Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wig Mania

One of my new obsessions is wigs. I've been doing the wig modding almost since day one of collecting dolls, but now it's going up a step or two. I've started making my own fur wigs (since I got me a fantastic fur deala yo), and because it's hard to find people with the correct green/purple combo of Alex's hair...I also have to make him a fiber version, due to fur not being long enough for the SD dolls.

I've been wanting dread falls for Ryuji (LM Kliff) because I feel like he'd wear them, I decided to give one of Wyn's wigs a good updating including streaks and decided he could use some falls as well, and then I stumbled on what looked like an easy tutorial on how to make dreads on DOA. So now I'm making dreads XD

My first attempt *fail*
dreads 1

They're actually not too bad....if I'd read all the directions =_=
I missed two very important steps. They're too long, double-ended and kinda fluffy. I like them though, and am going to try and come up with something I can use them for.

Last night I tried again. I followed all the directions this time, and not only did they turn out way better, they took half the time. :|

dreads 2

They don't look bad at all! :D I'm going to be sewing these into a Monique Jojo in White blond/bleach blond for Alex. Yeah, he's getting a few dreads as an alternate wig. I have reasons....

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