Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wishlist update

Because I said I didn't have any more dolls on my wishlist, I now have more dolls on my wishlist Xo

My revised and updated list is thus:

Body for Aishe - B&G type 2 male...probably getting one in the next couple of weeks

Body for Gabriel - no idea. Not in a hurry either...she's going to be my last SD. Space finally said no more big dolls for me.

Little Boo - probably in the next month - Dollzone Ro. I need to join the event and get clothes. My minis have no clothes. I'm all about getting Boo in mini form. I'd never thought about it until recently and now I'm obsessed. I want all sorts of frilly clothes for him and Little Alex - who in the entire almost 4 year time I've owned him has never had a friend - to share. I also want to redo Little Alex's faceup, along with many of my tinies. I have this great idea for an epic photo story I'd really like to do, but I need Little Boo first, and all the aforementioned dolls need work, plus Alexes I and III. I need to stain the MSD sized bed I just got and then distress it, so it looks old, get some decent bedding for it...and really work on getting some decent photo set up in my apt. And find somewhere to take good outdoor photos. Like I said. Epic. But step one is Dollzone Ro, and the two outfits I will get from DZ (I have to order one in order to get the other for free).

Little Wyn - DiM Flowne is in the lead so far with my choices limited. Floppy elf ears are not prevalent in Mini size.

Newborn Alex - Nappy Choo Popo Look at this cute

Yes. I said it, and I will do it!!! I saw a Nappy Choo in person and just melted into goo over it. But it was not me who suggested this insanity, it was my best friend who apparently thinks I need more Alex. Now I have no choice...

EDIT: I totally forgot one.
Mini Kimi - Chibi Unoa or hybrid of some kind. I found out that they're short enough to be her and now I guess I need one to complete the mini-verse.

More Bunnies. I think I'm ready. Yep.


  1. Good luck! It looks like you have some saving up to do xD So do I. I think I'll make a list like this on my blog as well. Thanks for the idea! And if I may, I'd like to request some more pics/info on your new Rosy girl :)

    1. I do! But luckily most of the dolls I have to get aren't that expensive. Y'know, in comparison lol

      Do make a list! :D I am always interested in seeing what other people want because I never know when I'll find something I think I need that I'd not seen before! lol Or something like that.

      What kind of pics do you want?? I don't have anything else yet, but I'd like to do something with choices have me not taking pics of her or the two guys that I would want to photograph her with. I need more period outfits for my dolls. Or my dolls need to exist in the present. One of the two lol

    2. I get the same way with my dolls! Most of them are very fantasy inspired, so finding the right clothes can be super hard. I would really love to see some more shots of your girl's lovely faceup!

    3. I'll see what I can get. It's so hard to take photos in the winter! Dark and gross lol. I shoulda done it this weekend...I took her to a friends house...but then I didn't take my camera! FAIL!

  2. So many great dollies! Nappy Choo Popo is so absolutely adorable I might pass out! I've never actually seen that doll before, actually. So cute! :D And I've actually added a DZ Ro to my wishlist as well. When I first saw him, I knew my DZ Mo needed a cohort. I can't wait to see what you do with him! :D In fact, I can't wait to see what you do with all these dolls. Good luck in getting them! :D

    1. Isn't he?!? I knew about them only because back in the day when I bought my AR Cien, they had just released them so they were all over the site. DOA declared them off topic pretty fast and I forgot they existed until seeing one at the giant mega-meet they held in KC in October. It's insanely cute in person.

      Ro is pretty fabulous, I totally think you need one too. And I'm in love with their new body, I've wanted one since they released Moment and Anson. I have the girl, but I want a boy too. Other than that it was a choice between DZ and Dollmore because ideally Boo and Alex would have the same body (long story). BUT Dollmore is an automatic lose since they don't sell WS dolls unless they're LE and way more than I want to pay. I think Ro's face is perfect though, so Dollzone wins completely. All he needs is a quick genderless mod and some bunny ears >:D

  3. This sounds like me. I do the same thing. I honestly have no more dolls on my wishlist but there's always something that gets released that manages to change my mind!

    How many do you have now?

    1. Dolls? God knows XDD Srsly...I stopped counting. I think it's around 55 but there's heads involved and tinies and dolls that aren't it could be more. I should go list should be up to date...

      For me it's not always some new release but a new character I come up with that MUST be a doll lol. Or in the case of my current list, old characters who need more dolls. For some reason I feel like I could do a MSD sized Wyn srs justice. MSD sized Boo too. Then I get excited and have no choice but to get them =_=