Friday, November 16, 2012

Quick update of nothing

Cause I really got nuthin.

I've been working like cray on NaNo so I've done nothing with my dolls all month. I did hit the Doll & Bear show first weekend in Nov. It was, as always, AWESOME. Only one booth ever sells anything (worth anything) related to BJDs - a local doll store where I've spent a good amount of $$ on buying Alex clothes - BUT I'm a huge fan of the vintage look for a large number of my dolls. All my tinies, my MSD girl and currently Little Alex reaped the benefits of being able to fit in a lot of old, vintagy doll clothes without having to do much to them other than move a snap here or there. If that. Plus I got furniture, and a rickety old high-chair for baby Alex. He cutes. Love the Doll & Bear show...I just wish it was more than once a year!

Because of a couple commissions, I have enough money to place a good down-payment on my Dollzone Ro, who will be "Little" Boo, though I keep wanting to call him Big Boo since the only Boo I have is tiny sized XD
Wanting Little Boo as a doll inspired my NaNo this year. It started off somewhere else, and became this...thing.

I drew a couple doodles of how I want him to look "older". Not sure I want to get a fur wig, or a fiber one, but this is what he's going to look like ish.

Scroll down to see him. Go down even further to see true evil. Not Alex...though he's trying really hard - Rocky. *Shudders* He's simultaneously keeping me from working and telling my roommate (who took the pic) "my mom. you no can has."
Possessive cat is possessive.

So anyway, Dollzone Ro. I'm excited. I'll be ordering two pairs of boots and an outfit I really really like along with, so I can another free outfit I've always kind of liked. Ro looks to me like a dreamy version of Raphael, whom I've always wanted. Boo needs the dreamy eyes though, and I want him on the new body so Ro is actually perfect. I gotta do layaway, which sucks, but at least I can pay a good amount down.

I also ordered/commissioned Alex some ts. Cause he needs more clothes :|
He's getting this! *dances with glee* and a black one with white bones. Made by the same wonderful person who made his skelly hoodie that he keeps wearing even though he's go a bigger wardrobe than I do. Which is saying a lot. But since he's got to share it among 5 bodies, I let it go. I'm so excited to get them I'm already planning a photoshoot with I and III. Universe implodage ahead.

Uhhh that's about it on the doll front. I got my Mirwen head all faceuped and she's by FAR the best incarnation of that character I've done, which just means her head fits on the body and isn't remotely a bobble like the previous two which were way too big. Sadly she's so very.....Fairylandish. Which is not bad - for real, I have a million FL dolls, I obviously like them - but she looks like all the rest of them - it's really getting so that I can barely tell them apart. But whatever, I do like her a lot, and again, she works the best out of three. And my favorites are still Aishe (still bodiless) and James.

I need to take more photos, both of Maggie (aforementioned Mirwen) and Theresa, my Rosy. I'd love to get Theresa some clothes made so she's in something less black and more! Or other bold awesome like purples and blues. I have to do some research and find her a simple dress too...because I keep picturing her in one. I'd also like to get her a different wig. SOMEDAY. Mini clothes are also needed atm so who ever gets stuff first will eat up all the monies.

This is a really long post for me having no updates.

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