Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Blog!

I'm still learning this blog thing. I think I have like, three unused ones out there now Xo but as this one is about dolls, and I'm always wanting a place to just go on about them, maybe this one will stick around.

First, a quick intro.

Asian Ball Jointed Doll. I'm going to put together a FAQ but until then, there's plenty of places to look 'em up. I do not make them. That's the important thing. I generally state where they come from, but if not, feel free to ask. What do I do to and with them?

Paint their faces (Faceup)
Blush their bodies, adding various tattoo/designs, scaring other marks
Mods - some permanent, some removable
Wigs - some I make, some I mod by cutting, boiling adding stuff
Other - basic maintenance

I also use them for photography and drawing models.

Please. Stealing is wrong. Just don't do it.
Most if not all my dolls are customized to look like characters I created and developed for my Graphic Novel Forgotten Children (see my DA page). They are © me, their likenesses and images are mine.

Usually I have no problem allowing my photos to be reposted when asked and given credit.
Thank you.

Now that that's out of the way: Dolls! :D

I wish I had an updated photo of Alex I, he was my first and still my favorite...but I don't so you'll have to do with Mini-Alex, who is a Doll Chateau Colin. He's relatively new, and I've been obsessed with him since his arrival...

I made his wig, did his faceup and blushed his body. He's a gorgeous sculpt, I didn't have to do much to make him pretty X3. Smoke added in PS

Alex is my favorite of my OCs and thus too big for one doll. I have 10 of them D: You'll see them all eventually.

I'm pretty proud of his wig, I don't sew at all, but I made the pattern and did this my self! Since, I've been trying my hand in making other fur wigs for the dolls. I've done about 5 total, they're not perfect, but getting there!

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