Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More wigs

And more Alex. Since I got my 5th Kara Klum all bodied and such, he needed a wig. Not normally an issue since I have loads of blond Alex-wigs. Except that I don't have enough regular "default" hair Alex-wigs. D:

So 2.5 has the other good hair, leaving I(one) with a choice between short (he looks like a girl in short hair. Srsly.) and the dread wig. Which is too much to deal with on a regular basis. So Alex needed a new wig. I've been trying to get this or a similar style for a few months now, but the wigs I've bought have just been fail. I've boiled and cut them all but they weren't thick enough, and the cap showed through. One of my biggest pet wig peeves, and not for Alex. So I got this one from Monique.
And it's too thick.


Of course. Anyway, I am either going to try and thin it and cut some more, or cut some more without thinning first, or do nothing and complain about it. Either way, it's a good start, I like it as is for now, and he's going to wear it.

new wig

I should also point out that it's WAAAAAAAAY too big for him. Which is CRAP. It's an 8/9, which is what all his wigs are, most from Monique, and they're all fine! So why is this one HUGE?? I just hope it's a mistake and Monique is not just making huge wigs now. Most of my dolls are kinda pin-heady, I've never owned one that needs a 9/10! Unless you count the Leeke head. Which I don't since he's for sale.

I think it's time for a new faceup. With the "arrival" of 2.5, I have to come up with something new and different so they don't look too much alike. Plus he's had this one for almost two years now, and that's forever in my doll collection. And I think I can do better now. Gonna have to think about it...It might be similar to this one with more blushing (which is how I roll now) and more muted lips. Because these photograph like blood, nice (y'know, for a vampire) but too bright. They aren't that red irl. But it's how they show up in every photo I take of him.

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