Thursday, March 26, 2015

Back from Fantasy Land.

Today I'm a supporter of scarf has a Dark Mark on it.

So I survived my vacation to Disney. Sadly I want to go back....XD
I decided I could move into Hogshead (Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Universal Studios Florida) and no one would ever know...
Seriously, if you're a fan of these books and movies this is the most amazing place...I did not want to leave.

I returned from sunny and warm Florida weather to typical STL weather. Dark, dreary, rain and cold. And freezing rain. Yay. It's been this way all week. So done.

Also, so no doll stuff to share. At least no photos. I haven't touched a real camera in weeks, and my dolls are getting dusty. Tonight I plan to redress someone, just to have something to do with them XD

I do have news however

The day before Leonard Nimoy passed I paid for a Zachary Quinto Spock head! I was insanely lucky to get this...A DOA member linked a Taobao shop that seemed to be the same sculptor as my Benedict head - Modoll. They had a Spock up for sale, and with that extremely wonderful persons help I found out that it was a 25 piece pre-order that would be over soon. They recommended an agent for me and the sale went through. When I got back from Disney I found the head already at the warehouse! I paid for shipping and he should go out this week sometime!! So OMG I will have Spock.

When I planned on this BC MNM I originally didn't think I'd want more, but the more I thought about it (and watch those stupid movies) I had the vague idea that I might want Kirk and Spock too. Of course there is no Kirk (Chris Pine) MNM....and I am generally against the mixing of MNMs with normal BJDs.....but two days ago I saw this. I think I can make that work. So for now, Granado Uranus *snicker* will be Kirk, who I thought I'd get before Spock...but that MODOLL sale was perfect in timing (I was prepared to hunt that head down on the second-hand market the proverbial "someday").

Of course I have a total of one body for these three heads (which is ok, since Uranus *snicker* isn't even for sale yet!) my current obsession is finding Spock the perfect body to go with Khan. And eventually Kirk. I will of course wait until I have him in my hands to even consider ordering - I need to try him on the Dollmore body first and see how he looks next to Benedict - but so far I'm leaning toward Dollstown 18yr. Which might be the most expensive body I could have found....but I am so in love with anything Dollstown I think it'll be worth it in the long run. They recently redid the knees so it should even pose well, which is good, because posing was one of my issues with larger dolls. It might be on the large side, and I worry the neck will be too skinny, but again, gotta see the head first. And maybe Benedict will just have to get some big cyber-punk boots (I'm sure Khan would be ok with that).

My first choice was Impldoll's Idol, until I saw somewhere it's not as tall as advertised - WHY do BJD companies do that?! - and then had that confirmed today. Supposedly Zachary, Chris and Benedict are all about an inch apart from one another if not the same height, and I'd like to stick to that as much as possible, and I really think 70cm is too small for a MNM head anyway - I think the one I have borders on too small! Good thing I had it already XD And again, Benedict being skinny IRL helps tons.

A wig will probably be an issue....I have no idea how to even go about making one. I found a Monique wig I might be able to mod if I don't screw it up. I should go buy that before the head ships so I'll have it...

So Benedict - who is still blank, and right now naked - has a whole universe shaping around him. In addition to Spock and the eventual Kirk, I has a this which was my solution to Smaug. My best friend gave him to me for my birthday (which isn't until April lol but it got here early) and is totally adorbs. I love him. He's blank atm of course, but I plan on using dark reds and black on him to get some good Smaugness. I bought eyes from CandyKitten (Hungarian Horntail of all things lol) and they're perfect! He's also wearing a scarf.....I figure if he can infect Benedict with Smaug, Benedict can infect him with Sherlock. My intension was to have him always following Sherlock or Khan around trying to turn him Smaug. My roommate is making Benedict a Smauglock costume (which is why he's naked) and I want to get him the same eyes and some similar horns so can go dragon.

I don't know why I'm so obsessed with's not even my fandoms. But it's been fun. And it's a good break from my own stuff - and really my dolls are nearly done anyway. Gabriel is the last of my actual characters I really want shelled, and now that I know what doll she's going to be I just need to scrape up the cash to order really, I need another "Universe" to play with. Right?! RIGHT?!!??! I wonder if there's an Enterprise BG for sale on the eBay....? That would be awesome.

Anyway I hope everyone is doing ok. It's so quiet here now.... D:

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  1. This sounds like an exciting project! I have never heard of Modoll. I'm guessing they're one of those Minimee type companies or something? or artists I guess. Do they do a good job? I've been rather out of the loop.

    Sorry I kept saying I was coming back and then kind of.. didn't. Life and work were being kind of jerks and it was hard to find time for hobbies.

    I feel you on needing another "universe" to play with! I don't have many more that I need/want for what I have been working on but I still want to see and collect new things eventually.

    I also often find myself wondering why bjd companies label bodies as certain heights when it's not accurate. I get used to it and it usually doesn't bother me much but in certain cases (such as the one you mentioned where you want them close in height) it can be rather frustrating. Just when you think youv'e found the perfect height/build combination, you find out that the listed information is inaccurate.

    Good luck with the wig. I would have no idea how to approach that either. Modding something seems like the easiest way and hopefully it works out well!