Thursday, October 23, 2014

Another Free Repeater

Soooooooo I sold my Pukifee this year, and a couple other dolls of that size, thinking I would only keep Ebils, and then have YO size forever. Then I ordered that AngelBattle Cream who is Pukifee sized. Oops.

Worse, I went to Dollism and saw Latidoll. I've never been attracted to their tinies, I mean, not at all, but I saw this guy and just fell in love with that little face.


 I honestly thought about buying him, but didn't, because I didn't want that size anymore. I went back and saw him a couple times, and took this picture, which was a mistake, because weeks later I'm still wishing I would have grabbed him.

Then Withdoll went and released those Werewolf Babies. Omg. For real, just look at them! I have thought about it since the release, and I just can't pass it up, on the chance I might seriously regret it, like the Lati Yellow Monster House Lashes. I'll be ordering tomorrow btw, I may be winging it as I am not 100% which one in which color I want most (I want all the werewolves!! I don't even care about werewolves!), but chances are it'll be Coco in Rosy Brown with all the animal parts and wolf skins. He has a name already - Sterek. lol
I'll call him Wolfy.

I figure he'll be friends with Mcoy "Bones" (the someday-will-get-here AB Cream)....and since I prefer things in threes, I've decided to try and get the LDY Vampy Lashes. My first attempt is Lati. He's long sold out, but they had him at Dollism, so I sent them a note asking if he might be there somewhere, hiding in a corner waiting for me. We'll see if that works out - I don't have a ton of hope, but it's a start.

If you're me, or you happen to know me very well, you can see why I love him. It's not just the fangs (they help) or the stripped suit (also helps), but the face. Those giant eyes and that shape of slightly open mouth is like my kryptonite. Every time I see a tiny that looks at me like that I melt. The Withdoll Coco has the same look - I didn't realize it though his faceup until I saw one blank. Same face. I don't know if it's because of Baby Alex (Leekeworld D Bebe) or if I bought him for the same reason and didn't realize it at the time, but he was the first. Then it was Ai/Afi from Soom, to this day the only Soom face that got me until the released Ashes/Hawa who are not only bunnies but look like Ai and Afi! I tried and couldn't even put my Afi up for sale....he's just too adorable. And I keep going for the exact same dolls over and over. Even my other tinies match up a little. Chibi Alex, North and Baby Wyn kind of have a similar look as well. I repeat a lot in this hobby. Especially if count the 7 Kara Klums.

So if Lati shoots me down I'll put up a WTB so I can bring "Fang" home to his new BFs, the newest residents (even though I don't own any of them yet) of Halloween Town. Mayored I'm sure, by Skullface. Ebils will become, not a demon but a devil, I have plans to make him a tail (and since the doll was supposed to be a dragon, he has a tail magnet already!) and all will be fabulous. Chibi Alex has moved in with the Alexcorn because I maintain the fact that Alex has Halloween all those weird dolls I don't know what to do with have a place, which means I'm less likely to turn around and sell them on a whim. My friend moved her DC Jodie into my collection as well - he's going to get a new look and be named Crow. Someday my poor Moon will have a body and she'll fit in nicely with all of them.

And if you can guess where my title comes from, you can have cookies.

Now for pictures! I wanted to get some shots of Ghost, but I failed, so it's just Gambit and Adrien.


Changing him to the River head was the best idea I ever had...



I can't wait to actually use the LED light far I haven't done it. I am stupid happy with him right now. If I was going to have a doll of Gambit, this would be it!! Which sounds so dumb, but since I didn't buy the Heath or the River with that in it makes sense to me. lol

And Adrien!
Whose real name is Adriel, as like the rest of the band Fallen, he's an angel. He's also their second guitarist, back-up vocals and manager. And sometimes he's Uriel's friend with benefits. Because Uri can't keep his hands off my Delfs.


I want different eyes for him eventually....but I haven't found any I'm partial too. He wears VK you would think I'd go cray, but no. I just can't decide.


I got really lucky at the Dollmeet. That dress is exactly what I wanted for him! Also got lucky with the guitar and wig. This is pretty much what I wanted him to look like! Adrien was, if you can't tell, very inspired by Visual Kei bands XD as were my two Volks boys also in the band (they're not even as extreme as he is). Though Trevor really should get a better faceup. I really like the one he has though D:
He has some normal hairs too, but I've never put them on him XD


  1. If you got the name Sterek from Teen Wolf, I will die xD

  2. Ah, the Latidoll bug. I had that too not so long ago but managed to stop the temptation! In part due to hearing how very long Latidoll takes to produce their dolls. Fingers crossed that you will be able to get your "Fang".

    Love the photos of Gambit and Adrien. They both look great, especially Adrien. So stunning with that wig and face up combo.

    I recently got to watch the latest X-Men movie (Released on DVD) - Days of Future Past. I have to admit, the movie was good, I enjoyed it but can't help feeling like it was a reboot movie to prepare of a retelling of the X-Men movies. And it is a shame we didn't get to see quite as much of Gambit in them movies, seeing as he was in the core group wasn't he?

    1. I never even looked at Lati before and now I'm obsessed. I might have to get two, there's a vamp Noa on the MP that is begging me to take him home.....Laches is first though (and I actually just bought one today D: ). I think it's the vampires. The funny thing is my other "vampires" don't have fangs - I want all the fanged tinies. All of them.

      I loved it. I mean, so much it was funny since I hated First Class so much. But there was a lot of Magneto (and who doesn't want that) I love the guy that played Quicksilver and I'm thrilled there's going to be reboots of the series becuase I would recast just about everyone but Wolverine. So it's my favorite thing right now lol
      Depending on what you consider the core group, yes or no. In the early 90's (starting I believe with 1990) he was in one of the two books full time. 10 years later the X-men brand was kind of structured different and there were more than two books and he was one of the characters that could really show up in any of them. Then that whole Cyclops-Wolverine split happened and I think he was in one book for a while but not the others. Now he's in X-Factor. So depending on the when....yeah. lol
      I would love to see a really well done movie version of him. Instead we get channing tatum. Who will suck. So hard. Not looking forward to it at all.