Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My Breakaway is back!! YAY AISHEIPOO!!

He's been a floating head since July (or june?) and now he's on a body again! :D

I'm so happy....I really missed him. Aishe is one of my "core" characters...I love his widdle head - he is the only doll I had a "relationship" with prior to owning. I watch his previous owner on DA and got attached to him, his story, his character....pretty much everything. When she put him up for sale I was heartbroken....

...For about three seconds until I realized I could buy him myself! lol

He's a completely different character now, the only thing I kept was the faceup and scar mod. For almost four years! That's like a record for me!! My plan now is to finally remove as much of the face up as I can around the scars (I contacted the modder, they're removable, so I have to be super-careful not to damage them) and give him a new, more "me" faceup. Hopefully I can do the eyebrows similar...I like his expression as is...He looks kind of...naive and happy XD

Maybe it's just me.

Here's an old piccy of Aisheface from shortly after I gots him.


Originally when I first got him, I had him on a borrowed B&G body, which I loved and decided I needed. I bought my own, but it was not the was shades different in color and it posed differently. Eventually I sold it to pay for Nailo, an LE Fullset from B&G figuring I could use his body, the new type 3 for Aishe. But when he arrived I hated the body. A lot. The type 2 is MUCH better.

I bought him an old, used and modded Fdoll body which was the worst match yet, thinking it would be temporary until I could get him another B&G type 2 (as basic as it is, it's one of my most favorite bodies....James is on Wyn's and it's one of the best I own), but stupid B&G went to enviro resin (ugh) and then discontinued the Type 2!!! SCREW YOU B&G!!

So for a long time I did nothing.

Then I finally cleaned off his fdoll bod, sold it cheap and he floated in my head box for six months.

Now he's back!!!! Uriel will be so happy >3<
So will Thomas. I guess I should put him in real clothes instead of the fur loincloth he's been wearing since....uh, before I sold Aishe's body D:

I suck as a doll mom.


  1. Oooh I love him, I was wondering what he was up to/what you were up to with him. I always feel like I'm going to sound like a doll stalker, but I really love your characters. Nice to see that he's back. :)

    1. Heee stalk away! I don't mind XDD
      And thank you!!

      Now I just have to find hist stupid clothes...somehow I lost them while he was gone D:

  2. Grats on getting him a body again! That's always exciting when someone no longer has to be a floating head!

    Good luck with redoing the face up and not messing up the scars too. That sounds scary!

    1. Thank you!! I'm happy to have him back.

      It does sound scary...and the more I look at him the scarier it gets!
      Well, the good thing is, scars I can do. So if I do screw him up beyond hope, I can just redo the whole thing...Though I really really don't want too!!

      Now to find the time to work on him... D: