Friday, August 31, 2012

Pimpin' ain't easy. And Doll photos.

A journal where I say, LOOK AT MY STUFF!

I am still selling:
Alice in labyrinth Elijah WS
Leekeworld Kyou head WS
Elfdoll R. June head NS of some kind
Unoa Sist sleeping fp (light mods) on a Buff head back
Angell Studio Kimi head GS
5star Kane head in WS
I'm looking to Buy: 
Volks Chris or similar head in WS - F16 or old F28 or something else along those lines. I will probably need layaway unless you want some trades + money, or my stuff sells. I can give you a good down payment though!

Wanna trade?
Supida Rosy head NS
AOD 1/3 girl body, NSY Small bust - other similar body
Lati Blue boy body
AOD 1/4 NSP boy body

AND this is where I say, go look at my other stuff.
This is my sketch blog. It's newish and a little shakey, but getting there. I'm taking on a new thing in Nov and want to talk about it, but it's not doll related, so it's over there. Go visits me! :D

Speaking of dolls....
Alex II got a new faceup. He looks...better I guess. the new one is a little better technically, and his eyelashes aren't all bent and I let it sit forever to dry so hopefully no chipping...I now need to do the obligatory blush/scar/tatt job on him. Which I'll never get around too XD
One cool thing...I put Dollmore hands on him and they look SO much better. I am a large hand person, I like em big. These just look less....pitiful to me. Iz happy.

Here's some Mini. He's modeling two outfits...the black shirt is another action figure outfit...I wish the sleeves were long, but I still love it on him.

smmini2 5

 mini2 4

 This is him doing what all my dolls are supposed to do...inspire me in my art. In my new project Alex will be wearing a similar I thought I'd get in the mood by looking at him in it! I don't really care for the plaid of the things I've always wanted for Alex of all sizes is a good blue, plaid, flannel shirt...and they just don't exist. Meh.

smmini2 3

 mini2 1

 I love that hat. He'll probably wear it all the time now (Big Alex has one too, I is wearing it). I keep buying him hats...I still want more. It's crazy. He has a hat for like, every outfit now!

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