Monday, December 3, 2012

2013 Plans

2013 is approaching fast. As is usual I have a list of things I'd like to accomplish over the next several months. It's a hopeful list lol as I've been wanting to give David a new faceup and body blushing for a while and NOTHING. Pretty much everyone could use an updated wardrobe, especially all my minis who usually wear what they've got on and nothing else. There might be some sales, as I've got a handful of dolls I've done nothing with even though I like them, and I could use the space.

There are way more dolls in my collection atm that need work, but these are the ones that are just pleading with me to redo. I'm really excited to mess with my bunny collection right now. There's a few things I want - clothing items and new faceups - that will help them out some. I really need to work on settings/backgrounds for them. I have ideas for pictures that I can't really do due to lack of an area :|

EDIT: since typing this I came up with some head/body part swapping that might help me with the selling/discontent with some of my newest. Tonight I'll pull apart a few of my girls and see who fits what better....Then by the end of the week I'll have an idea of what I want to do....

Dollzone Ro, WS Blank, 2 MSD outfits, 1 MSD boots
Soom Flint, Blank xmas kit, GS

Hopscotch: new faceup, body blush
Boo: new faceup updated body blush
Jo: new facup, body blush

Strip, new faceup, finish mods, sanding, blushing.
Jointy hands

Alexes - Little, Tween, I and possibly Baby and III
New faceups, Alex I - Strip, tattoos and blushing possibly mods.

Mini Alex - redo body blush (it's chipping off)

Serious cleaning, body blush

New faceup, body blush

Faceup (if he gets a body)

Thomas. I'd like him to sit please.
Finish the FtM mods on Tween, and Wyn
Neck shortening for Kimi and Tween
Finish the teeth on 2.5
Possibly mess with some of my Adam bodies

Doll bed - sand and stain, bedding
Sets - I'd like some XD
Puki rooms - I've had this idea since my first puki - Alex and David's apt*, Aishes Occult shop, Dante's Coffee House.
*I can only do this if I buy another Puki and make Chibi Alex 2

Mini Wyn
Mini Kimi
Infant Alex
Bodies for my last two SD dolls (in theory)
Possibly a new head for Mini-David

New wig for Theresa - Ideally I'd like another eclipse21 wig in black for her...but they're so much!! Maybe if I can sell or trade my blond one...
Clothes for Theresa
Clothes for Minis
Clothes for everyone O.o

new eyes for Isis, Theresa and Kimi

Boo/Alex storyline

Good portraits of everyone

Group shots:

"artistic" shoots


  1. That's quite the list! That should keep you quite busy and I look forward to seeing the results of it! :D

    completely understand about having tons of dolls who need work. I always end up with the same problem.

    And head/body swapping is often a good thing to try when one is discontent. That has solved a few of my issues in that area in the past. I hope it works out for you!

    1. LOL I always seem to have the same dolls that are never "finished". That's usually what keeps me interested though. Or frustrated. Sometimes I can't tell the diff XD

      Thanks, I hope it works too, but sadly I think I may just end up having to sell my Shinydoll body. It's sad because I really like it and it poses AMAZINGLY well but it's too short for the head I have on it...But I think it will still be ok. The head on it now can share the AOD body I have til I can afford a Supia body, then both heads can share the Supia. Or something. I'll figure it out. I'm just not happy with what I've got going on with two of my girls right now....something has to change and I'm pretty sure it's the bodies because I actually love the heads.

    2. That's unfortunate. Shinydoll bodies are really good posers! But yeah, they are a bit on the short side! I guess you need something taller for the character? Completely understand though. I've been very unhappy with certain dolls until I got them the right body. It makes a big difference.

    3. It is! And I love the way it looks and feels... I tried the head that's on my Zaoll body on it anyway...didn't work :P It's up for sale now. My Supia Rosy head was on the Shiny body, she just looked too small for who she should be. She's on an AOD body now and it's SO much better. I think I want the Supia body for her, but until then she's got the AOD. Now I have a head in a box and one girl body up for sale. Things are looking better.