Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So I am not sure if anyone ever noticed this, but none of my dolls (and very few of my characters for that matter) are actually part of a couple. I have parts of future couples, past couples, characters who slept together at least once, characters who want to be with the other person but that person is in some way a moron and doesn't get it and halves of couples where the other one is dead. The only sorta relationship I've got going with my dolls is Alex/Kimi, but they're so dysfunctional I don't like to call them together.

 I'm a big fan of tragedy, so there's a lot of unrequited love going on in my group. Some of it will never ever be requited, some of it might be, and there's always loss in the future of all my characters so you never know when someone is scheduled to die. Happy endings bore me. Don't expect to many of them XD

That said, I have my first real BJD couple!! :D Who knew?? Meet Pilot and James!

smPilot and James1 smPilot and James2

I will be the first to admit, I was ambiguous about them, I'm not normally a fan of mixing super-stylized with uber-realistic, and other than my B&G Sapphira, James here is my most stylized (non-child) doll. Likewise, Pilot is probably my most realistic! I didn't know how tiny his eyes were til he was here >.<

Both boys here were kinda like accidents in my collection. James was the result of a floating body I didn't really want to sell and a damaged head I stumbled across at a meet and traded for an outfit. Pilot was also a floating body, and a head that was on my wishlist for a day before someone offered me an unrelated trade, and mentioned they had that exact head that they would sell me at a reduced price. Needless to say I couldn't pass it up.

I wasn't too sure about him until his Dollheart outfit showed up...Now I love him. Even better, I think I like him more after his pictures with James...I don't know what it is, but I think they might work together, lingering doubts aside. When I ended up with the SD13 body headless (the result of my Migidoll Ryu FINALLY getting a Dollstown body), I immediately decided to make Pilot into a doll to go with first thought was to get one that went well with a Chiwoo, but then I decided to get a random sculpt I'd always liked...I had AiL Bertram on my list too, as well as a DT boy. I'm glad I went with Elijah :)

Pilot (Remiel)
Mold: Alice in Labyrinth Elijah, Volks SD13 body
Species: Angel
Aspect: Fire - Medium (sees dead people D:), sometimes has visions
Occupation: Demon hunter, specializes in Hellhounds. Member of Sector 9, under Uriel.
Other half of Angelic Pair: Hanael
 I might make him a shorter wig...

James (Hanael)
Mold: CP Luts Delf Elf Chiwoo (modded to hell and back), B&G Type 2 boy body, Delf hands
Species: Angel
Aspect: Fire - Empathy
Occupation: Demon hunter, specializes in Hellhounds. Member of Sector 9, under Uriel.
Other half of Angelic Pair: Remiel
smJames smJAMES smJAMES2

James converted me to Chiwooism. Before him I was a fan of a small handful owned by other people but didn't want one of my own. I don't know what I was thinking! He's so cute X33

Both dolls have faceups by me.
Pilot's wig is made by me, James's wig by Spite&Malice.


  1. Love Pilot's face he is so interesting I have seen nothing like him before but i really like him!!!!

    and of course Hanael is adorable as always he is so sweet

    1. :D Thanks!! He's different alright. Especially among my dolls.

      lol it took me a minute to figure out how to reply (my reply button was black, I couldn't see it! XD fail...) but your my first comment!! *confetti*

    2. *dances in confetti* it took me a few to work the commenting out too this place is way different then I am used to.

      Funny story but I have had an account here for ages that I NEVER USED I made an account in like 2005 for my Warcraft life and my name here was Zum-sauce and then when I was in college in 2009 my professor in an India Lit class wanted to do a class Blog and when I came on to make an account it added me to the class as Zum-Sauce so I had to tell my professor I was a massive dork. but it took me most of the quarter to change my posting name to Megan so at least when I came on here again I knew how to change it to calming in 2012 steps I guess

      also sorry for the wall of text

    3. lol that's funny!! And similar to me! I had a blog for awhile for no reason, changed it to my comic, never used it, tried again, never used it....tried again when I started this one, then gave up yesterday and deleted it. Then restarted joined to this one XD
      It's just going to be under construction forever XD

      When I signed up for this one I put the wrong name in...And then I had to figure out how to change it too so I could be VA13... That's practically my identity by now XD

  2. Pilot's outfit is teh awesome.

  3. Whoa, posting a comment was a 5 step process here, lol.

    1. ha ha at least it let you comment! It's been giving me issues lately =_=