Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stuff and stuff

Just because my last few rants were ranty, I figured I'd just throw up an update on what I'm working on...or doing.

First...Alex II. This is the stupid chip in his stupid face.
alex face chip

Right there on his lip. I figure I could try and fix it, but I put a lot of pastel and a lot of gloss on his lips and there's a lot of pastel around his mouth too, so it might be less stressful to do the whole thing over. I'm so pissed at him I haven't looked at him since. Eventually I need to wipe him and start over, but for now he's been banished to the Alex Shelf. I have like, 30 pairs of eyelashes on order, I might wait til they get her anyway....

I don't know why his nose is so shiny D: Stupid jerk. But hey, it's not dented at all! You can totally tell from this angle XD

I'm not sure what to do with David right now either. His faceup needs redoing I think, I just don't know exactly what I want for him so I haven't started it yet. I'd also like to blush him and give him is few tattoos so he'd be finished. He needs new eyes, and I need to finish modding his wigs and then he'd be more or less finished. Clothes will be his biggest issue, which is nothing new. David's style is...well. I don't know. Which is his issue. I bought him some new stuff recently and I hope it's good when I get it. I was watching The Closer recently and that guy who plays with fire was wearing some outfit that made him look really hot (lol burny guy was hot XD) and I thought I needed it for I got him a militaryesque jacket and a few tshirts, plus some boots. He really needs new boots since he outgrew his old ones. Stupid Dollstown and their fatty calves. I really hope one of the two new pairs fit him, or Alex will have more shoes than even he knows what to do with. Now he just needs a nice hoodie in some color I have yet to determine and added to the few clothes he's already got, he'll have a decent-sized wardrobe! I wish it would all get here fast!! But overseas mails is sloooow.

Finally, Binx, the little Cherishdoll I got at BJDC. I had no idea what to do with him other than "fairy", but over the weekend I got inspired, and now he's on his way toward completion! :D

Blaaaaaaaaaank faaaaaaaace!!! XD

binx1 binx2

and his wig, which is pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself! It's made of scraps, picked out for fallish colors...obviously to match his "theme". I really like making wigs...they're such a crap-shoot for me because half the time I mess up and they don't work, but when they do it's awesome. And they're kind of mindless and relaxing...

binx wig

I LOVE it. Still waffling on his faceup and blushing, but he should be getting fairy wings made as soon as this week possibly, so that will be awesome. His leaf covering is a bunch of fake leaves glued together, then fastened with snaps so it comes off easily. Amazingly enough, it looks great in person, like a leaf-loin-cloth when he stands, then when he sits it rides up just enough to look like a little dresss X3

I wanted an acorn cap for him, but his head is too big for a real one...I might try and commission a knit one off DOA, or he'll just wear his circlet of berries. which are really fake XD
His eyes are too big and I might go with green anyway since I somehow have a lot of yellow and orange-eyed dolls. I have a lot of green and red too. :\ Who knows. I do like the orange. I'll see what I can find first.

He's so cute!! X33 I should try to finish him up this weekend...I have a huge list of dolls to work on, he'd be quick and I could scratch one off the list...


  1. His wig and outfit look great! I love the colors! :D They're so awesome!

    1. Thank you! Still no face. Someday I'll get around too it. Alex II just got a new face though so he's back to being my only attention-getter =_=

      Some days I wonder why I just don't own a group of Kara Klums and nothing else....