Monday, March 11, 2013

Long time no update

Not the 100th post I was hoping for lol

I feel like it's been forever since I posted, but I've seriously had no time to myself for weeks. Between faceup commissions and freelancing I have barely touched my own dolls, and I've done nothing remotely art-related forever. It's getting depressing.

I is not happy.

However I'm hoping things change a tad.

My Volks DWC02 head got home over the weekend. It's a million times cuter than it looks on Volks USA and I'm getting excited about it. I put a WTB up for an SD10 boy body, and I"m hoping it won't take long to get one. I am already for this to be a full doll lol.

Forever ago I ordered a Soom Flint Xmas kit on layaway, which has been paid off for months now. Finally they're begining to ship, though mine hasn't yet. I'm a little meh about him. When I ordered I was all excited to get a new bunny, but things change, and unless he's super-cute I might just be putting him aside for a while and not doing anything with him. I'm distracted by other shiny things atm, and I haven't even gotten Boo finished yet :(

I also ordered a Neo Angel Region/Soom Nappy Choo Popo. God knows when he'll get here, but I am really excited about him...I have no idea what eyes or wig this little thing can take since I know noone at all who owns one, so I can't even get it anything while I'm waiting...but he's going to be another Baby Alex XD
I don't have a name yet...maybe Infant. Or Newborn? I'm running out of labels for the Youngins. I guess that means I can't get anymore....

Migidoll is discontinuing the Vampire versions of Miho and Ryu, and since I wanted Ryu to be a sleeping version of David, I ordered one this morning, along with Cynical Ryu...also for David. He's going to have an expression now. I can hardly wait!! I've already been asked if he will be getting different versions like Alex...and no. He won't. Two reasons....the DT15 body is too expensive and too discontinued for me to get more. It's just not happening. Also, as much as I love David, he's not Alex, and I'm getting him extra heads, not alternative heads...the faceups will be the same on all three, so there's really no need to have more than one at a time....I will need more eyes though, which kind of sucks. :P

Biggest news of all is that I did manage to buy a Volks Michele!! I'm really excited about him. He's not a Grail Doll, but close. A really really big Dream Doll. I still say I don't have a Grail lol but lots of dream dolls!!
I was really hoping he'd get here this week but I still don't have a shipping bill :P So it's looking doubtful. This was my first time buying from YJ. It was scary. I've never used a shopping service before. I can't wait for this guy, I already know exactly what I want him to look like, and will hopefully have a spare moment to wipe that awful brown default off him and redo it all in black >:D
His Angel identity has almost no info out there so I have to make most of it up, including his symbol...but I think what I've got will work. The DWC02 will be his twin...I have to find wigs and eyes for both, but at least one of them will be wearing fur, at least part of the time. I also want to make him some "fake" wings...again, when I have time. The out fit will go to Tween, who will rock that corset thing. If it fits. He can wear SD10 things, but some are way big on him....

I did have a few moments last week at a friends house to update two dolls I've had for a while. My ElfiNdoll Pet Bunny (formerly known as pipsqueak) and Brownie, Chibi Wyn. I got tired of both their bodies for various reason. The END body is blocky and the hands are too human for a rabbit, and the Brownie body is so freaking cute but can't pose worth a crap....which is only a problem because the rest of my group are Pukis and can pose. I'd had the thought for a while to put Chibi Wyn's head on a Puki body but never tried it out....then I found a WS puki body for sale on the MP and bought it for the bunny (because even though the Puki body is "human" it's hands were still less human than the bunny's original hands). It came last week, and I (with the help of a friend - that puki body was strung so tight it took both of us to get the bunny head on it) did the head switch.

I also brought the rest of my Chibis along intending to get the Brownie head on Chibi Aishe's body. I wanted to use Chibi Aishe specifically because his body was deformed. When I got it something was obviously wrong with the was very jerky and only looked up or down. I took his whole head off, and found two things: a dent in the neck and a indentation on the headback, both probably made because FL has a history of sending uncured dolls sometimes...and this was most likely one of htem. I bought him second hand so there was nothing I could do....I boiled both parts and it actually helped some, but he still wasn't great.
A few years ago I had bought my Mom a Puki for her birthday, but it turned out to be a little too small for her, so I was supposed to see her this weekend to get it back and either sell or keep and get her something else. I was intending to put Chibi Aishes FP on her puki's body, so he would work like I went on and started to do the Brownie/Puki hybrid. Brownies are not strung with any kind of shook, so I had to cut him apart - which meant no returning lol. I got his neck part off and then had to unstring the puki body to get it on. UGH. I've never had to string anything so small. It sucked.

SUCCESS!!!! Chibi Wyns now has a fully mobile Puki body!! He works perfectly, every bit as well as a full Puki!
chibi wyn hybrid The resin is even a perfect match. I couldn't be happier. "Harvey" the ElfNdoll pet bunny is also pretty perfect! bunny hybrid I was pretty happy with both of them, when I talked to my mom...who couldn't get off Sunday to come over. So poor Chibi Aishe is a floating FP now lol just like his big versions head was forever!! He can't catch a break in any form.

That's all the real news I have. I would still like to do a contest on this site, but having no time til about the summer :P it will be awhile. I do have an idea of what I want to do though, so that's at least good!

I hope everyone is having a decent week! Boo to losing an hour of sleep. I want it back!!


  1. *de-lurks* Congrats on all of your exciting dolly purchases! :'D I'm jealous, lol.

    Chibi-Wyn is so adorable. His ears~ <3 I'm glad the body switch was a success.

    Thanks for the update, I can't wait to see what you do with your projects! :D

    1. lol this is what happens when I go without buying anything for months! A landslide of resin D:
      The timing was very all at once too....weird XD

      arg isn't he?? He's so cute, I always felt a little guilty for not loving him more...but for some reason his little Brownie feets always stayed almost stuck together...maybe it was the way he was strung or something...and he was a terrible poser because of it. Not anymore :D
      He needs a little more work - an new faceup and a wig cutting - and he'll be perfect!!

  2. I also want my hour of sleep back. Hate spring forward.

    Sorry to hear that you've been so busy though. THat's really unfortunate that you don't have any free time for yourself. That always drives me a bit batty when that happens. Hopefully you will have some more time soon!

    Congratulations on your 'big dream doll'! That's very exciting! Can't wait to see what you do with him!

    1. omg tell me about it. I feel like I'm living off caffeine and sugar to stay awake!! Spring forward sucks.

      Lack of time is awful. For everything. I'm looking forward to this weekend and hopefully finishing up most of what I'm doing for other people so I can some of my own stuff done....

      And thank you!! I'm so excited, he was officially shipped last night so sometime in the next week...*crosses fingers*

    2. That's great! :D Waiting for things to ship is the hardest part for me! Once they're shipped I can check the tracking every five seconds and at least feel like progress is being made . XD

      Caffeine sounds lovely about now. I'm trying to stave off an afternoon nap that keeps threatening to sneak up on me.

      I hope the weekend goes well and you manage to get in some time for yourself!

    3. That's where I am now. I keep checking the tracking even though they're not updating at all. My Soom bunny shipped too, and they're kind of in the same place even though one is coming from Japan and the other Korea XD I hope they get here friday!! I HATE WAITING!

      Coffee is your friend. At least it's mine right now. And they must be making something fried up in the restaurant, because it smells delicious and now I want food. Only banana. Which I have to go to the stupid restaurant to buy because mine were all green :(