Thursday, October 25, 2012


I have and have coming a lot of new resin at my house D:

First, I finally got Alex 2.5 together (ish - he needs more work, but he's got a mod and a faceup so as far as I'm concerned, he's done lol), my Fairyland order showed up on my doorstep and I purchased the last of my resin for the year - a Supia Rosy head and Volks Chris head. The Rosy arrived Monday, and the Chris is paid for and hopefully will ship soon.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, even though out of all this I technically only have one new full doll...

Alex 2.5 is on Alex II's old body so he's been hanging out blank since July.
The Supia Rosy moved to the Shinydoll body I bought that came with a head (sort of, long story) so she just changed heads.
The Volks Chris is going to be the version 2 of Pilot, so it's just being popped on the Volks body that's been sitting in his spot.
My FL order was a F60 Mirwen boy which came with the Nanuri B head...the NaB went on the boy body (the only real "new" doll) and the Mirwen head is replacing my Elfdoll Wu who sadly is too big for what I wanted. Since Wu also had her own body, it's just another head switch.

With these new-comers I also attempted some mods I've never done before. Eye and mouth opening! :D

Alex 2.5 got the mouth opening, and the FL NaB head got an eye opening yesterday afternoon. I could not be happier with either, even though I can think of several things to improve both. I may or may not get to them some day lol

I'm thinking I might try to give Rosy a faceup tonight... so hopefully tomorrow I can get some pics of her. I've wanted one for years, I looked at Supia a lot before getting my DM Fine as Isis and the only reason I didn't get one (It probably would have been Roda not Rosy - Rosy doesn't resemble Isis in the least) is because I didn't like how thick their necks are. Rosy's character isn't...I hate to say important, but there you go - as Isis, and the doll is different too. With Isis I needed a "perfect" doll because of my own history with girls. I just didn't keep them around. I was afraid that if one thing was off with the doll I chose I'd sell her too and that would be it. Dollmore releasing Fine was like a sign. She was and still is "perfect" to me.

I knew who I could use for Rosy almost from the start, but it wasn't until last year when I started looking at dolls to be Marcus that I really decided to go for it. When a blank head appeared on the MP at a price I couldn't say no too....I really had no choice but to buy her! lol

When I get her faceup on I'll go into her character details...she's a bit of an odd one for me.

Alex 2.5 (with open mouth mod)

sm25 ALEX NEW4

A bit hard to tell, but now he can hold a cig! YAY!

sm25 ALEX NEW2

His faceup was supposed to be temporary, for the two Halloween meets, but I kind of like it. It may stick around. Not sure about the blood though.

Here's Jax, the F60 with Nanuri B head. I opened his eyes. You can probably tell, but the scar is not a mod....

Theresa, Supia Rosy/Shinydoll. Did her up last night. I loved her faceup as I was doing it, but now I'm not sure.

Now to put a faceup on the Mirwen, wait for Chris, and the body for Aishe. Ugh. too much....I need to make more room....


  1. Where is the dollshe boy? Do you like him? Have you had a chance to play around with him since you are getting SO MANY new resins right now?

    My Van came....I am kind of...Meh I was super happy and I think he is going to be cool but I wanna get a face up on him and it is hard for me to see it until then but also he has some weird resin issues....He has two spots on his head one of the very top and one going back from on eye where his resin feels like glass it is so smooth and I imagine that is going to make things hard for a face up it makes me a little emo face honestly

    I love Alex two with the blood I have said it before but he is so cool!! Also liking the Jax you painted the scar? that is super cool and I love the way it looks and Theresa looks so regal and coy

    1. aw not Van! D: It sucks to be so excited about a doll and then hit the "meh" stage. Do you know where you're going for a faceup?? They should be able to fix his issues without problem. It sounds like he could just use a very light sanding, or even just the MSC will might fix the problem.

      LOL I forgot about my Hound!! XD I do like him, a lot! He's already gone to several Dollmeets and hung out looking smug in a super-expensive Dollheart outfit I didn't buy for him but is perfect. He fits right in without trying <3

      Thanks! Yeah, the scar on Jax is drawn on and then pasteled. It's my new, easy method of making scars...I'm practicing because I have Alexes that need it done this way.

      How are you?? Doing ok?? I haven't been back to LJ even though I was going too *fail* so I'm out of it again. *hugs* I need to keep up, I miss you!!

  2. I can barely look at him LOL he is just a head in a box right now I am so disappointed with his slickness. I don't know where I am gonna get him a face up do you wanna try it? you have to let me pay you. I hope msc will fix it I am just so MEH

    I am sooo glad the hound is fitting in without trying!! When you have pics post I wanna see his smug little face in his super expensive stolen outfit!!!

    I am doing okay I just got home from Vegas LOL it was a last minute trip. My oldest bro won in his weight class in the American Canadian powerlifting meet so he was invited to compete at the World Powerlifting Championship in Vegas and at the last minute his wife decided not to go so I called off work and went with him!

    I am so glad I did for several reasons
    1. It is such a huge deal to compete at this level and he should have some support if possible.
    2. I have never seen him lift and this was a really cool place to see him for the first time
    3. I found out that my big strong muscled brother was scared to DEATH to fly he was literally shaking before we got on the first plane and his wife told me right before we went through security that he had told her if I hadn't gone he was gonna fake an injury he was too scared to go alone!!

    Anyway he didn't place but it was a great experience for both of us and he had a blast it was a nice little get away and I was so proud of him!