Monday, October 15, 2012

What is your wishlist?

I saw this question posed on another's blog and it got me thinking about mine, which I recently deleted. Because it's shrunk down to almost nothing at the moment. O.o

I don't really have a lot that I want. Amazing isn't it??

For now I really want a new body for poor Aishe (my Breakaway head), a head for my Volks body (Chris or one of his incarnations), a body for my now female AiL Elijah head, and a Supia Rosy head. EDIT: Ok cross Rosy off the list. I just got one via the MP <3
EDIT 2: Secured a Chris :D I'm done!! Mostly. Lol Aishe and Gabriel still need bodies, but for now, I'm good.

That's pretty much it.

In the long run, I'd love to get a doll for Shae, who was my former B&G Afra I sold beause his character surpased the doll...but I've yet to find an elf mold I really think would work for him.
I'd also like to get a Chib-Unoa or hybrid. I found the height would be perfect for a Mini-Kimi...not something I was looking for, but now that it's in my head I'd like one eventually. I am also thinking of getting Wyn in mini form, either as a mini, or a child. Probably a child. I might have to rethink his character then...he'd have too much in common with Alex, something would have to be done about it.
I've always thought a DiM doll would work for him as a child due to the floppy ears, but I recently found another one that I might like more. Either way I would want him on the new DZ body, cause I like it a lot lol.

So that's my wishlist! Compared to the longness that it used to be, it's really not much. And everything is monetarily within my reach!! which is weird. Usually I have one or two "if I could afford it I'd get..." but not now. Nice. Maybe next year I'll work on some of them.

So, what's your wishlist??


  1. It's always kind of nice to be in a place where you don't have a whole lot of things you want.

    I have a wishlist on my blog but only one of them is a real "I will actively pursue this" type deal. The rest are just "If it was going to rain dolls here are the ones I would most want to fall down my chimney and into my living room".

    1. Lol yeah I have that list too! But then I'd need to win the lottery so I could have a bigger house to keep them all!! I'm so out of room now >.<
      I need to not get more dolls at least til I can figure out where to put them.