slow at the moment T_T

    1. And I actually have photos!! lol next time.

      The market is awful. I just had a talk with a friend over the weekend about how crappy it is. I've thought it was awful all year - I've mostly been living off trades these days - but right now it's the worst. It's not even really a good time to be a buyer because people aren't lowering their prices either. Good luck with your sales! Hopefully after some of these events are over people will start buying again.

  2. Good luck with your sales! Mine have been going horribly, and Evie has it right: the market is super slow! Hopefully everything works out well for you :)

    Your post makes me feel bad for not posting D: I think I'll do a Dollism pic post to make sure people know I'm still alive lol

    1. you should!! I want to see your pics! I never made my second Dollism post >.< I wanted too, I just got too distracted aaaaaaaaand I never edited the second batch of photos.

      Omg the market is so bad. I doubt I'll sell my Ripley Days - I'll probably have to either keep him or mark him way down. If I could find clothes for him I wouldn't care so much....but he's such a paint to shop for! Good luck selling yours too!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your recent spate of bad sales. Hopefully, you won't experience anymore this year!

    The MP has become a bit stagnant I think. Things don't seem to be selling so much on there these days.

    Have you seen the new Halloween event FL is doing yet? They look tempting but I always tend to get these niggling thoughts in my head that something better might come up so I never end up buying. It's the same with those new Withdoll Tinies. I really like Raul but I'm hesitant in case I buy him and a doll I really love happens to pop up for sale.

    1. The MP has really sucked recently - I swear when ever I get together with my other doll friends we end up complaining about how bad the second-hand market is right now. It's really sad and makes me think that all those idiots with recasts saying it's not going to hurt anyone are even stupider if they can't see what it's done. I realize the economy isn't great....but I've had several people tell me they won't buy things without proof of legitimacy and there's a lot out there with none. Because 5 years ago no one cared....

      I did! I'm luckily not tempted because I'm selling off several of my Pukis, I don't want any MNFs, and all I really need are bodies from the F60 line, which they're not opening this order period. *sigh*
      My roommate is ordering though so that'll be fun. Vicarious doll-orderage!!