Thursday, February 14, 2013

1 Year, 100 posts.

Ok not quite. Next post will be 100. I was thinking of doing some kind of contest...but I have no idea what to do or give away XD
Any suggestions will result in....some kind of reward. I'm no good at this....

It's kind of exciting for me though....I kept up with this thing pretty well, considering my other blog had been around for years, I've started it over twice...or three times....and now it's ignored pretty well. Bleh. It's tough to keep up with sketches! Everything wants to be a full piece of arts. Dolls are a little easier.

I'm in a decent doll mood despite having issues with the second-hand market atm, and having an all around crappy year so far (I should have known better). I've got way too many commissions to do, leaving my dolls in the dust for now, so it's possible I won't have anything new for a while, but due to some recent sales I can get the head I wanted! AND because I can now, I'm putting out an APB for a Volks Michele....I have always wanted one, and now I'm biting the bullet. Or at least attempting. If I don't get him, I have a couple other heads I'll try for, and then give up and attempt to grab a Chibi Unoa. If that fails I shall whine a lot.

So seriously, I want a Volks Michele...if you know of one for sale, lets me knows! No recasts. Real thing only.

That's all for now....I'll be back when I can think of something spectacular for post 100....


  1. congratulations on almost 100 posts! Sorry the year isn't going well so far though. That's unfortunate... I hate when I have too much 'real' or 'important' stuff to do to focus on my hobbies. No fun. But I guess money must be prioritized sometimes.

    Good luck finding a Volks Michele! I don't know of any for sale but if I see one you will be the first to know!

    As for contest ideas.. I'm pretty bad at that sort of thing. Can't really think of anything original in that department. I guess you could just think of something you like in the realm of art/photography/writing/song and dance numbers and ask people to do that or something? I don't know.

    1. I have an idea. It sort of came to me this morning....and it's lame. I'll just draw names from a hat!! lol Iz lame.

      But thanks...I'm ready for the year to shape up and be good again! I don't a lot of hope to find a Michele, but I now have WTBs pretty much everywhere I can think of, so maybe that will help....