Monday, February 23, 2015

Not Dead.

Not yet anyway!!

I haven't had much time for doll stuff in the last several weeks....I've pretty much done nothing with them other than dress a couple for meets. I think we've had two and a half in the time I've done pretty much zero with my dolls otherwise. It's not that I'm on hiatus or something bad has happened.....I've just been spending every moment of free time I have on my comic.

This is  a good thing - I think I did four pages of it in the beginning of the year last year and then didn't touch it. Which was a horrible span of time. several weeks ago I got re-inspired and did 5 complete pages in three weeks which is a record for me.

When I was done with those five, I spent some time laying out the next six pages which I somehow managed to get completely penciled in less than seven days. I started inking, and as of yesterday had three totally inked. I started the penciling last Sunday, so in seven days I had six penciled pages and 3 inked. I've never worked that fast before.  I'm hoping to have the next three inked by the end of the week, and then everything lettered and toned by end of next week - sooner would be nice, but y'know. Stuff will always happen.

I do have a few updates in the doll area:
I have received almost everything I was waiting on - Alice Collecttions just delivered today and is waiting for me at home - awesome because Ryuji's first ever outfit I've bought him is in that order, some Doc Martin looking boots for Alex and most best of all - Sherlock's coat and Khan's shirt (he's Khan right now, I watched Star Trek last weekend I must change him back to Sherl.)

Only thing I've got out there is a wig I ordered randomly from eBay, and the body + clothing I bought second-hand ages ago for Rowan...I hope that comes soon. I'm getting worried.

Also, I have an extra special surprise that showed up Saturday night.....I'm not going to go into it since I hadn't previously mentioned it, and I don't have pics since I was going to tote it to work, but didn't have hopefully tomorrow.

Until then, in lieu of doll pictures, have this

smFC CH3 9

This is my current last completed page. I like it because it shows off Alex's general mood at all times, and is the first time I had to deal with telepathy between my two mind-readers......It's also exciting for me because "Jake" finally showed up. Most people probably won't recognize him....but


 He's Uriel. And after Alex, Uriel is my favorite. You can't really tell, since I don't photograph him and post him a whole hell of a lot, but if anyone could take over and have his own storyline in my universe, it would be this guy. Even though his hair is a wreck. I need to learn to make better wigs. He could benefit from an alpaca wig too.

So this is one reason I'm being so manic about getting this done - I have been anxious for the rest of my "main" characters to show up so I can get on with the real story, Isis is next, and she's on the last two pages I'm working on now.

I'm also trying to get to a good stopping point for when I go to Disney World for a week in March.

I'm super-excited for that - Chibi Alex is going....he's getting some Disney-fied clothes (which will all have Nightmare b4 xmas on them cause that's how he rolls) and he'll be playing tourist. He's supposed to be the only doll I bring, but Squishy Alex and Chibi Skullface may stow away....Squishy for sure, he can go in my suitcase. Since he's just a head and some hands, he'll be fine.

Anyway I have to either go back to work, work on my comic, or catch up on blogs here, so I hope everyone has been doing well <3


  1. Firstly, congrats on getting a lot done on your comic! I'm always in awe of people who can do their own comics. I tried to a few years back but I can't really draw bodies too well.

    Glad everything arrived to you. It's stressful waiting for things to arrive. It's probably why I end up using a faster method like EMS for things if I can afford it.

    That's your Mono isn't it? He always looks so gorgeous. Makes me slightly miss mine (sold him recently) but I'll just enjoy through yours.

    Have a great time at Disney World!

    1. Close! That's Miho....but they seriously look exactly alike. Which turned out great for me since they should lol

      Thank you! I understand what you mean - I'm in awe of people who do it faster and better than me....those who have like, pages numbering in the 100s or are working on two or more at once. I can barely manage a page a week (until now!! I'm almost done with inking all six!). But I love doing it. Or at least I love the finished product lol

      I usually pay more for shipping too, if it's an option. My Alice order was actually EMS (free because we spend so much money! XD) but they had to make most of the items so it took forever - and for some reason our mail system is really freaking slow right now. I'd say it's the weather except the West Coast has no such excuse and they're just as slow. And they keep wanting to charge more and cut hours. The hell.

      Thank you!! I can't wait. I haven't been since I was a kid, so I feel like I can really enjoy it now! :D That makes no sense....