Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back from BJDC

So how sad is it that a band I LOVE is releasing a new album soon, and my first though was "I wonder if Starbucks will be carrying it?"? ... For real. Then I had a tiny panic when I couldn't remember where to go to buy actual CDs. MP3s are taking over my life. If only my ipod worked!!! WORK DAMN YOU! You have no idea how dependant you are on a thing til it's dead. ALL MY MUSIC! I'm using my first ipod, a pink Mini that only holds a tiny fraction of my stuff, and it's like death. I can only listen to whats there, not my whole collection! D: I need to break down and buy a new one...

Anyway, I'm back from Texas, attempting to catch up on work, internets and life. It was a lot of fun, I hung out with friends, some I went with, some I met there, sat through some panels (which were actually really nice!), saw people for the first time in person that I've chatted with online like Mystic Unicorn (The Mushroom Peddler) and ForeverVirginia...and shopped. The shopping...>.< I bought too much, and oddly I don't think I bought as much as I did last time, but I also think there was a reason for that...

I got a Monique wig I'd really really wanted (and another one that was an impulse along with an outfit for an unexpected arrival), a shirt for Mini Alex, a Souldoll outfit for Alex III (he's wearing it now, it fits like a glove!! Now I must buy more), a 70cm Dollheart outfit to be divided among all my guys, some little bunnies for Baby Alex...and two dolls! :D

The first one was a total impulse buy. It was sitting on a table with some other dolls for sale and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I picked it up and mooned over it for a while, then put it back and moved on...but kept thinking about it. By the end of the day (seriously right before they closed the sales floor) I went back and grabbed it. It was too cute to pass up and allow someone else to buy. Technically it's a she but I was calling it a he so it's a boy now. I'd never heard of it before, and didn't even know the company still existed - Cherishdoll - I have a Beau. Looking at him, I could see resemblances to Baby Alex, which is most likely why I thought he was so cute to begin with. I've named him Binx. He's a weird size, smaller than YO, taller than PKF and skinny yet chubby all at the same time. He'll be a fairy of some kind and hang out with the rest of my misfits, Ash, Ebils, Circus, the two cats and my other newbie, Mikey.

Mikey is a The Mushroom Peddler Shelly, and he shall be a TMNT. NannaElle also bought one (technically she bought mine too, but I will be paying her back XD), probably Donatello. They're both blank atm, as I have a couple other faceups to do first and they will need serious all-over blushing (she also WON a doll!! How crazy is that??).

EDIT for a couple pics of Mikey on my desk...still blank! I can't wait to paint him...but Alex II is first.

The best part of the whole thing were the dolls! The outfits!! OMG these people must have been making clothes for their dolls since 2010 lol, they were amazing! I had to buy Alex III his souldoll outfit just so he'd be cool too. At least he had his wig...people seemed to like that (and his tattoos, I'm glad I killed myself to finish them). Other than that I felt totally inadequate doll-wise. I need to invest in some spectacular outfits for my guys....they're not floofy enough.

Both Alex I and III were called girls several times during the weekend, which never bothers me, but was odd since it was all doll people XD I figured they'd know, but no. Still thought they were girls, even though they were in pants the whole time. I think it's the size, they're so teeny they look like girls. Since Alex as a fiction character and in my drawings gets mistaken for a girl all the time, I feel as though I've done something right with the dolls XD I chose the correct mold! :D

One person actually called Alex I manly, which was a total shock. She LOVED him, I don't think she had a doll yet and I had to write down all of Dollmore's info so she could go look because she wants one too. It is my goal to spread Kara Klums across the globe, so mission accomplished. Go me!!

I think my only complaint about the whole thing was the dealer room. A lot of them (seriously it seemed like 75%) were only selling outfits for Kaye Wiggs dolls, or full set dolls (a lot of which were Kaye Wiggs) which were a fortune. It was disappointing because while I have nothing against Kaye Wiggs girls, I don't have one and don't really want one...and they're kind of an odd size so the clothes wouldn't really fit anyone else. There wasn't much else to choose from after you got past all the Kaye Wiggs :\ There was next to no boy clothing, and very little YO sized stuff, which is of course what I really wanted. So the babies got nothing *sadface*

Other than that it was great! Sadly I have no pictures, I brought my camera, but never even unpacked it. I used my phone at the banquet, but they're really really bad. I might put them on flickr someday, but not now. I want to grab a few of the new ones, but haven't yet. I also need to take some shots of Alex II who is on the the new Doll Chateau Youth body...I'll make a new post for's more involved.

Long post is long! I guess I'll end it here...


  1. That turtle is so cute~!

    I'm sorry about the dealer room not having a lot of variety. That's unfortunate! I'm a dealer room addict at conventions, even though I seldom buy anything. I would be sad if there was nothing I'd WANT to buy if I was going to buy things though.

    Glad you did find some neat stuff and a few nifty new dolls though! That's awesome!

    1. Thanks! He is the cute. I can't wait to have a chance to paint him!

      I love dealer rooms! But I do buy all the time >.<
      Especially with BJDS since it's so rare to see things before buying...and since I mostly buy for various Alexes, and various Alexes are all odd in size, it's great to be able to try things of first.

      But yeah, it was sad that there wasn't much I wanted.